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Just A Feeling

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Monica and Gerard spend an evening with Frank and Jamia. Kelly has a problem she shares with Gee.

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"Come on honey, we'll find another house that is better." Gerard glanced away from the road, "I mean it, we will." They were driving back to Donna's after making plans with Carla to view more homes in the morning. "Tomorrow will be the day, I'm sure."
Monica smiled at him, he was trying so hard to cheer her up. She knew it was stupid to mourn the loss of a house but she couldn't help it. The house had been perfect; she had felt it in her heart. "I know you're right. But damn it Gee, there was just something about that house that seemed so right."
He understood because he had felt it too. "Hey, lets call Frank and Jamia and see if they want to get together tonight. Maybe go to a movie and dinner."
"I'll call them," she said digging out her Sidekick and pressing their preset number. Frank answered. "Hey, Frankie. Gee and I were wondering if you guys wanna do something tonight?"
"Sounds good let me check with Jamia." Monica could hear him conferring with Jamia, "She's good with the idea. What did you have in mind?"
Monica looked over at Gee. "They want to know what we have in mind?"
"Why don't we just meet them at their place and we can decide when we get there."
Frank heard him, "That sounds good. What time will you be here?"
"Time?" Monica asked Gerard.
He glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost 6:00. "Around 7:30 I think."
Once again Frank had heard the answer, "We'll see you then" he told her before they ended the call.
Monica put the Sidekick back in her purse and leaned her head back. "Gee, I was wondering" the ringing of his Sidekick stopped her words. He lifted it and saw it was Brian.
"What's up?" he answered. He listened for a few minutes then frowned, "I have plans in the morning. Monica and I are looking at houses."
"Yea I know we were supposed to do it today but they canceled on us." He tone was angry, "What do the rest of the guys think?"
Whatever the answer was it didn't please him. "Look, I've already had to change plans with this real estate agent before cause of today's interview."
Monica touched his arm, "Gee I can go look at houses in the morning with Carla. If something looks right for us you can meet me later in the day to see it."
He lowered the phone from his ear, "I don't want you to look at houses by yourself, this is something we should do together."
"Well I want to do it together too but if you need to do an interview it's OK"
She smiled at him, "Really"
He spoke to Brian again. "This won't take more than a few hours will it?"
He and Brian spoke for a few more minutes then he snapped the phone closed. "Shit, this sucks. We have to do the interview tomorrow that we were supposed to do today. They canceled on us and now they fucking expect us to just drop everything and do it tomorrow. Record company is really pushing this."
"Well don't take it out on Brian. He just has to be the messenger," she reminded him softly.
He sighed, "You're right. I just wanted to spend tomorrow with you finding our home."
Monica thought a minute, "I would ask your mom to go with me but I happen to know she already has plans."
He glanced over again, "Can she change them?"
She laughed, "I don't think you would want her to. She and your dad are going to breakfast then they are gonna spend the day together."
Gerard looked shocked, "Really? That's nice."
"Nice?" she asked waiting for his true feelings to emerge.
He grinned, "OK that's fucking awesome. Not gonna lie I would like to see them back together. I know they still care about each other."
"Yea, they do. Your mom is pretty excited about tomorrow. She even asked me what I thought she should wear. I told her something sexy."
The look on Gerard's face was priceless, "You told her that? Oh man I don't even wanna think about that."
Monica laughed, "Oh come on Gee, can't imagine your mom and dad in a steamy clinch?"
He shook his head, "OK don't want that visual." He pulled into the driveway and cut the engine. "Guess now I can relate to poor Kelly. Thinking about your mom or dad like that is, well you know" The poor guy looked at a loss for words.
"You are so damn cute when you look all flustered." She leaned over and kissed his lips. "Come on we gotta get ready. I think we'll probably have to drop Kelly off at Amanda's house on the way to Frank and Jamia's."
"Who is Amanda?" Gerard asked as they got out of the car and headed to the house.
"One of her friends from school. I have talked to her mom and she is aware of the situation with Jenn. She told me not to worry when Kelly is staying at their house, Amanda's dad is a police officer."
"That's good. I just want us to have a nice fun evening and not have to worry about anything."
They dropped off a bubbly Kelly at her friend's house and were greeted at 7:35 by a very unhappy looking Frank, "Come on it. Jamia is in the bedroom and she says she won't come out. Something about having nothing to wear." He and Gerard went to watch TV while Monica went towards the bedroom.
She knocked, "Jamia, it's me. Let me in"
The door was unlocked immediately, "Monica I need to talk to you." She looked frantic. "I didn't want to tell Frank but I think something is wrong."
Monica followed her over to the bed and they sat. "What is it?"
Jamia shook her head, "I was gonna call the doctor but I wanted to talk to you first cause maybe I'm just worried over nothing. All day my left hand keeps falling asleep. I mean this morning when it happened I thought I has just slept on it wrong. That's why I didn't even mention it to you earlier today. But it keeps happening."
Monica smiled, "Jamia, when I was pregnant with Kara my right hand was asleep for hours at a time. It just means the baby is pressing on a nerve. Usually it will stop but in my case I just got used to it. Kara seemed to like where she was besides you got two babies in there fighting for space."
Jamia looked relived, "Oh my God, I've been so worried. I thought I was gonna be paralyzed or something." She hugged Monica. "Thank you."
"Jamia, why didn't you just call me right away?"
"I didn't want to bother you. I knew you and Gee were looking at houses."
