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Found But Too Late?

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The gang FINALLY finds Atlanta, Archie and Ellanna. But did they find them in time.

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Well, sadly this is the second last chapter. And I know you're all gonna miss this once it's all finished. But don't worry. The next and last chapter will be fluffy.


"So, you're telling me Archie, our Archie, was the one who was killing Atlanta, even though she was already dead?" Herry asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Mm hm." Theresa nodded, wiping her tears away. "So we better find them fast before it's too late!"

"But where are they?" Jay asked, still rubbing her back, trying to comfort her.

"I'm not sure. All I saw was Atlanta dead and Archie making it worse."

" think you can try again. And if you see something awful just snap out of it." Jay softly said to her.

"I'll try." Theresa said, unsurely. She bowed her head once more and closed her eyes.

There was a cave, inside a mountain of some sort. She heard evil laughter and a scream. It sounded like Atlanta's scream echoing through the cave!

"Sense anything?" Jay asked, looking at her.

"I kind of know where it is. It's in a cave in a mountain or something. But, I don't know which mountain. I'm sorry." Theresa said, bowing her head in shame.

"It's okay. If you couldn't see it, you couldn't see it, we can't do anything about it." Jay said softly.

Theresa managed to paint a little smile.

"Let's go see Hera. Maybe she'll know what we're talking about." Jay said, looking at everyone.


Once Atlanta stopped crying, she looked around to see if there was any way out.

"DAMN IT!!" She yelled, wacking her heels against the cave wall. "There's got to be a way out of here". She was already getting hungry and thirsty and she was feeling a bit weak.

Atlanta stopped whacking her feet against he wall and heard something from the tunnels. It sounded like Ellanna.......and........Archie........making out?!! Oooh now she was really mad!! She let out a scream of anger and suddenly, the spell just wore off and she fell to the ground with a thud. How could Archie do this to her? How could she make out with another girl, especially a whore, with the girl she hates!

"Snap out of it Arch! I know you! You can do so much better!! I've got to wear off the spell on Archie and get out of here."Atlanta said to herself.

She walked through the room's doorway and followed the disgusting sounds of Ellanna and Archie's moving mouths. 'I think I'm gonna be sick.' She thought to herself, but kept walking until she came to the side of the cave opening, trying not to be seen. 'God Archie if you don't snap out of it, I'm comin' in.' She thought angrily to herself.

Ellanna and Archie finally broke apart and Ellanna said, "Let's go see how Atlanta's doing, shall we?"

Archie smiled and agreed as he got off of her and grabbed her hand. Atlanta saw them walking towards the opening and she quietly ran away, not to the room where she once was, but in a different room. She wanted to see what Ellanna would do once she found out she was missing. Tears came to her eyes once more as she saw Archie and Ellanna's linked hands. 'You have to snap out of it Archie. You just have to. God, there has to be a way. Cause if there isn't...' She paused her thoughts for a second and never thought she would say this 'I give up.'


"Where did you say they were?" Hermes asked, typing on his computer to open up a portal.

"I'm not sure. I just saw a cave in a mountain, I didn't see which mountain." Theresa said.

The gang groaned. "This could take a while." Herry said.

"Well, did the mountain have any special features around it?" Jay asked. "It might make it easier to find."

Theresa slightly nodded and closed her eyes again.

There was a small, abandoned village beside it, with a long trail coming up to the mountain. And beside the village, was small river with little water and a field with dead plants in some spots. And there was a pillars in a little spot in the dead village, with a decorative table, like where they put something. And there was also a sign in front of the village, it said "Palkonya" in some kind of language she couldn't understand.

"Anything?" Jay asked.

"Ya. I saw an abandoned mountain village with a dead field and a small creak. There was a sign that said something, but I couldn't understand what it meant. It was in some kind of ancient language." She explained.

"What did the letters look like?" Odie asked, probably thinking he would know what it meant.

