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Drawing Love

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Monica and Gee spend the little time they have left in Vegas together.

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"You were so right, it is entertaining watching her gamble." Gerard said into Monica's ear. They stood watching Alicia jumping up and down as the credits on her slot machine continued to climb.
"See I told you I would win." She turned to look at them. Mikey who was sitting on the stool next to her tried to remind her about all the money she had already sank into the machine. She leaned over and kissed him silencing his words.
"Crazy kids" Gerard laughed, "Sure you don't want to win big too?" he asked Monica.
She shook her head, "Nope, I know how this works, I put money in and get nothing back. Been there, done that, and couldn't afford the Tee-shirt."
Gerard put his arm around her shoulder loosely, "Still sore?" he asked seeing her shift slightly under his touch.
"Not bad." She put her harm around his waist. "Why don't you gamble?"
He rolled her eyes, "Shit, it's one of the only vices I haven't tried. Drugs, alcohol, smoking, done them. Don't need to add gambling." They watched Alicia a few more minutes before he asked, "So ready to go back to the room?"
She looked at him and smiled, "Oh I'm ready" her voice was husky with desire. He felt desire snake through his veins.
"Fuck, honey. Why didn't you say something sooner?"
She let her hand drop down his back, "Well I don't want to be another vice for you. You know, fast women?"
"Shit I'll take my chances on that one." He tapped Mikey on the shoulder, "Bro, we are heading back to our suite. Meet you guys in the lobby at three o'clock that should give us plenty of time to get to the airport."
Mikey nodded, "Have fun" he snickered.
They walked through the casino to the back of elevators that would take them to their suite. As the elevator doors closed Gerard took her hand and raised it to his lips. They both knew there were cameras watching them so they curtailed their actions. Still Monica had to work at keeping her breathing regular as his tongue slowly traveled up her ring finger as he held her hand to his mouth. To the casual observer it looked like he was simply kissing her hand.
"Stop that Mr. Way" she said without looking at him.
He continued brushing his tongue along her fingers, "I have no idea what you mean," he said briefly without dropping her hand of moving it from his mouth.
Monica continued to stand next to him, staring straight ahead. "Going to get even, Gee," she said quietly.
"I'm counting on it," he answered. The doors slid open and several other people boarded. Gerard lowered her hand but keep his fingers entwined with hers.
When they reached their floor they were once again alone in the elevator. Monica waited until they were inside the suite with the door closed and locked before she decided it was time to get even. "So the little torment in the elevator needs to be addressed."
He gave her an innocent look, "I was just kissing your hand, honey."
She licked her lips, "Right, I'll remember that." She moved across the room, "So do you still want to sketch me?"
"Oh for sure." He moved towards her but she shifted away. "You may sketch me but no touching. I'm here to pose for a drawing, sir."
He loved it when she lost her inhibitions, "Fine, I understand. Well then lets get down to business. I was thinking I would like to sketch you standing by the window. I want to catch you in the sunlight, looking out across the city."
She nodded, "That sounds acceptable. I would like to change first, I think I have something to wear that would be appropriate." When he nodded she headed to the bedroom to change. He got his sketchbook ready and waited for her return excitement was coursing through him. When she slowly walked back into the room his heart began to race.
"Will this be OK?' she asked twirling around.
Gerard watched his eyes drinking in the sight of her in a very sheer pale pink robe. "Where did that come from?" he asked hoping his voice didn't betray his true feelings. She had already excited him beyond belief.
She ran her hands over the sheer fabric moving seductively over her breasts. "That if for me to know."
He was determined to play her game. "Well fine then lets get started, "Please stand in front of the window and I'll sketch you." He tried not to groan out loud when she took her place and he could see through the material. He could see every lovely inch of her body that was completely nude under the robe.
"Should I stand like this?" she asked with her arms at her sides, "Of maybe like this?" she put her hands behind her back causing her breasts to jut out.
"That's good," he said quickly, hoping she wouldn't move.
Her smiled was seductive, "Whatever you want, I just want to please." She told him in a sultry voice.
He nodded not trusting his voice. Opening the sketchbook to a blank page he began to sketch the outline of her body. She stood still a small smile on her face. He was trying so hard not to let on how excited he was but one look at him and she knew.
Monica arched her back a bit more causing her breasts to strain against the fabric. She lowered her hand so instead of being waist height they were now just below her buttock. This gave him a very clear view of her butt. He took a shaky breath.
"How's it going?" she asked after a few minutes.
He grunted but said nothing. Monica decided it was time for more torment. She moved her hands to her neck pretended to brush her hair off her shoulders. Instead her hands brushed their way across her breasts. Her nipples responded, growing hard. She closed her eyes and signed contently. When she opened them he was standing within inches of her. "You can't possibly be done."
He threw the sketchbook down, "I'm done sketching but not done with you." He put his arms around her waist and lifted her. Monica wrapped her legs around him as he carried her to the nearest chair. "Don't move," he warned her after setting her down.
Monica threw back her head and laughed, "Oh my demanding aren't we?"
He looked down at her, "For sure, demanding." He shed his clothing in what had to be record time and stood beside the chair. "Monica, I'm still afraid I'll hurt you. I know you said the bruises don't hurt that much but they still look brutal." His concern was so sweet she wanted to hug him but judging by the look of his body or more precisely the part of his body that was eye level to her that wasn't what he needed. He was still waiting for her to speak when she leaned over and took him into her mouth.
He inhaled sharply, his hands moving to her hair to pull it away from her face. He wanted, no needed to see her mouth as it made love to him. "Fuck, Monica please don't stop." He panted. "Don't stop." She continued to love him with her mouth until he cried out. Monica knew how close he was so she swiftly moved back.
His eyes grew wide, "Not nice" he said trying to slow down his breathing, "not nice at all." He grabbed her hands, pulled her up then spun her around so that she was facing away from him. He pulled the robe from her body and threw it off to the side.
"Monica you drive me fucking insane with want." His hands began to run over her body, his fingers stopping at her nipples and gently pinching. She moaned his name. "That's right, moan my name. Let me know it's me you want." He lowed his mouth to her neck, his bite gentle yet electric. She moaned his name again and again.
"Gee, you're the only man I'll ever want" she stood on her toes to gain the height she needed so he could enter her. He did so with one swift thrust. She shuttered as he moved his hands to the V of her legs, his fingers sweetly torturing her. Soon his thrusting became more intense and she cried out in pleasure. Gerard cried out as he once more made her his. They both slowly sank to the floor sated. He brushed the hair from her face lovingly, "I was right this Vegas trip was much better than the last." He kissed her beautiful mouth tasting their love.
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