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How It Will Always Be

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An old friend saves the day.

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Gerard turned on the stereo and inserted his iPod into the player. From the high-end stereo system speakers the song "Today" filled the suite. Monica who had settled on the sofa started singing along with Billy Corrigan. Gerard sat down next to her, took one of the soft velvet pillows and gently moved her so she could lay on the sofa with her head in his lap.
"I love the Smashing Pumpkins," she told him, "I can't wait until their new CD is released."
Gerard was also anticipating the reunion of one of his favorite bands. "It should be released in July. Man, I spent so much time listening to the Pumpkins it will be rad to hear some new songs." He stroked her hair, moving it away from her face. "How are you feeling? Head still hurting?"
She smiled up at him. "I'm fine Gee, please stop worrying. This has been such a wonderful day. I'm so happy for Mikey and Alicia." She decided to tell him about her earlier thoughts at the chapel. "Gee, I almost asked you to marry me when we were at the wedding."
He was surprised, "Why didn't you? You gotta know I would marry you with or without Elvis." He leaned down and kissed her mouth, "what stopped you?"
She had let her tongue brush his bottom lip before he sat back up. "I want our wedding to be special. Not that having Elvis wasn't special. As a matter of fact I would love to come back here on our one year anniversary and get remarried by Elvis."
Gerard laughed, "It's a date. One year after we marry we will come to Vegas and go to the Heartbreak Hotel Chapel."
She closed her eyes, "Gee, I want our wedding to be prefect. Do you think your dad would walk me down the aisle?"
He was angry with himself for not realizing before she had no family other than the girls. Their wedding would consist of his family she only had her daughters. He smiled, "I know dad would be honored."
"Think Alicia will be my matron of honor?"
"What do you think? Besides you know Mikey will be my Best Man." He leaned down and kissed her lips again. "I'll make sure it will be everything you want." She felt his hand move down and slide under the hem of her dress. It slowly moved upwards, his fingers stroking the bare flesh of her leg. He deepened the kiss, his tongue slowly meeting hers. The knock on the door caused him to groan.
Monica sat up and readjusted her dress as Gerard stood and walked across the suite to the door. Mikey and Alicia stood waiting to enter. Alicia had a black trail of tears running down her face. They moved inside and Gerard closed the door. "What the hell is wrong?" he asked.
Mikey tried to calm Alicia by putting his arm around her. He looked at Gerard, "The wedding photos are gone. We got to the suite and she noticed they weren't in her bag. I already called the Hard Rock but they aren't there."
"Fuck, I can't believe I lost them" Alicia said swiping angrily at her tears. "What's worse is whoever got them will probably put them on the Internet. Shit, they might already be posted."
Gerard shook his head not understanding why this was such a big deal to her, "Look, I know you wanted to keep this a secret up it's OK. I mean everyone knew you two were gonna get married anyway." She stared a hole in him.
"Gee, they wanted this to belong to them, their own memories. They didn't want to share this with anyone else." Monica told him softly.
He looked at Monica then moved to hug Alicia, "I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be a jerk about this."
Mikey looked helplessly at Alicia, "Honey, let's try not to let this ruin our day. Maybe we can go back and take some more photos with Elvis."
She sighed, "I'm just being stupid, I guess."
There was another knock on the door. Gerard frowned, "Now who?" He opened the door and was shocked to see Bert standing there smiling. "Hey, ever think of answering your phone?"
Gerard stated at him, "What the fuck are you doing here? I thought you were still in Europe."
Bert walked in and immediately moved to give Monica a hug. She stepped away before he could get his arms around her. She spoke quickly when she saw his hurt expression.
"Gee and I had a car accident and I'm still pretty bruised" she explained. "See" she brushed up her bangs so he could see the knot on her head.
"Oh shit, I didn't know. What happened?" He dropped his messenger bag on the table and they all moved to sit down.
Gerard and Monica sat on the sofa but Mikey and Alicia stayed standing. Bert sat across from the sofa. "Was it very serious?"
"Young kid blew through a stop sigh and hit us. Totaled Monica's car." Gerard told him.
Bert laughed, "OK no loss there."
Monica glared at him, "I liked my car."
Gerard looked at Bert and they both laughed, "Yea, it was really nice." Gerard said.
Mikey broke in "Hey, we are gonna take off." He told them.
Bert raised his eyebrows, "Gonna go consummate that marriage?"
Everyone turned to stare at him. "How the fuck do you know we got married?" Mikey asked.
Bert smiled, "Well it your brother had answered his phone you would have known I was sitting across from you in the restaurant."
"Why the hell didn't you just come over to our table?" Gerard asked him.
"Cause I could tell something special was going on and I didn't' just wanna butt in." He stood and went to his messenger bag. "And there are these pictures that sort of spelled it out for me." He pulled out the packet of wedding photos.
Before he could fully turn around Alicia launched herself into this arms. "Bert I love you. We thought we had lost them forever." she pulled the packet out of his hands and hugged it tightly to her.
"I was walking out of the restaurant and saw them lying on the floor under the table. Didn't think you would want those getting around."
Mikey walked over and gave him a quick hug too. "Thanks man. She was so fucking upset I didn't know what I was gonna do."
