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Best Day Ever

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A problem arises that threatens the happiness of Mr and Mrs Way

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Back in the limo the happy couple began kissing again. Gerard looked at Monica and took her in his arms, "Honey, I like the way they think." He lowered his lips to hers.
The limo driver waited for several minutes before he lowered the glass partition. "Where to sir?" he asked Mikey.
Mikey looked at the others, "Alicia and I thought we would have a wedding brunch at The Hard Rock Cafe."
Gerard grinned, "That sounds good to me." He put his arm around Monica carefully and she snuggled close.
As they pulled away from the chapel Alicia giggled, "This is the best day of my life. I'm so happy you guys are with us."
Mikey nodded, "The best day ever." He and Gerard exchanged a look that only the two brothers understood.
Monica was having a wonderful time, aside from a very slight headache. Back at the chapel she had a moment when she almost asked Gee to marry her while they were in Vegas. Still, deep down she knew she wanted to wait to have a wedding with their loved ones. She saw they had arrived at the Hard Rock. It was very near the Bellagio so Mikey paid the limo driver; they wouldn't need his services anymore.
They were seated and looking at their menus when Gerard got a call. He frowned at the caller ID. "It's Bert.," he told Monica. "I've been trying to get hold of him for days and he calls now." he put the Sidekick back in his pocket. "I'll call him back later."
"Hey, I don't see any Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches" Alicia complained, "I so had my heart set on one."
Mikey rolled his eyes, "Bet I can get you one if it's what you really want."
She giggled, "What a husband I have. It's OK I guess I'll just go with the Famous Fajitas."
She spoke across the table to Monica, "They are super good."
"Then that's what I'll have." she told her. Gerard said he would have the same.
"Fuck, if that's what everyone is having count me in. I'll get us some Hard Rock Nacho's with guacamole too." When the waitress appeared he ordered for everyone. She wrote the order down then looked at Mikey again then turned to Gerard. "Think you guys could autograph an MCR piece of memorabilia for us before you go? We have some great live shots of the band on display in the restaurant."
Gerard nodded, "For sure, we'll do it before we leave." The waitress smiled her thanks and left to put in their order.
"Wasn't the wedding super rad?" Alicia asked she looked so happy she would burst. "Pricilla took some pretty fucking great pics." She took them out of her bag and passed the few she had looked at across the table. As she and Mikey looked at the rest they passed them over to Monica and Gerard.
"I didn't even realize she took pictures," Monica said reaching for another one. "These are good." She said looking at the shot.
"They were part of the wedding package. She handed them to me as we left. See the one with you and Gerard standing by Elvis? That is my favorite of you two."
Monica looked at the photo. In it Elvis was talking to them but Gerard's gaze was on her. It was a wonderful moment captured for all time. "I want to get a copy of this one," she told Alicia.
"Sure, I thought you would." She snuggled up to her new husband. "I love you husband."
He kissed her softly, "I love you wife."
Gerard's Sidekick alerted him to another call. He frowned, "Bert again."
Monica asked, "Do you think it might be important?"
He pocketed the phone, "It can wait. This is an important day and I'm not gonna be bothered by anything of anyone."
Their nachos arrived and they all dug in. Monica hadn't realized just how hungry she was. Several times people would walk by their table and say hello or simply stare. Gerard and Mikey were definitely more easily recognized at the Hard Rock.
"So you aren't telling anyone you got married?" Monica asked taking a sip of her ice water. "Not even Donna?"
"Nope, this day was just ours, all of us" Mikey said looking around the table, "and it feels fucking good."
Alicia agreed, "I don't want to share this day with anyone else."
They talked about music and the rock memorabilia surrounding them on the walls. It was a pleasant, stress free time. When their lunches arrived Alicia scooped up the wedding photos and put them in her bag at her feet.
"OK you were so totally right these fajitas are excellent." Monica said taking yet another bite. "I love them."
Alicia nodded, "They are my favorite thing on the menu here." she gave Monica a devilish look, "So Monica Veronica, when are you and the Gee man gonna tie the knot?"
Monica shot her a fake frown, "For the love of God, don't let anyone else know about the name. Can you just imagine if Frank found out?"
Gerard laughed, "Oh man, would he have fun with it. Course he's too busy thinking about babies right now."
"Monica you didn't answerer my question, when's the big day?" Alicia took another bite and waited.
"I just want to go on record here that I wanted to get married as soon as we got back." Gerard sighed "but Monica wants to wait for our break when we get back from Europe. That way we can have a short honeymoon." He frowned at Monica.
"Don't pout" she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "But you do look pretty sweet when your bottom lip sticks out."
Alicia laughed, "I just love the way you talk to him" she told Monica, "You don't take any shit from him. I gotta say you have changed so much from when I first met you."
Monica knew it was true she had changed. She was more confident and she was striving for fearless. "Gee's love has given me the courage to live." she told them honestly.
Gerard looked at her, the words had touched him deeply, "And your love has done the same for me." He kissed her tenderly.
"Shit you would think those two just got married." Alicia said to Mikey, "Look at them."
Mikey smiled at his brother, "Hey, my brother has finally found his other half, just like me. We Way men are fucking lucky." The kiss he gave Alicia left her wanting more.
She pushed her plate away, "I'm done." The look she gave Mikey let him know it was definitely time to return to their suite.
"Me too" he said quickly reaching under the table to stroke her thigh.
Gerard laughed, "Oh man are you two obvious much?"
Mikey smiled. "I can't wait for some married sex dude, what can I say"
Monica took a drink then looked at Gerard with desire in her eyes. The look made his breath catch. "Well, I can't wait for some unmarried love." He kissed Monica's cheek softly.
His words reached her soul, "I love you," she whispered.
The bill was handled and Gerard and Mikey autographed several photos for the restaurant before they left. Both couples walked hand in hand back to their hotel. "Should we meet up for dinner later tonight?" Alicia asked as they reached the Bellagio.
"Much later" Mikey added
Gerard looked at Monica, "Much, much later."
Back at the Hard Rock the packet of photos that had slid on the floor instead of Alicia's bag were scooped up from under the table. Flipping through the pictures it became clear why the couples had been celebrating. Alicia and Mikey's desire for their special day to belong to just the four of them was lost.
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