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Drugs, boose, shows here I go!

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Chapter 25

She was walking through dark corridors filled with homeless people. She watched each of them but all of their faces were blurry and sickening. She knew she looked just like them or worst. She continued her slow walk and noticed someone curled up on the floor, in black from head to toe and dust all over. She put a hand on his shoulder and he jumped up. She grinned and he just stared. She gave him her hand and he slapped her face. She gave him a hug and he punched her in the stomach. She gave him a kiss and he bit her lip until it bled. Then he gave in and returned the gestures almost reluctantly, slowly. But in the end he did.
She looked at his face closely, it was...

"GERARD WAKE THE FUCK UP!" Frank jumped on Gerard's stomach as Mikey yelled.
"What the fuck, man?" Gerard slurred, still asleep.
"We leave in like a minute! SHIT THE VAN'S HERE!"
The three of them ran with their backpacks to the van and joined Bob and Ray there. They were still out of breath as they settled on the couch.
"Jesus, I smell and the day's not even started" Gerard complained.
"Well, if you hadn't been up until so late then perhaps you would've woken up earlier" Mikey argued
"Well then why didn't you wake me up?" Gerard retorted, throwing Mikey a dirty look.
"I did!" Mikey yelled in annoyance
"Did not!" Gerard snapped.
"Did to, Gerard. You woke up had breakfast and were supposed to go back to your room and shower. We supposed you were ready already and came looking for you and you were still sleeping" Frank said as he looked for food on the cabinets." Shit, we haven't been on this bus for a minute and things keep getting shittier"
"I know, two seconds and the Ways are already fighting" Ray smirked, tousling his hair.
"I did not mean that" Frank pouted, bending to search the lower cabinets.
"Then what?" Bob asked from the bunk's area. "There's no food and I've found two dead rats. Shit! Make it three awful smelling, a month-old dead rats."
"Just great" Gerard moaned, grabbing his hair.

Alice looked in the mirror as her hair dresser finished trimming her now half-neck long hair. She had dyed it more bluish than last time and it was cut in all directions giving her an awesome rock starish unclean and cool look. Alice smiled as she arranged her hip long black shirt and flattened her denim skirt. She adjusted the studded belts and thanked the woman once more.
"It looks freaking awesome, Ace!" Kamz said, running a hand through it.
"It's pretty rad, isn't it?" Alice giggled. The bus was coming any minute now.
"So I guess I'll see you in a month right?"
"Two moths" Alice corrected.
"Shit, I'm stuck with Barrios for two fucking months?!" Kamz whined.
"You can always call the Panic! guys, they're not on tour."
"Guess so...FOB's in, though. No Alice and no Pete. I'm killing myself, honestly"
"I'm gonna miss you as hell too"
"Yeah, right. You're gonna be too high to remember me" Kamz said seriously.
"Oh, don't be a pain in the ass"
"You know I'm kidding. But seriously, I don't want to tell people how my best friend, the 'rock star' ended up dying because of an OD. Seriously, Ace...take care"
"I love it when you're all gay" Alice shrieked wrapping her arms around Kamz
"Ok, I get it. Now stop chocking me"
The bus stopped beside them and Alice hugged her one last time, jumping up the steps with a retarded grin on her face.
"Drugs, boose, shows here I go!" she mumbled under her breath
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