Theresa looked around for a piece of paper and a pen or something to write with. She started making all these weird shapes. "It looked sorta like this." She said as she showed the paper to everyone. "What does it mean?"

Odie 'hm'd and took the paper away from Theresa and squinted his eyes so he could see the writing. "It looks like....................Roman."

"Roman? Anyone here know Roman?" Herry asked.

"I do." Hermes said, raising his hand.

"Well obviously." Neil said sarcastically.

"What does it say?" Theresa asked, taking the paper back from Odie and handing it to Hermes.

"It says 'Palkonya'." Hermes explained, like it was the easiest question ever.

"That must be where Archie and Atlatna are!" Jay said as he snapped his fingers. "Alright Hermes. One portal to Palkonya."

"One portal coming up." Hermes smiled and typed some more and a portal came up. "Be careful. Call in case anything happens or if you need a ride back."

The heroes nodded and entered the portal


'No. I can't give up.' Atlanta thought to herself. 'I'm sure if Archie wasn't under Ellanna's spell, he would've told me not to give up. So I can't! But what am I gonna do?'

Just then, Atlanta heard Ellanna's scream and she smiled. "Sucker." She whispered to herself.


"I don't know. I just did." Ellanna and Archie turned around and faced Atlanta standing in the doorway, arms crossed.

Ellanna just smiled, not known why by Atlanta, and laughed. "You think you're so slick don't you? Escaping from one of my litttle spells. Well your not. And you know what I've always wanted to see? A best friend her another best friend in a fight to the death. Archie..." Ellanna snapped her fingers. "Show this bitch what you can really do."

Archie nodded and pulled out his whip.

"Archie? You don't want to do this. I know you. You're under Ellanna's spell. The real you wouldn't want to do this." Atlanta said.

"Don't listen to her!! She's just trying to break us up!!" Ellanna lied.

"No I'm not! Archie please you've got to believe me! I'm your best friend!"

"I don't have a best friend. I only have a girlfriend. And that's Ellanna."

"Archie don't! You're better than this! Ellanna's NOT your girlfriend! She's just saying that so you two can get rid of me! You're under a spell! You don't want to hurt me! You hate this girl!" Atlanta tried to convince Archie the truth. But no luck. Archie just wouldn't believe her.

"Scoffs Yeah right." Archie said as he backed his arm back and swung his whip at Atlanta

Well that didn't make sense. Archie always hits his target with his whip. Literally! The real him inside must be controlling as well, making sure his hits always missed. The real Archie wants to help! He really doesn't want her to get hurt. Now if only Atlanta could get the real him out of there.


"Well. We're here. Now they're just up that mountain." Theresa said, pointing at the mountain aside the village.

"Alrighty then. Let's go." Jay said as he started walking towards the mountain trail.

Once they were about one quarter up the trail, a few giant boulders started coming their way!

"Look out!!" Jay yelled as he jumped to the side of the mountain, and everyone followed. Once there was only a few coming down at once, he started to slowly walk up the trail, his body still pushed against the side. He waved his arm, motioning them to follow. "Don't make too much noise. We don't want another avalanche." Jay tried to whisper, but also talk loud enough so the others could hear.

"Aye aye captain." Herry said, saluting him.

They finally managed to get to the cave's opening. Jay put a finger to his lips, signaling them to be quiet. He moved his head closer so he could hear better. He could hear Atlanta talking to Archie and trying to.........tell him that she was his friend and didn't want to do this? Why would she want to tell him that. He already knew. 'Okaaaaaay. Archie's messed up in the head.' He thought. 'Why would Atlanta tell Archie she's his best friend if they already know? Something's definately up. And I'm gonna find out what.' He waved his hand again as he turned the corner and into the opening. The gang quickily followed. Jay stopped once they reached the room Archie, Ellanna and Atlanta were in. They stayed at the side so they would be out of sight.

