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Alucard arrives!

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Alucard finds out that Seras has been kidnapped and by a vampire, no less! He is very anger and goes after her on his own account but with his master's order. He arives just in time to stop the vam...

Category: Hellsing - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Alucard, Integra, Seras, Walter - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-04-12 - Updated: 2007-04-13 - 821 words

Alucard sighed with pleasure and he felt releved to be back at the Hellsing mansion. That in itself was wierd because he usually looked forward to these missions. He smelt dread and fear causing him to grin wondering if Seras was terrorizing the troops in her bloodlust. The smile was wiped off when he smelt Walter's and Integra's fear and worry along with dread. Alucard tried to sense Seras's pressence only to grow worried though it was covered well with growing anger and rage.

Alucard teleported himself to the gun course to see hysterical troops and Integra along with Walter trying to calm them down. They hadn't noticed or sensed him just yet so Alucard sat back and listened to what one troop was babbling about. "This vampire just out of no where appeared and knocked Captain Seras onto her stomache! He told us that if we moved he would kill her! He then disappeared with Seras in his arms!" The troop babbl3ed fear clearly in his eyes.

Alucard growled low, too low for humans to pick hear at all. The troop didn't know the meaning of fear just yet. "What doess this vampire look like?" Integra asked snapping at the soldier who gulped and answered stuttering," G-golden h-hair... cr-crimson eyes. T-that's all I can remember." "That isn't going to be enough for Police Girl's master, Alucard! Think there has to be something more about him that stood out!" Integra said growling slightly and the man frowned concentrating very hard before he answered," His clothes had sand on them."

"Sand?" Integra asked before she started pacing as she muttered underneathe her breath where no once but Alucard could hear her. "Sir Integra what are we going to tell, Alucard?" Walter asked gently and Integra sighed suddenly looking tired and she answered sounding slightly tired," I don't know. We'll tell him the truth but he would most likely figure it out once he steps into the mansion. Lying to him won't help seeing that it's pointless. Our best chance is to send him out to find her."

"I've heard my master." Alucard stated and the troops jumped up startled but Integra and Walter turned around slowly and calmly. "Well since you heard then go and find her, Alucard. This is your order, now go." Integra said firmly suddenly back to her old image. Alucard didn't smirk or anything as he said," I planned on it." His eyes when they caught sight of them sent shivers up their backs. His eyes were dark and rage was storming in his eyes.

He disappeared before them and Walter said soothingly," If anyone can find and bring back Miss. Victoria it's Alucard." "I know. I just hope he finds her before that vampire mates with her. There would be trouble if that happened." Integra said before watching as the Captains and the higher ranks cleared up the beginner troops that looked traumatized and scared.


"Well it's time." The vampire said standing in front of a struggling Seras. "Master! Where are you?! What should I do!? Am I truly alone?" Seras thought blood tears falling down her cheeks but before anything happened she felt the weight disappear. When she opened her eyes the sight before her surprised and pleased her greatly. "Master!!" Seras cried out relieved to see her master standing before her. "Keep your filthy hands off of what's mine!" Alucard growled out and took out his Jackal before shooting the vampire in the head killing it and it blew up into dust.

Alucard turned to Seras and put his Jackal up before undoing the chains around her wrists then her ankles. "Master!" Seras cried and without any thought threw her arms around her master's waist surprising him slightly. Alucard's eyes softened which was strange and he wrapped his arms around her to comfort the sobbing girl. Shadows surrounded them and they disappeared.


Integra looked up to see Alucard appear before her but what surprised and yet sent relief through her body was the sight of Seras in his arms. Seras was curled up into his chest, her head buried into his chest. "How is, Police Girl? Is she alright? Wounded?" Integra asked and Alucard smirked slightly as he answered," She is fine, master. She is stronger than anyone ever thought. She struggled against him and if I hadn't gotten there when I did, he would have mated with her."

"She fought... huh. She is strong." Integra said lighting a cigar and taking a deep puff before blowing the smoke out slowly. "You are dismissed, Alucard. Seeing that you want to get to your room in the dungeon." Integra said dismissing him seeing that he really wanted to go to his coffin. Alucard grinned and said bowing a little," Thank you, my master." He then disappeared leaving Integra alone. "I'm glad you are alright... Seras Victoria." Integra muttered to herself as silence fell around her.
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