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Thirty Is The New Twenty

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Gerard and Kelly have a secret, the guys give an interview.

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Monica was already in bed when Gerard and Kelly got back. Neither would say where they were going or why. In all honestly she thought it was sweet how close the two of them had become so she really didn't mind not knowing what they were doing. She had been tired and her head had started to hurt again so she had said goodnight to Donna and wandered off to bed.
"Where's mom?" Kelly asked as she and Gerard came though the back door bringing the cool night air with them.
"She was tired and said she had a headache so she went to bed." Donna answered, "but she said to tell you both she loved you."
Gerard was disappointed and concerned, "Was her headache bad?"
Donna tried to keep her son from overreacting, "I'm sure she went to bed mostly because she was tired."
Kelly had opened the refrigerator and was studying its contents. Donna looked at her and laughed, "That is exactly what Gerard did at your age. Open the fridge and just look."
"I'm sorta hungry" Kelly admitted.
Donna smiled, "Why don't I make you a snack while you go take your shower?"
Kelly hugged her, "Thanks Donna" She started to leave the kitchen but stopped when she got to Gerard, "Thanks for getting that for me" she deliberately didn't say what because she knew Donna was listening. This was going to be a surprise for everyone but Gerard.
"It will be great Kell" he hugged her before she took off.
Gerard wandered around the kitchen until his mother couldn't take it anymore, "Stop pacing if you are that worried go on down and check on her."
He looked at his mom and grinned, "I think I will" He took the steps two at a time. She had left the small bedside light on for Kelly. As he crept closer to the bed she stirred and rolled over onto her back. She looked so beautiful in sleep that his breath caught. As if drawn by a magnet he lowered himself onto the bed and moved his body so that he could cradle her in his arms.
Once more she stirred but this time she murmured the words "Oh Ray"
Gerard caught his breath and went still. Suddenly Monica was giggling uncontrollably and he knew he had been had. "Oh very funny"
She couldn't stop giggling, "I'm sorry but I wish I could have seen your face."
One swift mood and he was straddling her. "Well you can see my face now he said lowering his head within inches of hers. Just when she thought he was going to kiss her his fingers crept up her sides and he began tickling her. She laughed so hard she couldn't catch her breath. "I'm sorry, uncle, uncle" she cried breathlessly.
The tickling stopped momentarily, "Who says uncle will make me stop?" His fingers dug into her side again and she screamed with laughter.
"Excuse me, I've just gotta get my slippers." Kelly said from the bedroom door. She walked in and went to the closet. "Gerard, you're doing OK but the bottom of her feet are really ticklish."
"Kelly you traitor" Monica said. "How could you give him valuable information like that?"
"You guys are so weird." Kelly put on the slippers and started out the bedroom door, "I'm going upstairs for my snack now. I won't come back down for thirty minutes."
Gerard tried to hide his grin but Kelly saw it, "You kids behave or I'll tell Donna." she teased and with those parting words she was gone.
Monica rolled her eyes, "Oh Lord how bad is it my 14 year-old-daughter is telling me to behave?"
Gerard lifted himself up and fell down on the bed next to her, "I like how she gave us a time limit. Man, that is one great kid." he looked over at Monica with a serious expression, "You should be very proud of her."
There was something in his words that let her know he was implying something more, "Still not going to tell me about the secret mission are you?"
He laughed, "Secret mission? Is that what you are calling the trip Kell and I took earlier?"
She nodded, "Yep"
"Well nope" he grinned, "not telling"
Monica rolled away from him, "Fine, Mr. Way if that's how you're gonna be I'm going back to sleep." She closed her eyes hoping her body didn't betray how much it was waiting for his touch. She didn't have to wait long. The covers were pulled back and he slid under them, his body molded to her back.
"Honey, time is wasting and I need some serious necking." He whispered in a deep voice.
"Necking? Gee we aren't in high school," she giggled.
"Well face it honey kissing is all we can do right now so I think we should get to it." He rolled her over and lowed his mouth to hers. The taste of cigarettes and coffee was on his lips. It was his taste and she loved it, even if he did smoke too many cigarettes and drink too much coffee. Someday she would work on helping him to stop smoking but not now.
The kiss deepened and she could feel his body beginning to want more. She broke off the kiss and said in a slightly shaky voice, "Gee, maybe we should stop."
He rolled over onto his back, "For sure" He linked his hand with hers and they lay side by side not speaking for a few minutes. Monica looked over at him.
"I love you, Gee," she said softly. Her words were rewarded with a beautiful smile.
"I called Carla and she will meet us at her office at three. She thinks we can look at least four houses tomorrow."
"What time are your interviews?" she asked still studying his profile.
"I'm meeting the guys at Ray's at eight. We should be back before two. What are you gonna do tomorrow?"
"Jamia called when you were gone and asked me to come over and hang out. I think she wants to get my expertise on pregnancy. I can tell she is still pretty nervous. I think Alicia is gonna be there too."
He nodded, "Just make sure you are back in time to meet Carla. I really hope she shows us a house we like. I would like to find us something before I leave."
"A home of our own." Monica said smiling, "That sounds so right"
