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the beginning

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Chapter 26
There were a dozen reporters around all of the bands' members, swarming around them like flies around a two-month-old dead cow. Alice couldn't see where she was going, all of them where to tall for her to look up their shoulders. This was one of those times in which she hated been so petite. The rest of the guys were around her as body guards. Reporters kept spitting questions at them and they were trying to do what the rest of the other bands' members were trying to do: to get to their buses alive. As if doing that wasn't tricky enough Alice was trying to look for Bert.
"That's it, I've had it. Ben lift me to your shoulders!"
"Just do it!"
"How Nike of you" Jess smirked as Ben lifted Alice unto his shoulders. She looked around for that shoulder length, greasy, more-than-four-month-old dyed blonde hair with its original black already more than obvious and then she spot him. "BERT!!!" Bert looked her way and he removed her from Ben's shoulders over a reporter's head. Thank God Alice was wearing jeans and a long tshirt.
They hugged for a while and then Alice happily greeted the rest of the guys, giving Jepha an extra hug.
Alice felt a cold stare on her and then someone jumped on her shoulders, almost throwing her to the ground, but Bert and Jepha caught them on time. She turned to see a laughing Frankie been held up by Bert and behind him passed the rest of My Chem leaded by Gerard. As Gerard's figure was hidden by a nearby reporter Alice waved to the rest of the guys who waved back. She then hit the back of Frankie's head.
"Goddammit, you could've got me killed Frankie!"
He giggled like a preppy schoolgirl, then noticed his band mates were gone. "Shit, I don't know where the van is! GUYS!!! WAIT UP!!!" and with that he went running behind them.
"Shit, he's right! Where are the guys? BEN! JESS!! BBRRIIAAAANNNN!!"
"Jesus, Alice we're right here" Brian said, putting a hand to her mouth. They were all behind her.
"Oh..." She blushed while the rest of the guys laughed at her. "Not nice!" She pouted.
"So how did Daniel take it?" Alice asked Bert
"Hmmm I drove him to school as any other day. We said goodbye as any other day and I promised I'd call like-"
"Any other day, we get it" the rest of them answered.
"You know, we should get going" Ben commented.
"Yeah, you're right. See you guys!" Alice yelled over the reporter's even louder questions.

LWU scrambled into the bus after three morning shows. They were all drenched in sweat and smelly.
"Those were some kick ass shows!" Jess commented
"Yeah, but smell yourself first"
"What's up with how I smell?" Jess asked
"You /stink/! Even worst than all of us put together"
"Shut up for a second. We've all got to head to the showers 'cause we've got our first photo shoot in twenty"
"Shut the fuck up! The album photo shoot?" Alice shrieked
"HELL YESSS!" Ben shrieked in excitement
"Oh it's all fine and dandy for you picture whores" Jess sulked
"/Hey/! That's rude!" Alice whimpered, pretending to be hurt.
"Yeah, just 'cause you can't make love to the camera like we can doesn't mean that sucks"
"SHOWER!" Brian said, kicking them towards the bathroom.
"Yeah, all of us smart-ass?" Jess asked.
"Good point. Alice first. You guys always take too much time when we don't have any" Brian commanded.
"Fine by me. I love it when Brian gets bossy, I always win." Alice said, taking her towel and entering her bathroom. They were one of the lucky bands with a bathroom incorporated. Alice thanked God for it. Well, not God but you get the point.

The van stopped at the place of the photo shoot. LWU hadn't even put a step in and they were already rushed up to the dressing area. Alice was given some clothes and pushed behind a panel to change. She scrutinized the wardrobe and smiled. Once into her clothes hair and makeup was next. She could hear the yelps of Jess and Brian near by and she chuckled.

The four of them met. The guys were all nicely groomed, they looked wonderful. Brian had a black top hat rimmed with dark blue. He was in one of those vintage black suits and had smoky eyes. Jess had a black more up-to date tux with details in forest green, his black hair was straightened and neatly put to a side, his eyes were lined with black and had touches of green. Ben was in a red carpet-ish black tux that had red details. His hair was also straightened and messily thrown to the sides. They had done his eyes in a smoky way too.
Alice on the other hand had a silk, back less, knee length dark blue dress with quite a cleavage. Her eyes were smoky and her bluish short hair was straightened and stood in all the right places.
The guys stared at her, it was so different from her usual look but so.../her/ at the same time. They all smiled; confident this was going to be a kick-ass photo shoot.
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