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Alucard has decided to mate with Seras to make her his for once.

Category: Hellsing - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Alucard, Integra, Seras, Walter - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-04-12 - Updated: 2007-04-13 - 483 words

Alucard looked down at Seras's sleeping form and grinned. He knew what he was going to do now. There was no doubt on what he was going to do.


Integra looked up to see a shadow forming in front of her desk and she asked firmly," What is it now, Alucard? I have a lot of work to finish." "Just warning you to warn everyone not to go down in the dungeons for the next few days or so." Alucard answered grinning at Integra's look of surprise and shock which she masked quickly as she answered," So you've decided." "So I have decided." Alucard agreed and it fell silent between the two.

"That's good. You will be able to watch over her closer. You'll also have company for all eternity." Integra finally stated and Alucard shrugged he didn't care to have company or not. He then disappeared his laugh bouncing around Integra's office and she sighed before she smirked and said," This is going to be a interesting life time." A knock at the door knocked her back into reality as she schooled her features quickly before stating," Come in."

Walter walked in with a trey of tea and walked over to her. He placed the trey on her desk and said," I was given a very... different warning from Alucard. Should I be concerned?" "No, don't worry Walter. Alucard knows what he's doing... for once." Integra answered favoring the old retainer with a true smile. "So he is..?" Walter asked trailing off and Integra's smile turned into a smirk as she answered," Yes Walter. That's what he is going to do."

Walter smirked as he stated," It's about time if I do say so myself." Integra nodded as she said," It was bound to happen from the very beginning. He just didn't know then and neither did we or anyone else knew."


Seras's eyes fluttered open only to stare into her master's crimson red eyes. "M-Master!" Seras cried out especially when she looked down only to look up. They were both nude and Alucard seemed to chuckle at this. He then placed his lips by her ear and whispered," It's time I made you my No-Life Queen. If you will have me that is." Seras moaned when his hot breath hit her ear and she nodded her head. Alucard smirked at this before the real fun began for the two.


Integra's eyes opened at the sound of someone screaming the name of their lover. "Bloody vampires." Integra muttered before turning on her side and fell back asleep.


THE END!! I don't know if I will be making a sequel or not just yet. If you want me to, then send me a review and also tell me if thee is anything that I can do to make this better! Just as a warning it was my first time at writing a fanfic.
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