Atlanta's condition actually wasn't that bad. She did have minor cuts but other than that she was just fine. 'What he hell is going on here?' Jay thought angrily to herself. He peeked his head so he could see what was up, but tried not to be seen. Ellanna was standing against a wall, watching the delicious battle in front of her, Atlanta was dodging..........Archie's attacks? 'Why would Archie attack Atlanta? He loves her!' He questioned himself, but kept watching.

Soon Atlanta was out of breath from running and was trapped between Archie and the wall. She was too tired to run. Archie held his arm back and was ready to strike once more. Atlanta had fear in her eyes and Archie could see it, and even better, he could feel it. Archie lowered his arm, but Ellanna sent a command from her mind to Archie's and he raised his arm again. he slashed his whip at Atlanta and it pierced her flesh along her chest, up to her collarbone and on her shoulder.

Atlanta screamed in pain and she fell to the ground, blood pouring on the ground and staining her shirt.

Theresa couldn't handle the screams of her friend and she ran past Jay, who tried to tell Theresa to stay, and tackled Archie to the ground. "What the hell is wrong with you?!!" She yelled angrily at him. "Are you screwed up in the head?!!"

Archie growled and tackled her to the ground and continued swiping Atlanta. This time, it caught her arm and her leg. Atlanta was already uncaucious, so she couldn't feel any pain.

The rest of the gang followed Theresa after she left their sight. Once they were in the room, they saw Theresa on top of Archie, pinning him down from harming Atlanta again.

"Neil, Herry. Take Atlanta to safety." Jay ordered.

The two nodded and picked Atlanta up carefully and took her to the main tunnel.

"Whatever you're planning to do Ellanna, you won't accomplish." Jay said.

"But I think I will." Ellanna said as she sent another message to Archie.

Archie got her message and threw Theresa off of her and tried to attack Jay. But he pulled out his sword and swiped his sword just as Archie's whip was about to hit him. "We can do this all night Archie. But it will get you no where." Jay said.

Just then, Cronus appeared through one of his own portals. "What? You still haven't killed them yet?" Cronus asked in anger.

" If you haven't noticed there's more than Archie on the team and they can fight."

"Sighs This is ridiculous. Why send someone to kill the kids if they can't even kill them? Ellanna, you're free to go."

"What do you me-" Ellanna couldn't finish. The necklace she was wearing just kind of exploded into little sparks and the sparks just flew off into the air. Then Ellanna disappeared.

"Now that she's out of the picture, I might as well destroy you." He was just about to slice Jay, when all of a sudden he fell through a portal, but it looked like Hermes' portal. Jay didn't care, as long as Cronus was gone and Archie and Atlanta are safe.

Then all of a sudden, a little black spider type creature crawled out of Archie's skin and disappeared also. "Wha-What happened? Where's Ellanna? Where Atlanta?!" Archie asked.

"Ellanna's gone and Atlanta is somewhere. You hurt her pretty bad Arch." Jay said, holding out a hand for Archie to take.

"Atlanta's hurt?!! What did I do?!" Archie asked.

"You were hypnotized by Ellanna and she commanded you to hurt Atlanta. But the gang is taking care of her." Jay explained.

"Oh God." Archie muttered as he ran past Jay to find Atlanta.

The rest of the gang was around Atlanta, checking her wounds. "Atlanta!" The gang turned around and faced Archie, a little surprised by his outburst. "Okay. Before you decide to kill me, I just want to say that I am not under Ellanna's spell anymore. Honestly."

The gang bit their lips. Do they trust him? Would they let him near Atlanta again? The gang let go of their lips and let Archie through.

"Oh my God. Atlanta! Did I really do that?!" Archie asked, afraid of what the answer might be.

"I'm afraid so." Jay said. "Come on. Let's go home." He smiled.

Archie nodded and carefully picked up Atlanta. Jay called Hermes on his PMR to ask for a portal home. Seconds later, a portal opened and they walked inside.
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