"So right" he agreed. "Bitch part is even if we find something I don't want you and the girls to move anywhere while I'm gone. You are safe here."
Monica sighed, "I'm so tired of all this shit. I want a normal life without having to look over my shoulder for Jenn."
Gerard rolled on his side to face her, "Honey, the police will get her but I gotta know you and the girls are safe while I'm gone. You gotta promise me not to go anywhere alone."
She looked at him but didn't answer. "Monica I'm serious. Promise me damn it."
"I promise" she finally said, "but I don't like feeling like a prisoner."
He rolled back over and studied the ceiling. He felt helpless and it wasn't a good feeling at all. Monica's safely came first but he hated that she was so unhappy. As they lay together he tried to think of a solution. When he looked back over at her she was asleep. "I love you," he whispered as he rolled out of the bed.
The next morning when Monica walked into the kitchen she was surprised to see Mikey and Alicia at the table. "Hey MV, how's it going?" Mikey asked before stuffing a bite of a do-nut in his mouth.
Monica smacked him on top of the head as she walked towards the coffee pot. "Guess that was my answer" he told Alicia while rubbing his head.
"Serves you right" she told him. "So Monica there has been a slight change in plans. Donna called early this morning and told me she needed her car today so I just came down with Mikey so I can drive you to Jamia's. He and Gee can ride to Ray's together." she took a bit of her do-nut then added, "Oh and heads up I already talked to Jamia this morning. The hormone fairy visited her. One minute she was laughing, the next crying."
Gerard walked in freshly showered his hair still wet, "Oh shit we should call Frank and tell him he doesn't need to be at the interview. Make him think he has to deal with the results of the hormone fairy's visit."
"Thanks a fucking bunch" Frank said walking in from the living room. Monica was surprised to see him and so was Gerard.
"What are you doing here?" Gerard asked
Frank nodded towards Alicia and Mikey, "Rode with them and don't think I'm not gonna get even with you. Fine fucking friend you are, trust me you ain't seen Jamia in one of these moods or you wouldn't have wished that on me. Shit she threw a bag of frozen vegetables at me last night cause I said it was good she was eating healthier. To her that sounded like I meant she was getting fat and needed to eat more vegetables."
Monica grinned, "I can totally see how she thought that."
They all looked at her and she shrugged, "I understand believe me."
Alicia shook her head, "I'm rethinking this whole baby thing. Maybe we will just get more kittens."
Mikey choked on the sip of coffee he was taking, "Oh no we won't. No more cats."
Alicia turned in her chair and simply stared at him. He stood his ground a minute then said quietly, "Please."
At 10:00am the band was seated and ready for their first interview of the day.
"Tell me about your fans. Why are they so dedicated, almost to the point of worshiping?
The interviewer asked the band.
Frank spoke up, "Kids don't come to the show and be like oh wow the curtains gonna open and Gerard's gonna come out and he's gonna tell me the F-ing secret of life or he's gonna tell me what I should be doing with my life and that's gonna help me. They feel like you know when the curtain opens there's gonna be this band that I finally feel like is speaking for me, they're saying everything I've wanted to say. They've gone through these things. I'm inspired and I'm gonna find the way on my own."
The next question was about speaking to the fans. Gerard answered, "I feel that I have a lot less that I want to be saying in between songs and a lot more that I want to be saying in them so that a lot better. Actually way more rewarding, don't wanna be standing up there giving speeches I felt very compelled to say things that challenge them. Because they weren't being challenged, they weren't being questioned about how they were behaving, how they were treating each other really and we kind of felt in a lot of ways we were gonna give them a code of honor, a code of conduct at the shows cause we really wanna give them a safe place to go, see a show where they feel like they could finally fit in and that means respecting everybody that's around you."
Ray cringed at the next question but Gerard handled it with an unusual amount of patience. "Do you think the Emo movement has helped you or would you rather not be associated with it?"
Gerard thought a moment then replied, "Well that's a hard question to answer cause we're so not part of it that it definitely hurt us quite awhile so then to be lumped in with something that affected your band to make it so you couldn't get booked on gigs cause you didn't look or sound like the other bands it's weird to kinda have that it's almost like it keeps haunting you and your just like well it was never actually a help it was just like a burden. To me it's a dead scene it's been a dead scene for a while cause its not like grunge, grunge affected the world. I don't see Emo affecting anything."
Toward the end of the interview Frank got his chance to get even with Gerard about the whole hormone fairy thing. The question directed at Gerard was simple, "How does it feel to be turning 30?"
Frank giggled uncontrollably and Gerard looked a bit sheepish. "Let me see, I'm actually, um I'm excited about it, um I'll tell you what cause I actually see getting old as like learning." He grinned, "You know 30's not old. Thirty is like the new twenty."
Laughing Frank leaned over and said "For trees."

Authors Note - The questions and answers are from a recent interview in London. Please watch the interview, it is so funny when Frank says that about trees! Poor Gee. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERARD!!
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