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Only Silence

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Just when things are looking up..

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Kelly brushed the bangs out of her eyes and sighed deeply. "Are you sure I look OK?" she asked again.
Kara looked up from the magazine, "You look great, don't change again. Bob called and he'll be here in a few minutes."
"I just want to look like you know good but I don't want to look like I'm trying to look good." She explained to her sister.
"Mike will think you look good. Stop being so nervous."
Kelly looked at herself in the mirror twisting to see her outfit from all sides. "I really like him."
Kara smiled, "Yea, I can tell. Poor guy he hasn't met Gerard yet."
"What do you mean? Gerard is cool." Kelly said defending instantly him.
"Sure is."
"So why would I care is Mike meets him?" she turned away from the mirror to stare at her sister.
"Cause Gerard is trying so hard to act like a dad it's kind of funny. He will probably ask Mike all kinds of questions."
"So it just proves he cares about us." She crossed the room and sat down by Kara, "Don't you like him?"
Kara put down her magazine, "I like Gerard, I really do. He makes mom so happy. But you gotta know it's gonna be weird for him to suddenly have two teenagers as daughters. The guy has tons of fans our age."
Kelly didn't know why but she didn't like this conversation, "Well Bob has tons of fans your age."
"Yea but I'm marrying him. Not quite the same, Kelly."
"So are you saying you think he wishes mom didn't have kids?"
Kara shook her head, "I didn't say that. I just think it's weird for him."
Bob arrived ending the conversation. Donna called down the stairs letting the girls know he was in the living room and that she was leaving with Don. After Kara went upstairs, Kelly sat on the bed thinking. Maybe Kara was right, it was weird for Gerard to think of them as daughters but he was really trying hard to be there for them. She grabbed her phone and hit his number.
"Gerard sorry to bother you."
"Kell, stop saying things like that. I told you call me anytime." He was watching the traffic as he drove towards the house.
Suddenly Kelly had the bad feeling again, it seemed to wash over her, "Gerard is everything OK?"
Her question caused him to flinch, "Why wouldn't it be, Kelly?" Was she picking up on his bad feeling?
She tried to figure that out, "I don't know exactly. Can I talk to mom?" she asked suddenly needing to hear her mom's voice.
"She and Ray are over at that house we told you about. You know the one we wanted but was sold? The real estate agent called and said there's a chance we might get to buy it."
"Oh that's good." Kelly said slowly, "So she's not alone, she's with Ray?"
Shit, Gerard thought, Kelly senses something is wrong too. "Yea, she's with Ray and I'm on my way there. So aren't you supposed to be on a date?" he teased trying to get her to stop worrying. He knew he was worrying enough for both of them.
She sighed, "Yea, Bob just got here and we're supposed to go pick up Mike on the way to the bowling alley."
"Well then you better get going." He said. He was going to tell her goodbye when he suddenly added, "Kell are you alright, really alright?"
"I guess so, there's just so much going on right now. Maybe I'm just nervous about Monday night."
"You will do just fine. I can't wait and I know your mom and Donna will be so pleased. Do you want me to ask my dad to come too?"
Kelly smiled, "That would be great, think he will?"
Gerard laughed, "I think so. I already know Mikey and Alicia are gonna be there. Don't worry I didn't tell them what you are really gonna do."
"Thank Gerard, you're the best." She told him she had to go but added, "I'm really glad you're marrying my mom."
"I'm really glad I'm marrying your mom too. And that she has two wonderful daughters I get in the deal"
Kelly smiled that was what she had needed to hear. They said goodbye and she ran up the stairs.
Gerard put the Sidekick down and smiled to himself. Life was getting better everyday. He just needed to keep reminding himself of that. Unfortunately he hadn't been paying enough attention to the speed limit. "Oh, fuck" he muttered when he saw the police car behind him with the flashing lights.
Carla was sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen writing up the offer for Monica and Gerard. She was confident they would get the house with this offer. She heard voices in the distance and realized Monica and Ray were coming back upstairs. Ray sounded as impressed with the soundproof area as Gerard had been.
"This is a great house, Monica' he said as they walked into the kitchen. "So what's the yard look like?"
Monica laughed, "You know, Gee and I didn't really even look at it. We were just so impressed with the house we kinda skipped the yard."
"Well go on out back and take a look," Carla told them looking up from her papers.
They nodded and headed out the back door. There was a huge deck that overlooked the yard. "Man, who's gonna cut all this grass?" Ray asked looking at the large yard.
Monica shook her head, "Give me a riding lawn mower and I'm good to go. I like doing yard work. Oh look at the apple trees, this is so beautiful."
Ray agreed, "You guys found the perfect house. I'm so happy for you both."
"Ray, I'd really like to meet your girlfriend." She wanted to believe he could have the same happiness she and Gerard had found.
He looked at her, "I'm sure she is the one, Monica." He leaned on the deck railing and thought a moment; "Maybe we could get together with you and Gerard tonight. That way she can meet the guys one at a time."
Monica giggled, "Don't want to overwhelm her?"
"Yea, something like that. I'll give her a call." He frowned, "Shit, I left my phone in the car."
"I'll grab it, I just realized I left my purse in there and probably shouldn't have. Not that my perfect house is in a crime ridden neighborhood or anything" she kidded. They walked back into to the kitchen.
"I'm almost done" Carla said looking up at them.
"Gee, should be here any minute, I'm gonna grab something out of the car, I'll be right back." She walked down the hall towards the front door. Ray followed her out and stood looking at the beautiful wraparound porch. It even had a swing, how much more perfect could this get, he wondered.
Monica crossed the street to Ray's car. She scooped up her purse and his cell phone he had left on the dash. She pocked his phone and realized she was humming. She couldn't remember being this happy is such a long time. She and Gee were going to have the perfect home. They were going to find their "Happily Ever After" in his house. She stood and closed the car door.
Ray was standing at the top of the steps waiting for her to bring his phone. He smiled to himself, he was ready for his friends to meet Christa. He heard a car start up the block and glanced in that direction. Suddenly the car shot away from the curb moving at a high speed. It was heading directly for Monica.
Looking down at her purse that had fallen off her shoulder Monica was started to hear Ray yelling. She looked up and saw him running towards her, and then everything seemed to become surreal. She heard the car, saw it coming directly for her but couldn't seem to move. Ray was yelling and getting closer. He reached her just moments before the car made impact. Ray shoved her and she felt herself flying backwards. She cried out as she heard the sound of the car hitting his body, the sound of the windshield cracking. Then her head hit the pavement and there was only silence.
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