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Like the Drug You Crave

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The trip to Vegas has an unhappy ending.

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On the plane back to New York Gerard remembered he hadn't called Carla. "Shit, I bet she lined up a bunch of great houses for us to look at." He complained to Monica. She marked her place in the paperback copy of "Catcher in the Rye" she was reading and looked over at him.
"Do you think we have to cancel the whole day with her?" she asked, "Maybe if your interviews are in the morning we can still look at some houses in the afternoon."
He nodded, "Maybe, I'll call her as soon as we get back and see if that would work for her." He stretched out and leaned his head against Monica's shoulder. "This OK?" he asked making she he wasn't causing her any pain. She nodded that it was fine and stroked his hair absently. Gerard had chosen his favorite book for her to read. The story by J D Salinger had captured her interest and she continued to read thinking Gerard has fallen asleep. She was startled when he spoke.
"Honey, do you like the book?"
She smiled as he lifted his head to look at her, "Very much. I'm not sure why I had never read it before now. Oh and I was surprised to see the name of the school, Pency. I'm guessing that's were the name of Franks old band came from?"
He nodded, "Yep, for sure. I've read that book so many times but I don't want you to feel like you have to read it to please me."
"Gerard, I honestly don't feel like that. It's an interesting story and I'm enjoying it." She brushed a kiss across his lips, "So what's wrong?"
He was surprised she could so easily read his emotions. He simply started at her and before he could answer she added, "And don't even bother to say nothing is wrong cause I can just tell."
"Man, you are something. So can you read my mind? Do you know what's bothering me?
He sat up straighter and took one of her hands in his.
She stared at him a moment, "Probably but you gotta give me a bit of info to go on. Give me the general topic of what you are thinking about."
He was happy she had asked that. He knew he could tell her he was thinking about leaving for Europe and she would say he was sad cause he had to leave her. "I was thinking about leaving for the tour."
Monica smiled, "That's easy"
He breathed a sigh of relief; he was sure what she would say.
"You are excited to be leaving cause you can't wait to get back on stage. But part of you feels guilty cause you believe you should only feel bad about leaving me."
His mouth dropped open and he stared at her. "But I do feel bad about leaving you." he protested.
"Yes you do but you also feel the fire in your blood that is urging you to go, to get on the stage again. Gee when I was on tour with you I could feel it. You get off the stage and you are OK for a while but then you start to get this driven look. You need to perform, it's like a drug you crave."
"No one has ever seen that in me before. Fuck, I'm not even sure I've ever admitted that to myself."
Monica kissed him with passion not minding if the few other First Class passengers noticed. When she finally broke away she told him in a whisper, "That is so you don't forget what is waiting for you when you aren't on stage."
"God, I love you."
She grinned, "For sure" she said repeating one of his often-used phrases. "Now close your eyes and take a nap while I read my book."
He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. In his mind he said a short heartfelt prayer of thanks this woman had come into his life.
Monica was pleasantly surprised she got through the landing without so much as a nervous flutter. Maybe fearless was something she was getting closer to each day. The couples gathered up their bags and took a cab to Mikey and Alicia's apartment. Bob and Kara were there to greet them.
"Welcome home" Kara said as she opened the apartment door.
"I didn't know you were going to be here," Monica said to her daughter as she gave her and hug. They all moved into the living room and took seats.
Bob was waiting at Donna's when I got home from school today and we drove here together." she looked pointedly at Gerard, "So I told my bodyguards they didn't need to follow me cause my fiancé was with me."
He stared at her, "Well shit, figured out you were being watched?"
She rolled her eyes, "Gerard, I'm not five you know. Why didn't you just tell me?"
Monica spoke up," We just didn't want to worry you and Kelly"
Kara nodded, "Yea well Jenn left another note at the house. It happened yesterday morning and Donna called the police as soon as she saw it on the doorstep. They took it with them so I don't know exactly what it said but it was a threat."
"They are supposed to be watching the house. How the fuck did she get close enough to leave a note?" Gerard was clearly upset.
Bob continued the explanation, "She didn't. She had a young boy from the neighborhood leave the note. She told him it was a surprise for Monica and paid him five dollars to take the envelope up the door. The guys watching the house didn't realize what was happening."
Gerard cured again, "What did it say? Didn't she realize Monica was out of town?"
Bob nodded, "Yea, she knew. The note said something about Monica being an unfit mother for leaving her children and running off with her lover." Bob looked down clearly hating to repeat the words on the note.
"And the threat?" Gerard asked.
"It said that Monica would soon face her maker then be cast down into the fiery pit." Bob looked at Monica, "I really wish there was something I could do to help, this woman needs to be stopped."
Monica smiled at him sadly, "What you can do for me is keep my daughter safe. Jenn is deranged, please just worry about Kara."
He put his arm around Kara, "I promise to always keep her safe."
Monica hated that the wonderful trip had to end like this. She sighed, "I really want to get back to Donna's now". She asked in a small voice. "Can we go now Gee?"
He hated to see her like this, she looked mentally beaten, "Sure honey" he stood and pulled her to her feet. "Kara how are you getting home? I don't want you to drive back by yourself."
Kara looked at her mom, "Can I stay here?"
Monica realized it would be foolish to tell her eighteen-year-old daughter she had to come home. Especially since she was planning on getting married within the next few months. "Sure, I'll see you tomorrow." Kara gave her a kiss goodbye and hugged Gerard.
"Take care of my mom," she whispered to him.
He nodded, "I promise"
The ride back to Donna's was for the most part silent. Monica leaned her head back and tried to doze. Gerard concentrated on the traffic. They were pulling in front of the house when he finally spoke, "Honey, I know it's hard but try not to worry. The police will find her soon."
When she turned to him she had tears in, "Gee am I a bad mother?"
He couldn't have been more shocked if she had told him she was a space alien. "Monica how could you even think that for one fucking minute?" He took her face in his hands and gently stroked her cheeks with this thumbs. "You have two of the most level-headed, polite, funny, kind, teen-agers I have ever known. Could a bad mother have that?"
She sighed, "Sometimes I guess I just feel bad cause they are growing up so fast and I wonder if there was anything I could or should have done differently. The fact that Kara knows the truth about her father haunts me. Was there anyway I could have left him?" she looked away, "I just hope I didn't fuck up raising them."
He couldn't help but smile, "Fuck up raising them. Sorry but you have been around me too much. You need to watch your language young lady." He saw her smile slight, "Monica you are a good mother, an excellent mother and that is the bottom line."
Gerard leaned into a kiss but could since something still wasn't right. "Tell me" he demanded softly.
"Alicia is already talking about wanting to get pregnant. Gee are you positive you want to marry a woman who can't give you your own child?"
"I am 100% sure I am marrying the woman I love. You can't have my baby and I accept that cause I love you just the way you are. So dry your eyes and lets go inside." He grinned, "My youngest daughter and I have somewhere we have to go and you're not invited."
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