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End of year Ball

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When Atlanta is told how Archie feels about her, she wants to know if it's true. A/A pairing. sweet.

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One part is based off chain mail sweet boy/girl thing


It was the end of the school year, summer was soon on its way and word soon got around about the end of year school ball. Posters had already been put up around New Olympia, and already most of the girls had started to pick out their outfits, whilst the males were gathering up all their courage to ask one of them out.

Odie, Neil, Herry and Archie were sitting at the table at the school cafeteria talking over hamburgers.
" should ask someone soon, before all the good ones are taken" Odie was saying to Herry

The strong youth snorted "Oh yeah? You sound as though you've already asked someone"

The African American shook his head "Man, I'm not going! I was talking about you. I have to finish three assignments all due in that week"

"But why do they all travel in groups?" said Archie to the guys "You can't single one out on their own. It's frightening"

"I don't get it" said Neil to the others "You've battled dragons, Cyclopes, armies, giants...what's so scary about asking out a girl?"

Herry rubbed his neck nervously "Right now, I'd take the dragon"

Neil ran his fingers through his hair "I'm not going either. I haven't seen anyone who shares my rare style"

"Rare is right Neil" said Archie smugly after he swallowed a mouthful "Why don't you just duct tape a dress to a mirror and take that along?"

"I don't see you asking Atlanta! You go all mushy- eyed every time she comes near!"

"Do not!" said Archie before taking a huge bite out of his sandwich. They were suddenly joined by Jay, Theresa and Atlanta

"Hey Archie" Atlanta said as she sat down next to him. Archie was completely taken by surprise and did not chew his mouthful but swallowed it whole

"HeyAtlanta- HIC"

The guys chuckled

Theresa meanwhile was beside herself "I'm going down town to buy my dress today! It's light blue with no sleeves...."

"Stupid Ball" muttered Atlanta, The purple haired youth looked at her curiously

"Are HIC you going HIC to the ball HIC 'Lan?" Archie turned to face her, but he couldn't control his hiccups

"Have a drink of water Arch, and no I'm not going. It's stupid"

Archie's heart fell to his feet "oh...okay"

"Theresa's going with Jay" she continued "But I would get more joy battling Cronos then being stuck in a dress"


That afternoon, Atlanta went down the street with Theresa. They were sitting on a park bench in the lazy afternoon sun. Theresa had her shopping bag on her lap and they were resting their feet when to Atlanta, Theresa came out with the most random thing:

"You know he likes you" said the strawberry blonde

"Oh yeah? Who?" the red hared asked defensibly


There was a moment of silence as she took it in. Atlanta folded her arms "Good. I like him too. He's a good friend"

"No, I mean more" Atlanta didn't like where this was going "I mean he like- likes you"

"But....he's like a brother to me. I haven't got the same feelings for him as he does me"

"Please go to the ball Lan?" begged Theresa "You can wear one of my dresses, but please come?" her friend was very hesitant "Just once, then I'll never make you go again! Promise!"

"I feel a 'no' coming on..." refused Atlanta
"'ll get to see all the guys wearing funny suits?" Tempted the strawberry blonde "Please? Just one ball. Just see what it's like?" she gave her friend the biggest puppy dog look she could master"

"Urg! Fine! But that doesn't mean I believe you about Archie"

"Okay then, give me a pen and paper and I'll write down some questions you can ask him. if he says 'no' to all of them, then you'll know if he has a crush on you" Theresa was sure of the answers he friend would receive and began writing as a pen and school book was passed to her. Atlanta raised and eyebrow as she read the questions

Soft lights spun around the room in circles. Near the punch bowl stood All the guys dressed in suits of blue, red, black, violet, green, brown and gray.

Herry was slow dancing with a girl on the floor and next to him was Theresa and Jay. Atlanta, who wore a sea blue dress stood on the side and watched. She thought about what Theresa had told her on the park bench, so she decided to confront Archie about it with a few simple questions

Slowly she walked up to the purple haired teen in a black suit and she asked him softly

"Do you think I'm pretty?"

Archie looked at her in surprise, his eyebrows raised "No"

Atlanta stiffened and asked "Would you go to the moon for me?"

Archie's expression didn't change "No"

Atlanta wanted to run, but she continued "Would you like to dance?"


Her voice was quavering now "If I left town tomorrow and never came back, would you cry?"

But his answer was the same "No"

Choking back a sob Atlanta turned to run, with tears in her eye, but she was stopped when a hand grabbed her arm and turned her around. Her eyes met Archie's gray ones

"I don't think you're pretty, I think you're beautiful" Atlanta blinked, the teen continued "I wouldn't go to the moon, I'd bring it back for you. I wouldn't like to dance, I'd love to dance. If you left town tomorrow..... I'd die"
Tears ran down Atlanta's cheeks as he pulled her into a hug. Slowly, they walked onto the dance floor hand in hand and danced the night away. Slowly, Atlanta began to look at her friend in a new way as their lips came close together for one soft kiss

URG!!!!YUCK!!!![wipes tongue frantically] I am never writing anything mushy again! That was torture! Urgh! Give me action, adventure, violence any day!! Oh yuck! [runs over, grabs bucket and vomits violently]

Why did I write it, might you ask? I know a lot of you like romance and I saw this floating around the chain mail so I changed it into a COTT story.
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