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Told You He Was Mine

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Archie and Atlanta find themselves in a mysterious place, but where? They don't know. The others are trying to figure out a way to save them. Plus, who knows what Ellanna's going to do to them, mai...

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Archie finally woke up, but with a headache. "Wha? What happened? Whe-Where am I?" He groaned. He figured he might as well look around, try to figure out where he is. He was about to walk into one room when he heard evil laughter from down the wet, dirty, stone hall. Right when he heard that voice it all came back to him, the dance, the almost kissing Atlanta, Ellanna showing up, everything. Archie, then, recognized that voice anywhere. "Ellanna!" Archie growled through his teeth. He walked down the hall and saw Ellanna standing in front of Atlanta with a dagger in hand. Atlanta was forced back into the wall so she couldn't move, and to help, she had three ropes that were forced on her as well (get the picture? good). Archie's eyes narrowed as he saw Ellanna and then his eyes shot wide open as he saw the daggar.

Ellanna laughed again and said, "Tell me Atlanta! Do you think Archie's ready to see his best friend die before his very eyes?!"

Atlanta's eyes narrowed and she snapped, "NO! But once I get out of here I'll be ready to see you die before my very eyes!"

"No wonder Archie couldn't save you. Look at that temper of your's." Ellanna smiled.

"Hey! At least I try!" Archie yelled as he stood in the doorway.

"Ah Archie. Just in time to see Atlanta here die before your very eyes."

"Don't.......touch.......her." Archie said fiercly and slowly.

"Aww, what's the matter? (gasps) Are you mad?" Ellanna's smile grew even bigger.

"The hell I'm mad! Now step away from her!" Archie yelled, getting his whip ready to strike.

"I've said it once and I'm going to say it again, for the last time, if I can't have you..........NOBODY CAN!" Ellanna yelled as she threw the daggar at Atlanta.

Archie saw the daggar come closer to her in fear. "NO!" He yelled as his whip hit the daggar and it missed Atlanta just by maybe a centimeter. Both Archie and Atlanta sighed in relief.

Ellanna was so frusterated, she could pull out all her hair out right now.

Atlanta stuck her tongue out.

"Stick that tongue out at me again and I'll cut it off." Ellanna threatened.

Atlanta looked away from her and stared at the ground and scrunched up her nose a little bit.

"Now Archie. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way." Ellanna smiled.

"What's the easy way?" Archie asked.

"The easy way is, you become my boyfriend and I don't kill Atlanta here."

"And the hard way?" Archie asked, a little frightened at what the hard way was gonna be.

"The hard way, is you reject me. And the girl dies." Ellanna's smiled immediately turned into a frown.

Archie thought. 'Oh great. I hate it when I have to make the decision! Think Archie, think. How can I reject Ellanna, yet still save Atlanta?'

"I'm waiting for an answer." Ellanna said, tapping her foot.

"Uh, Ellanna? Can I just have a word with Archie for a sec?" Atlanta asked, she had a plan.

"Sighs. Fine. But no funny business!" Ellanna said angerly (word?). And she walked out of the room.

Archie looked at Atlanta with confusion. 'Why would she want to talk to me in private? Not that I'm complaining.' Archie thought.

"Archie I have an idea."


"You go with Ellanna and she'll let me go. And then when I'm gone, you sneak out (plan sucks I know but I couldn't think of anything else)."

"That could work."

"Are you done yet?" Ellanna yelled.

"We're done!" Atlanta yelled.

"Good. Now, Archie, made a decision yet?" Ellanna asked, smiling.

"Actually, yes."

"Good! What is it."

"Well..." Archie started, but looked at Atlanta.

Atlanta nodded.

"I decided to go with you." Archie said, with his eyes closed and his head down a little bit.

"Excellant! Now come." Ellanna said, grabbing Archie's hand.

"But you still have to let Atlanta go." Archie reminded her.

"Oh ya that. Hm, I lied." Ellanna smiled.

"WHAT?!" Archie and Atlanta both said at the same time.

"See. I knew you would go with me and think that I'll let Atlanta go. So that's why I just thought of something. Why not let Archie become my boyfriend and kill Atlanta? It would be so much easier!" Ellanna smiled even more.

"But. But-" Archie stuttered.

"But nothing! Now come. We have to talk." Ellanna smiled.

"You are such a-" Atlanta started.

"A bitch? A slut? A slutty whore? A cheatin', lieing, slut of a bitch? Stop me when I'm getting close." Ellanna said.

"How about all of the above?" Atlanta asked.

"Ya know what? You're the slut thinking that you can trash talk me like that. Big mistake." Ellanna said and snapped her fingers.

They all stood in silence, nothing happened.

"Nothing happened." Atlanta said.

"Oh no?" Ellanna smiled and with her eyes, motioned Atlanta to look at Archie.

Atlanta stared in disgust as she saw this little spider thing or something use his pinchers to bite the back of Archie's neck. The little bug crawled to the back of his neck and dug his pinchers in his neck, letting its poison flood through his veins.

Archie twitched when he felt the bug bite his neck and just swatted the spider, but didn't do it quick enough. The poison already flows in his blood now.

"What the hell did you do to him?!!" Atlanta asked.

