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Villa Leticia

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Chapter 23

* **
Alice was crossed legged on a chair in her mother's vegetarian restaurant for lunch. Her black and white stripped pantyhose were causing a lot of nervous stares her way. She wore a loose black dress on top of it, her now black-bluish hair tousled, falling all over her shoulders and back. Her eyes were lined in a cat-eye way and she had a bit of Neutrogena lip balm on her lips. She tapped her black Mary Jane's on the clean, white floor as she passed a ringed finger by the coffee cup's rim she had been drinking. She was listening to her Ipod, My Chemical Romance's cover of 'Song 2' at full volume.
Finally, her lunch came. She raised an eyebrow to the salad with the dressing she hated, mango juice, rice and some tofu. She paused her Ipod and called Cristina, the waitress, "Hey, you guys know I hate that dressing and mango juice!" Alice whined. Her mother caught her just as she was giving Cristina both of those things back. "Why are you giving those things back?" she asked impatiently. Boy, turning fifty had really gotten her mother bossier. Alice sighed heavily, "Mother, twenty one years of knowing me and you don't remember I hate that dressing and mango juice?"
Her mother sighed impatiently and went back to the kitchen. They brought back a new salad and a grape juice. Alice smiled and started to dig in, her mother sat beside her making sure she would eat everything. "Why didn't you invite Ben over as I told you to?" she asked
"Because he's eating with his family" Alice responded between chomps of food. Her cell phone rang. "Make it quick" Her mother ordered.
"Hey Alice!" Jess greeted from the other line. Alice could hear a lot of giggling from the other end.
"Sup, Jess? I can hear Barrios' there with ya" She said, sipping her juice.
"Yeah. Hey, bout that gig tonight, you still up for it?"
"Yeah, Kamz is going to go with me to buy some stage clothes in about an hour or so"
"Oh, that's great. So, 'Villa Leticia' at what time?"
"Erm, we've gotta be there around four."
"Dammit, that early?"
"Yeah. We're playing at six thirty, though. It's just protocol to go a bit early."
"Protocol? A //bit early? Goddammit, Alice it's a freaking gig for freaking kids!!"
"Oh, that's just fantastic Jess! Would you have liked it if the musicians from the band you wanted to watch five years ago were talking about you and your friends like that? You're such an asshole sometimes, honestly!" Alice raised her voice. Her mother glared at her and she took her cell phone out.
Jess was silent.
"Gotta point there"
"Damn straight I have..."Alice sighed, still infuriated.
"Ok, chill"
"Whatever...I gotta go back, I was having a pleasant lunch"
"Aren't you in your mother's restaurant?"
"Yeah, but I was trying to ignore her"
"Good luck with that"
He hung up. Alice cracked a smile and returned to her seat. She took another bite of her tofu as if nothing had happened. Her mother glared once more, "You've got to watch your language-"
Alice's cell rang again. Her mother was about to take it from her but of course she was quicker, "'Sup hun?"
"Hey, when are we going out?"
"At four, care to pick me up?"
"Yeah, I'll take the car. I'll call you"
"Ok. I'm having lunch so..."
"Yeah, I get it. Bye"
"Bye, say hi to Pete"
"Will do"

Kamz and Alice entered one of the mall's stores. They walked to a part that had extremely weird clothes, they're from a very important Italian or some other shitty country, they were runway clothes. So, yeah, high couture.
Alice frowned, "They're cool but they're too.../Barrios/"
"Yeah, I know what you mean. Look at this one" She pointed to a pink shirt that had deformed light purple horses and sea horses woven into it and other strange things.
Alice laughed loudly, "She's got that one already!"
"Yeah, she does!"
At last they found a pretty dress for Alice to wear. It was a corsé-ish dress that had thin pink and light purple lines all over, it was a bit higher than the knees and was like those princess dresses.[You know, that the bottom as in the 'skirt' sort of protruding to the sides? I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear...:S.]

The place was topped; it smelled of cigarettes, booze and sweat. Alice inhaled that scent as she returned with Kamz from the door-less bathroom. She was wearing her new dress with fish net leggings and hot pink makeup, her tousled black-bluish hair falling over her shoulders and back. Kamz was wearing a 'Wonderland's my wife' shirt and had a video camera. The rest of the guys were at their side instantly, Barrios couldn't make it because she had to 'babysit' her brother Felipe. The kid was what, ten now? And Barrios' mother loved him more than her so she wanted her to take care of him.
Last Word Uttered went on stage and started jamming. The crowd loved them, they knew every single word and went crazy when Ben jumped on top of the bar and started dancing. Alice had having a blast, running around the stage and showing her now wet hair into the other guy's faces. Ben and her went to every camera that focused them. Brian been the mellow guys he is was static by just playing and jumping up and down, throwing his bass to the sides and moving his head to the rhythm. Jess almost damaged his drum set from all the energy with which he was playing.
This was the kind of show that they loved, the shows in which there was such energy that you thought you might choke on. Kamz was screaming her throat sore as she filmed. An hour later LWU and Kamz were at the bar, taking their last beer and heading outside.
"Man, I loved when Ben did those Gerard on Ghost of You moans at the end of 'Secret in a Bottle'" Jess chirped, "I was like, what the fuck? And started making shit up"
"Yeah, I know. For a second I just did whatever the hell went to my mind" Brian spurted out. Everyone turned around and laughed furiously, Brian didn't exactly swear like that.
"It was rad, everything" Ben commented
"It was the shit" Kamz and Alice said in unison. Someone tapped Alice's shoulder, she turned around and a pair of skinny arms hugged her.
"Daniel! Daddy let you come?!" She shrieked happily and hugged him back, kissing the top of his. The rest of her friends stared at them raising their eyebrows. It call came down to them when Bert ran up to them, "DANIEL! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT RUNNING AWAY FROM ME?! I SWEAR-"
Then he noticed Daniel by Alice's side. He quickly hugged her and grimaced at the rest of the guys, their jaws were hanging.
"Helllooo people" Bert greeted. They were all staring from Bert to Daniel, taking in all of their resemblance. "Daniel, this is Last Word Uttered and my best friend Kamz. People, this is Daniel. Bert's son."
They all stared back and Daniel timidly waved. They snapped out of it and went to him, giving him high fives and waves, Kamz hugging me as well.
"I like your blue hair" Daniel said to Alice. "Yeah, I agree" Bert said.
"Thanks! Hey, when did you guys came? Why didn't you call? You're SO staying at my place!"
"Relax there, woman!" Bert said tickling her, "We came here today, we were going to call but Daniel looked up on your myspace and learned that you were having a show today to we decided to show up. Yeah, hotels are well...not cool"
LWU and Kamz laughed out loud looking at Bert's way of not swearing. He actually blushed. "AWWW BERT IS SO CUTE!" Kamz and Alice shrieked. All of them laughed.
"Okay, we were going to go somewhere to eat, wanna come with?"
"YES! LET'S GO TO APPLEBEE'S!!!" Daniel shrieked.
"Everyone agrees?" Alice asked.
"Sure, I'm dying for some honey mustard meat" Ben grinned. Alice pouted, "You're such a carnivore"
They all laughed as they divided into Kamz's car and Bert's rented one.

Author's Note
/Shit, I'm sorry! I just realized how long this filler is!! >.
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