Bert giggled, "If she was that upset I know what you weren't gonna do." Alicia smacked his arm.
"Seriously Bert, thank you." she told him. "Mikey and I don't want to tell anyone about this wedding. We're still getting married in June this was just our special secret."
"My lips are sealed" Bert told her. He pretended to lock his mouth and toss the key over his shoulder.
"Man if only that really worked." Gerard said with a laugh. "Can we all try to imagine Bert not talking?"
"Oh fuck off dude," Bert said, "I just saved the day and your messing with me."
Mikey and Alicia took off and Bert sat back down in the same seat. "So I heard you were trying to get a hold of me while I was in Europe. What for?"
Gerard looked over at Monica. She smiled at him, "It's OK, Gee."
He looked at her and nodded, "I was trying to see if you know anyway to find Liv. Monica did try to go see her but she has taken off. She owed money to the landlord and I guess couldn't pay."
Bert shook his head, "Shit, trouble always follows her." He thought a minute, "Fuck I can't even think of anyone to ask. She didn't hang with anyone anymore far as I know. Only reason I had anything to do with her is cause she found me." He looked over at Monica then back to Gerard, "What are you gonna do if you find her?"
Gerard was staring at the carpet seemingly lost in thought. Monica decided to answer, "He wants to find out more about Elena."
Bert nodded, "Yea, she's a cute kid."
Gerard looked up at him but didn't speak. He was surprised by the suddenly anger he felt towards his friend. It seemed wrong that he had seen Elena and he hadn't. Maybe now he never would.
"I gotta take off. We are meeting up with some friends over at The Mirage. Good seeing you both." he walked towards the door. "And next time I see you I get two hugs." he told Monica.
Gerard gave him a playful shove out the door. "No way dude"
Monica was already back on the sofa when he turned from closing the door. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her. She was lying on the sofa with her dress hiked up to her waist. Her silky bare legs were on display. A smile played at the corners of her lips.
He walked across the suite slowly enjoying the view on the sofa. She stretched and raised both arms above her head. The dress crept even higher revealing a very sheer, very small pair of panties.
"See anything you like?" she purred knowing his eyes were roaming over every inch of her body.
"For sure I do." He stood looking down at her, "I see the woman I love offering herself to me, that is the best fucking sight a man can see."
Monica closed her eyes letting his words touch her heart. Opening her eyes she spoke in a husky, desire filled voice, "and I see the man who holds my heart and I wonder what he is gonna take."
Gerard lowered himself down on the end of the sofa. He moved just high enough so he could bury his face between her legs. He heard her giggle when he removed her panties by tearing them with his teeth. Her giggling soon turned to moaning when his tongue began to move deep into the cradle of her tights. His name was on her lips as she arched her back to meet his tongue. He was driving her insane. "Please Gee, not this way. I want you inside me." she begged.
He raised his head to look at her, "You are so beautiful" he ground out. "I want to bury myself inside you." quickly he rose from the sofa and shed his clothing. Monica watched feeling the desire continue to build, the fire burn hotter. When he stood before her naked he reached down and took her hand. "Stand up honey"
She stood and he pulled her to him gently. I don't want to hurt you, I think this will work." He sat down in the center of the sofa his erection hard and ready. Pulling on her hands he gently helped her lower herself onto him. He closed his eyes and moaned as her silky, wetness encased him. His hands gripped her legs on either side of him and he slowly began to caress her soft thighs.
"Monica baby, this feels like heaven," he whispered. "Take me deep."
She lowered herself until every inch of him was buried deep inside her. "Gee, I love you." she murmured while beginning to move up and down, up and down slowly.
He tried to hold back but the craving he felt for her was raw and untamed. He raised his head to look at her while she rode him. He moved his hands to unzip the dress she still wore, he wanted to see what it was hiding. When the zipper was completely lowered he pulled the garment over her head and tossed it aside. Her breasts were staining against the sheer bra, he could see her hardened nipples begging to be set free. Once unclasped her bra followed the dress to the ground. Now his eyes could feast on her creamy breasts and watch them each time she moved up and down on him. "This feels so fucking good" his breathing was becoming ragged, "What can I do to make it good for you?"
She looked deep into his eyes, "This couldn't feel any better." Her movements were getting quicker, faster. The heat was consuming her. He could feel her tightening around him so he started to meet her movements with thrusts of his own. She cried out his name and arched back even further. He placed his hands behind her allowing her to bend back even more. Watching her wither in passion made him loose his own control. Monica smiled as she felt his warmth surge into her.
When he was spent he slowly lifted her off him but did not let go. She asked no questions as they walked through the suite and into the "His" bathroom. He turned on the shower and when the water was the correct temperature he pulled her into the steamy shower with him. Still he had not spoken nor had she. Opening the bottle of bath gel he put a liberal amount on the sponge and began to run it over her skin gently. She closed her eyes as he covered every inch of her body. When he was done she took the sponge from him and repeated the process on his skin.
When they were washed clean of soap he turned off the shower and stepped out. A moment later he returned with a bath towel, which he wrapped around her body. She looked at him and wondered out loud. "Why?"
He smiled, "This is how it will always be. We will always love each other and always take care of each other." He kissed her softly, "This is how it will always be."
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