"Oh nothing. I just hypnotized him a little and if he disobeys me I'll make the poison flow into his heart." Ellanna said with a big smile on her face.


"Have you tracked them yet?" A very impatient Jay asked, pacing around the living room.

"No. Not yet. I can't get their signal." Odie said, typing furiously on his laptop and trying to call Archie or Atlanta.

"Well keep trying. We don't know where they are and what trouble they're into." Theresa said, a little worried herself.

"Well be patient a little while longer. It might take a while." Odie said.

Hearing that it might take a while, Odie heard a loud groan from the gang.

"How much longer?" Herry asked.

"I don't know. A few minutes, half an hour." Odie said nervously.

The gang groaned even louder when they heard Odie's news.

"Great." Jay said sarcastically, running his hand through his hair. "Can't you sense where they are? Or.......have a vision or something?" Jay asked looking at Theresa.

"I already tried. My vision was fuzzy. Remember?" Theresa told him.

Jay sighed/groaned louder and smashed his fist on the table, almost breaking it in half!


"That better not kill him!!" Atlanta yelled, obviously trying to break free.

"Only if he disobeys me."

"Tya right. Like Archie would ever listen to you." Atlanta snarled.

"I seriously don't know what your problem is Atlanta. LIfe goes on and you just have to accept the thought that when life does go on, you can't get everything you want. for me. I do get evrything I want." Ellanna giggled.

"Oh ho when I get out of this magicy rope thingy. I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!" Atlanta yelled, trying to struggle harder to break free.

"Oh please. The only way you will get out is if I snap my fingers." Ellanna explained. "And that's never gonna happen. Might as well leave you here to rot." Ellanna smiled.

"Shit." Atlanta muttered. 'She better not leave me here or I'm gonna scream.' She thought.

"Well see ya!" Ellanna said happily as she dragged Archie down the hall.

Atlant stood, or hung, there in shock. Eyes wide open and mouth hanging there, ready to fall off any second. And just as she promised, she let out a horrified scream. 'Damn it Archie. Snap out of it!! You're better than this. I know you. I should know. You wouldn't get easily hypnotized and let a slut tell you what to do. I'm your best friend. I can't believe you would do this to me. I would know. We almost..................kissed.' Atlanta thought in depression, head down low. She felt like she was gonna cry.

And that's exactly what she did. Not because she was sensitive. But because she was scared. She was scared that Ellanna really will get Archie. She was scared that she really was going to rot in this cave. She knew and she absolutely knew that Archie loves her. They almost kissed!

She was scared that she might not be able to tell Archie she loved him.


"Well try again Theresa." Jay ordered her. "Or I'm gonna lose it!"

"Okay. Okay. Sheesh. Don't have a cow." Theresa said. She lowered her head, closed her eyes and placed her hands on her temples. 'Concentrate Theresa. Concentrate.' She thought to herself.

There was Atlanta, skin and bones, rats eating off her skin and dents on her cheeks. She looked horrible! She looked like she hasn't eaten, bathed or drank in weeks or maybe months! She was even missing a couple fingers and an ear. She was obviously dead. But......where was Archie? He went with her. Just then, she saw something familiar. She couldn't lay her hands on it, but it looked so familiar. She didn't know if it was Ellanna or Archie. She couldn't reconigze it. It was too blury. The figure was holding a knife or some sort of weapon in hand, ready to strike and make Atlanta's dead figure even worse! But something was so familiar about the weapon the blury figure had. Then she finally figured it out. But before she knew it, the figure sliced Atlanta all over. Her dead skin flying everywhere and her blood all over the floor and walls. But she knew what the weapon was. It was-

"Theresa!" Jay asked concernly as he saw a couple tears roll down her cheeks. "Are you okay? What did you see?"

" was horrible Jay!! Atlanta was tied to a wall and animals fed on her. She was dead Jay!! And Archie wasn't there to save her! She was so skinny. Much skinnier than she usually is! Then I saw a blury figure, it looked familiar but I couldn't figure it out. The blury person had a weapon in hand and was slicing her over and over again! Her blood and skin was everywhere! And when her dead flesh hit the ground, more rats and mice and other animals came and fed on it! It was horrible!! We have to find them fast!" Theresa said, crying.

"It's okay Theresa. We'll find them." Jay said, looking out the window. "I know we will."

Thersa suddenly gasped and jumped her head off of her hands. She had to tell the guys what the weapon was that she saw. That will make things alot easier. She hoped.

"Guys. I know what the weapon was that the blury figure was using!" She said, looking at them.

"Well.....what was it?" Herry asked.

"It was..." She started until she closed her eyes and looked at the ground, similiar to what Archie did.

She then took a deep breath, tears still rolling down her cheeks. 'Come on Theresa. You can do this.' She thought to herself.

"It was a Hephaestus whip."


Sorry it took so long for the next chapter. Our internet wasn't working. At least it gave me more time to finish my chapters. I've already got some of the next chapter of "A Neverending Dream". Even though THAT one's gonna take longer, since the chapters in that story are longer than thes ones. Wel R&R and wait for the next chapters. There's going to be alot of fluff in the last chapter. Hope you're looking forward to it!

~ DJessie ~

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