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Thanks For The Pep Talk

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I saw Evan sitting with Frank, and I had never been more conflicted in my life. I love Frank, but at that moment, I wanted to kill him. I had this raging jealousy flowing through every inch of me. I knew he didn't love her, not like I did. Everything he was doing made me want to lunge across the room and wrap my hands around his throat. The way his arm was draped across her shoulders. The way his hand was running up and down her thigh. The way he turned to her and whispered sweet-nothings into her ear.
I also wasn't too thrilled that my brother, knowing how I felt about this whole ordeal, threw a party and invited them. I started at them inconspicuously from across the room, sipping on my coke and vodka.
Mikey walked over to me, with a girl in tow. First the party, and now he tries to set me up with a girl . What was his problem? "Gerard, this is Alex," he introduced.
I mumbled my reply. Not moving my gaze.
"I thought maybe you two could get to know each other," he said.
"Fuck off," I said, pushing past them. No regard for that poor girls feelings whatsoever. I stepped outside. Some one followed me.
"Gerard," her soft voice floated over to me, I couldn't help but turn around. There she stood, holding Franks jacket around her shoulders, a cigarette between her fingers.
"Let me get that for you." I said, rushing up to her and holding out a lighter.
"Thanks," she said, chuckling a bit. "What's been wrong with you lately? You've been so...out of it."
I lit my own smoke, and mumbled something, I don't even know what.
She grabbed my hand, unaware of the great affect it had on me. "You can tell me, Gee," She was the only one I could stand hearing that nickname from.
I sighed, "It's nothing Evan, don't worry about it."
"I am worried," her blues eyes were just shining tonight, brighter than I've ever seen them.
I shook my head. "It's okay," I was already feeling better that I could talk to her by myself.
"I should go back in," she said, squeezing my hand. She took one last drag of her cigarette. "You know how much you mean to me right Gee?"
I didn't... but I nodded anyway and forced a smile.
"We'll talk later okay?" she said, smiling. After she disappeared into the noisy house. I sat down on the cold concrete steps and stared at the stars scattered across the dark October sky. Someone stepped outside, letting the screen door slam behind them, breaking my concentration with space.
"Why can't you just let it go?" my brother said, sitting next to me on the steps.
I shook my head. "I won't until she's with me." I said, sullenly.
"Give it up Gerard she's with Frank. You have to get that through your head." he said. Always the grounded one. Always so realistic.
I gave him a look, "Thank you so much for the pep talk Mikey. Bye now," I spat.
"I hate it when you drink Gerard." he said before he walked in.
After I finished my cigarette I walked straight to the bathroom, drink still in hand. I downed the whole thing in one gulp and stared at my pathetic reflection in the mirror. I hated what I had become, all over a girl. I left the bathroom an found an empty bedroom. I flopped down on the bed, wishing Evan was next to me.
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