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Gerard's out & Daniel's in

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Gerad's put and Bert´s son's in

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Chapter 22

There she laid, on top of those cold, stiff, untouched sheets on a stranger's bed thinking about loneliness and...Gerard. Somehow they related, they made her feel empty when she thought of them. She was such a coward. All of her actions pointed that way. Hell, only being in that stranger's bed proved her lack of courage, her lack of wanting to confront things. She ran away in annoyance from her mom. She was such a coward, lonely, stupid, unlovable fuck. The only one who could love her was someone who had grown used to the idea of 'loving her'- Ben, that is. He was so absorbed on 'getting her back' that he hadn't even realized that he didn't love her anymore. Alice had realized that a few hours ago.
There was a soft knock on the door. She looked at the clock, surprised. The neon red light read, /2: 05 am/. "Come in" She whispered. Ben opened the door and closed it behind him. "I was just thinking on going to talk to you..." Alice stated as he sat down on the foot of the bed. He nodded and stared at a stain on the carpet. "What's up?" She asked. He continued to stare; he obviously had something important to say.
"Want to go first?" She asked once more, not expecting an answer. Instead, he turned around and was inches away from her face. He was about to start addressing his issue when he noticed her smudged makeup. He shrugged, "you were crying"
"Yes, it doesn't matter. Continue...or start, whatever". He nodded, "Look, I've been thinking this...erm, situation over and I don't think it's what you and I..erm, what I thought it was"
"Finally realized you don't love me and are afraid that I would kick you in the balls if you said it too straightforward?"
He looked at her in surprise, then regain composure, "Actually, I was afraid that you might never want to talk to me again and quit the band"
"Always been a bit dramatic, haven't you?"
"Oh, well...being me it's hard not to"
She smiled, Ben was finally himself: the witty, sarcastic and loveable guys she had once fallen in love with. She was happy.
"Won't be grumpy again?" She asked, raising her pinkie up.
"Ever" he promised shaking her pinkie with his.
"You're so gay" they both said, laughing their heads off.
"When are you going to go after him?"
Alice glared intently at him and asked suspiciously, "Go after /whom/?"
"Oh, please!"
She was silent, staring at her feet.

Frank yawned, and took yet another cookie from the cookie jar, sipping his milk and heading over the couch were 'Saw' was paused. "Why don't you just bring the cookie jar and the carton of milk over, Frankie?" Mikey inquired, sinking his chin on a cushion.
"That's a good idea" Frank took the jar and the carton of milk and giddily accommodated himself on the sofa.
"Ohh wait, wait! I want more gummy bears!!" Alicia said, standing up looking for the gummy bears.
Gerard groaned, "Anyone else wants to disturb the flow of the movie?"
"Alicia, why don't you get me a donut please? Chocolate, yeah" Mikey pleaded.
Gerard threw his head back in annoyance until Alicia sat back down.
He was about to play 'play' when the doorbell rang.
"Shit..." Gerard moaned standing and opening the door to find Alice in all of her blushed glory. "I'm going to be gone a minute or two, press play if you want." He said, throwing the remote and closing the door behind him, stepping into the recently moistened lawn. He waited for her to tell him what was up, instead she looked at her feet. He was getting annoyed, "What Alice?"
She perked up and looked into his penetrating eyes.
"Forget it...I shouldn't have come here..." She said, turning away. He grabbed her arm and turned her over. "What happened?"
His hard grip made the sob she was restraining leave her throat in a groan. He let go instantly. He was hurting her in more than a physical level. She sobbed once more and dried away the tears, "You're lonely. I'm lonely. Let's not be lonely anymore" She said in a pleading voice.
His stare softened and he took in her face.
He put a swift and soft hand on her face, caressing her silky skin. She closed her eyes, letting his warm touch feel her. He put a hand on her hip and carefully dragged her close, raising that again to cradle her face with both gentle hands. He took her mouth and she returned the kiss in a delicate way, letting her lips do all the talking, their tongue expression all of their desire.
They were kissing, letting the other's hair go into on another's face, sighs of relieve on each other's ears and feeling the proximity of their bodies. It was a wonderful feeling. Slowly, Gerard slipped away, smacking his lips in a satisfactory way. She smiled genuinely at him.
He continued to caress her face, loving how she blushed and slightly closed her eyes. He gradually stopped. He leaned in once more and whispered in her ear, "We can't be together. Can't you see we're meant to be alone?"
His eyes were cold once again, and he left her standing there, with her heart on her hands. She had tried to give it to him and for a few minutes he had taken it, leaving his mark on it. But then he gave it back, and left his imprint in it.
A painful imprint.
He had played with her feelings, perhaps even his as well.
He didn't know what he was doing, didn't know just how much pain he was causing.
He might be in ache himself, but he didn't need to wrap it up and walk around giving it to people.
She didn't want to realize it before, but he was cruel, cruel in it's rawest form.

Alice arrived home after a couple of weeks of staying with Kamz after the Belleville disaster to find two persons on her living room. One she recognized, it was Bert alright...a slightly cleaner Bert. The other one was a little fellow...he turned around and instantly knew who he was.
The resemblance was just astonishing.
She walked to them and embraced Bert in a tight hug, letting it speak for herself since she was sure if she started talking her words would betray her. He smiled nervously at her and she instantly turned to the small figure sitting on his dad's side on her couch.
"Hello!" She said cheerfully, kneeling down beside him, "What's your name?"
"Nice to meet you, Daniel. My name's Alice"
"I know...he told me" Daniel said, staring into his father's eyes and smiling.
"Your dad?"
"Yes" he smiled proudly, "I got to take him to school yesterday and my friends were jealous cause they thought I didn't have a daddy and they made fun of me and then ,bang, I show up with not only a daddy but a daddy with /tattoos/. Want to see them?" He quickly said, pointing at Bert's arms excitedly.
"They're so cool!" Alice said, looking at them closely with Daniel at her side.
"Yes they are"
"Hey, want a chocolate shake and a muffin? I don't know about you but I'm starving!"
"Yes, yes!"
"Want something, Bert? Beer?" Bert shook his head 'no', "Erm, juice?" He nodded.
"My daddy likes grapefruit, do you have grapefruit?" Daniel asked, shifting his gigantic blue eyes from Bert to Alice.
"Yeah, of course. Want to look at some tv while your dad and I get this things set up?"
"Sure!" Alice handed him the remote and went with Bert to the kitchen.
"So everything went alright?"
"Everything's perfect, can't you tell?" Bert said, grinning.
Alice wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.
"So no beer, huh?"
"Nor least when he's around"
"Yeah, that's what kids make you seem. Thanks." He said, taking the grapefruit juice she was handing him.
Alice smiled as they walked back to the living room. Daniel was watching the Peter Pan kiddie movie on Disney. Alice jumped next to him, handing him his chocolate shake and muffin and taking a sip and a chomp out of her own.
"I love that movie!" She shrieked.
"Daddy's got great friends" Daniel said, snuggling next to Bert.
"Yes he has, Daniel. Yes he has" Bert replied, hugging him tighly.
A single silent tear rolled down Alice's cheek.
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