Monica put her arm around her shoulders; "Promise me you will call me anytime of the day or night if you have a problem. I'm serious, promise."
"Promise" Jamia said. She stood up and threw open her arms, "Now for the next problem, what the hell am I gonna wear tonight? Nothing fits."
In the living room Frank sighed, "Think they will ever come out?"
Gerard looked away from the TV, "Hard to say. We could just order a pizza. I'm getting pretty hungry."
Monica walked in "Guys we have a problem. Jamia can't find anything to wear. Ordering a pizza is a good idea, she really doesn't want to go out."
"But she's got lot's of stuff to wear." Frank said not understanding, "I mean she's got clothes on now."
Monica shook her head, "She's wearing a hoodie and sweats, not exactly what you want to wear out for dinner and a movie." She took a seat by him on the sofa. "Frank you need to be extra sensitive to her feelings right now. She's feeling big and unattractive."
He looked shocked, "Jamia's not big and she's beautiful,"
"That's exactly what she needs to hear from you. Now get on in there and tell her that. Gee and I will order the pizza and tomorrow she and Alicia are gonna go shopping for some nice maternity clothes."
Frank nodded, "Got it, give complements." He stood, "Pizza number is by the phone." He took off for the bedroom.
Gerard smiled at Monica, "So is there a reason you are sitting all the way down at the end of the sofa?"
She shook her head, "Well I was sitting by Frank." She reminded him.
"Don't see Frank now, only see a big open space between us." He scooted down the sofa closing the distance between them. "Now, that 's better. No wait, not good enough." Before she knew what was happening he had lifted her on to his lap. "Much better" he told her before pressing his lips to hers. They totally forgot about the pizza until Frank spoke.
"Man, leave you two for a minute and you're making out on my sofa," he said walking in with Jamia. "You were supposed to be ordering a pizza."
Jamia laughed as she walked to the phone, "What kind of pizza do we want and how many?"
The night went by quickly with both couples enjoying the pizza and movie they chose to watch, "Shawn of the Dead". After the movie they sat talking about the upcoming tour in Europe. That got Gerard talking about travel. "Monica's gonna have to get a passport" He told them. "She doesn't know it yet but she's gonna be a world traveler. I can't wait to take her and the girls to Japan." Monica loved the way he looked so excited when he talked about all the things he planned to show them.
They were still talking about Japan and their last tour there when Monica got a call from Kelly. "Honey, what's wrong?" she asked as soon as she heard the tone of Kelly's voice.
"Mom, can you come and pick me up. I wanna come home."
Monica looked over at Gerard, "Kelly wants to be picked up."
He put his hand out for the phone. Monica was a bit surprised as she handled it to him. "Hey Kell, what's wrong?"
"Gerard, can you please pick me up? I just wanna come home."
"Sure honey," he said, "Do you feel sick?" he questioned.
She didn't answer right away. When she did it was just the same request to be picked up.
Gerard told her they would be there in about 30 minutes. He shrugged, "She won't say what's wrong." He stood, "Well thanks for the pizza,"
"Is she OK?" Jamia asked.
He frowned, "Well, something is wrong but she won't say."
Monica stood too, "This was fun. Thanks." Her mind was on Kelly. Something wasn't right and it worried her.
Gerard drove a bit over the speed limit and they arrived at Amanda's house in twenty minutes. Kelly was waiting at he door and came out as soon as she saw their car. As they started towards Donna's Monica spoke, "Do you feel sick?"
Kelly shook her head no, but didn't speak. Monica and Gerard exchanged a look. There was silence in the car the rest of the way home. As soon as the car stopped Kelly grabbed up her things and went inside.
Monica started in after her but Gerard grabbed her hand. "Let me try to talk to her."
"OK, Gee but I'm really worried. She's acting so strange. Kelly is never that quiet." The walked in and Monica took a seat on the sofa while Gerard headed downstairs.
He knocked on the bedroom door but there was no answer. Opening the door a crack he saw that Kelly was already laying down. "Kell can I talk to you for a minute?"
She rolled over to look at him, "Sure Gerard" she said without emotion.
He walked over and sat down in the chair across from her, "Kell what's wrong? I mean you know you can tell me anything right?"
She looked at him and nodded, "Yea, I know"
"So did something happen at Amanda's? Did you guys get in a fight?"
"No, we watched Fuse" Kelly said. She closed her eyes wondering if Gerard would go away if she pretended to fall asleep.
"So what else happened?"
Kelly opened her eyes when she realized he wasn't going go away until she told him what was wrong. She took a deep breath, "Gerard I got a really bad feeing, like something was wrong."
He was surprised, "Oh" was all he could think to say.
She tried to explain, "It was weird, we were just sitting there watching TV and suddenly I don't know, I just felt like something wasn't right. I'm sorry I made you and mom leave Frank's. I should have just stayed there."
"Kell, we didn't mind coming to get you at all. I just wish I knew what to say. Did you see something on TV that caused it?"
She thought a minute, "No, there was a video on that I like. It's hard to explain but all of a sudden I felt like a chill and then I had this horrible feeling. I just sat there for a minute trying to figure out what was wrong." She sat up "Gerard, it was like a feeling that makes you want to cry, it was terrible and I just wanted you and mom to come and get me."
He reached out and touched her hand, "Kell I'm happy you called." He sat back, "So do you still have this bad feeling?" he asked quietly.
She nodded, "Yea, I think something bad is gonna happen." She whispered, "And I don't know what to do."
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