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Walk Through Fire

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Monica and Gerard try to understand Kelly. The Band does an interview. Monica and Gee get some happy news.

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"Did she talk to you, tell you what's wrong?" Monica asked as Gerard walked into the living room. Then she noticed the look on his face, "Gee, what is it?"
He sat down by her, "I'm not sure, she said she just got a bad feeling, like something was wrong and she wanted to come home."
"A bad feeling?" Monica repeated.
He nodded, "Yea, she really had trouble explaining it to me. She and Amanda were watching Fuse and she said that all of a sudden she felt like something was wrong."
"Is she OK now? Should I go and talk to her?"
"You probably should go downstairs and stay with her, she's pretty upset." He looked at the clock, "When is Kara gonna be home?"
Monica shook her head, "She and Bob went to Mikey and Alicia's but she said she would be back later tonight."
"I think I'll give Bob a call, just to make sure everything is OK" he was already placing the call as he spoke.
"Gee you are scaring me. You don't think something happened to Kara, do you?" She was starting to get a bad feeling of her own.
He could see how upset she was getting so he tried to downplay his feelings, "I'm sure she and Bob are fine. I just want to make sure she is coming back here tonight."
"You can't fool me, you are worried." She took his hands into hers, "Gee, is there something you aren't telling me?"
"No, I'm just a little freaked by Kell's bad feeling. Shit, it's probably nothing but still, she's really upset." He spoke to Bob who had answered. Monica waited until he was done. "They are on their way here. Bob says they are about ten minutes away. Go on down and talk to Kell, I'll wait for them.
She nodded and walked towards the stairs. Gerard sat and tried to reason with himself. It probably was nothing, just a young girl being emotional. Kelly was under as much stress as the rest of them because of Jenn. Still he was relived when Bob and Kara arrived. He decided not to tell them about Kelly's feeling of impending doom because didn't think it would help to upset anyone else.
"I'm gonna go tell Monica goodnight then I'm coming back up to bed." He nodded towards the sofa. "So say goodnight and clear out Bob," he laughed.
"Shit, I gotta get back to Mikey's so I can get some sleep. We got that fucking interview in the morning and I'm tired." Bob answered.
"Yea no shit. I'm still pissed we have to do it. If Reprise wasn't pressuring Brian so much about it I would just tell them to fuck off. They canceled on us, it's not like we weren't ready to do the interview this morning. I mean I was all set to get both interviews done."
Bob nodded, "I agree, I'm just hoping it doesn't take very long. Kara and I are supposed to take Kelly and Mike bowling."
Gerard grinned, "So you're chaperoning a first date"
"Something like that. I just know the bowling alley will be packed cause it's Saturday." He put his arm around Kara, "So Gee, weren't you leaving?"
Kara giggled, "Oh subtle Bob."
"I'll be back soon," he said pointing at Bob.
"Fuck off, Gerard" Bob answered.
Gerard laughed as he walked out. He got to the bedroom and was surprised to see that Kelly was in bed with Monica. "She's asleep," Monica whispered to him.
He moved quietly towards the bed, "Did she say anything else?"
Monica shook her head, "Nothing but I could tell she's very upset." She shifted off the bed, "I'm just gonna put my sweats on and go to sleep. Kara's home, right?"
"Yea, she and Bob and upstairs." He pulled her close and whispered in her ear, "Honey, will you please come with me to the interview tomorrow? I'll call Carla in the morning and tell her that we will both meet her later in the afternoon."
Monica started to disagree but seeing the concerned look on his face she relented, "OK I just hope she doesn't have a problem with that."
"Don't care if she does, I want you with me tomorrow. Kelly will be with Bob and Kara so I won't have to worry about her."
Gerard gave Monica a sweet goodnight kiss and waited until she was back in bed after donning her sweats. As he pulled the covers over her he spoke in a whisper, "I'm sure it's nothing so don't worry OK?"
She smiled, "I'm so tired of all this drama. It's affecting Kelly now." She told Gerard she loved him and he went back upstairs to throw Bob out.
The next morning they had just arrived for the interview when Kelly called Gerard. He looked at the interviewer, "Sorry this will just take a moment." He walked out into the hall. "Hey Kell" he answered.
"Gerard I'm sorry I'm bothering you but I just wanted to make sure that you and mom got there OK. I would have called her but she left her phone here."
"We got here just fine, try to stop worrying OK? You and Mike have a good time today, have fun."
"OK Gerard, see you tonight." She still sounded unconvinced.
Gerard walked back into the room where the interviewer was waiting impatiently. "Sorry about that." He said sitting back down on his stool. He glanced over at Monica and smiled so she wouldn't worry about the call.
The interview took twenty minutes and didn't go particularly well. The Band was asked the same tired questions and it was obvious Gerard was annoyed. Ray tried to answer a lot of the questions knowing Gerard wasn't in the best of moods. When they were done they walked towards the parking lot. "Man, that was a shitty interview." Bob said glancing at his watch, "At least it didn't take long. Kara and Kelly will be happy I'm gonna get back in time for the bowling date."
"This was a fucking waste of time" Frank said getting in the car with Mikey. "I'm gonna head home and take a nap. Jamia and I talked until 3:30 this morning and I'm fucking tired."
"Is she OK?" Monica asked
Frank smiled, "Yea, she's good. We were just making plans for the future, you know. It was nice."
Gerard put his arm around Monica. "Hey, we got some time before we gotta meet Carla. Wanna check out the newest releases at the comic store?"
Monica nodded, "Sure, sounds good to me."
Gerard's phone rang, "It's Carla," he told Monica before answering. "Shit, really? That's great. Sure we'll be there as soon as we can." He hung up and hugged Monica. "The people who put the bid on the house we love have backed out. Carla said we need to get over there and make an offer in as soon as possible."
"Oh Gee, that's wonderful. Is that where we are headed now?" Gerard loved the smile on her face. He would walk through fire to make her smile like that.
"For sure, we are." They walked towards the car when someone called out to Gerard. He stopped and saw it was a young girl holding a notebook. Besides her was a boy probably the same age holding a video camera. He looked at Monica and shrugged.
"Go on, she what they want." She smiled. They both walked over to the two young kids.
"I'm so sorry to bother you but I'm Tara and this is Kevin. We go to Belleville High and we would really love to interview you for the school paper." She looked so nervous Gerard tried to put her at ease.
"Good to meet you. I'd be happy to do an interview but I'm sort of in a hurry right now." He told her kindly.
She looked crushed, "Oh OK, I understand. Thanks anyway." She and Kevin turned away.
"Hold on", Monica said to them. She pulled Gerard back to talk to him privately. "Look Ray hasn't left yet. Why don't I ask him to drive me to the house and I can talk to Carla and start to get the paperwork done with our offer. As soon as you finish you can meet us there."
Gerard glanced over at Ray who was standing by his car talking on his cell. "Sure, if it's good with Ray."
Monica jogged over to Ray who was just ending his call. She asked him if he could take her to the house and he agreed. Monica gave Gerard the thumbs up and got in the car with Ray.
Gerard looked back at Tara and Kevin. "Turns out I have a little bit of time. There's a coffee shop across the street. Lets go there and you can interview me."
Tara looked as if she had just won the lottery. "Oh thank you Gerard. This means so much." The three of them walked across the street as Ray and Monica pulled out into traffic. Gerard waved at them as they passed. He couldn't believe their luck; the house they both loved was going to be theirs. So why, he wondered, did he suddenly have a very bad feeling?"
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