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Chapter 27

The band stepped into the place in which the actual photo shoot was taking place, which was a forest nearby. The exact location was surrounded by gigantic apple trees whose branches seemed to reach the sky and apples were the juicy sort of red that even provoked those who disgusted apples.
There was an equally beautiful, antique red sofa in the middle of four especially gigantic trees.
They posed according to what the photographer had in mind and then they were given the choice to do whatever they pleased-that was when things got.../a bit out of control/.
"Whatever we want?" Jess asked eyes illuminating for the first time since they arrived to the photo shoot.
"Uh-huh" The photographer said distractedly, "Hurry up"
Jess climbed one of central apple trees and sat on one of the upper branches. Brian scrambled unto a couple of ones below it. Alice giggled and gracefully stood on the part of the sofa in which you rest your back. Ben giggled too and sat like a normal human being on the sofa.
The photographer seemed pleased at their artistic ideas and let them loosen up more, the camera flashing every second or two, blinding them momentarily.

"Man, these are good!" Ben exclaimed as they looked at the shots.
"Check this one out" Jess said, pointing to one in particular.
"I love this one" Alice said, cradling her favourite one in her hands.
The others scooted over and agreed, nodding furiously their approval.
They were with their manager, Mike, looking at the recent shots after some weeks to decide on the cover of the album.
"That's the one we're choosing for the cover" Mike replied, searching for another shot among the thousands that were scattered all over his normally neat freak desk. He dug a photo from under the rest and showed it to them, "We want this one for the actual cd...and this one for under it. We're still deciding on the ones in the booklet. What do you think by now?"
"It's perfect" Alice stated in awe, shoving a tear from her electric blue eyes.
"Yeah...." Her band mates echoed, they were all so full of emotion.
"So the only thing left for you guys to do is settling the name for the record and handing in your 'Thank you''s. Got it?"
"Yeah, sure" Ben responded as they flooded out of the office and into the bus.
They all sat in their favourite spots in the van (Alice and Ben regretting they weren't allowed to go to the bus' ceiling as they were driving) and thought about their past, how they had dreamed for this to come and how things will turn out. Unlike most days, it was a peaceful, quiet and linked environment. They were like that until they arrived to one of the stops for food. There were several other tour buses at their same spot, their members flooding out eagerly.
The guys entered a Starbucks and settled in a quiet table. They made their orders to the woman in her late thirties who shot dirty glances at their pyjama pants and oversized band t-shirts.
As they waited for their orders a certain someone walked in...
And no, it wasn't Gerard.
Pete approached their table and sat by Alice's side. He cocked an eyebrow at all of them, "You're all disturbingly quiet. What happened to the 'Wentz' uproar and the choking hug?" He asked them, the last part directed at Alice. They laughed.
"Oh, we just had our album photo shoot today" Alice explained.
"First photo shoot ever, too" Ben added.
"Oh, that's so cool! I understand now what's happening then." Then Pete burst out laughing.
"What?" Alice spat.
"You're wearing Peter Pan pants! Shit, Ben's and.../Brian's/ are Pokemon ones? Who would've guessed! Wait, is that freaking Power Rangers?" Pete blurted out mockingly eyeing Jess' pants. They all blushed slightly and hit him, chuckling louder.
"I'm so giving you pyjamas this Christmas!"
That's right/, Alice thought, /It'll be Christmas in no time...I had forgotten all about that!
They started talking about their Christmas plans, the shows they were going to perform and the upcoming photo shoots.
"The only thing I really hate is the straightener, the bitch always burns my scalp!" Ben moaned, flattening his still straight bangs.
"Shut up! I love that thing!" Pete retorted, munching at his blueberry muffin. There was a small cough and they all turned to see a serious Gerard staring at them, hand in pockets.
"Can I talk to you, please?" he asked Alice. Brian snorted, then caught Gerard's stern face, "You're /serious/?" He asked with amazement.
"Alice?" He pleaded.
For a moment Alice was about to say 'no', but could talking to him really hurt that much? It was just a serious guy in black sweats, black shirt, black hoodie and black converse that had almost broken her nose, tried to force her into kissing him, threaten to kill her, call her a bitch a thousand times and shattered her heart. Come one, what could possibly go wrong?
"Sure" She said, sliding off her chair and jumping over Pete's lap.
"Are you kidding me?" Ben muttered in shock as they stared at them walk out of earshot.
"What's up?" She asked, trying hard to sound cool.
"Look...I think I might've been too harsh last time we talked and maybe I said some things I shouldn't have said. I acted on impulse and now I'm not sure if that's what I wanted-" He said quickly and stopped to catch his breath. Alice took the opportunity and retorted,
"It's ok, Gerard. I know that's how you really feel. There's no need to play good boy now, no need to apologize. I think I acted on impulse too, I didn't mean what I said"
"Oh...fine" he groaned and left her standing there. Fine/, he had tried to give themselves a chance but she didn't want to. /Perfect/, he made a complete ridicule out of himself but that's just wonderful...who cares what /she thinks, right?

She stared as his back disappeared by the doors. A waiter went after him with a drink on his hand, screaming his name for him to take it. The waiter came a few seconds back with the drink still in his hand. Alice was quite sure Gerard had told him just were to shove it from the expression on his face. She walked over the guy and put a hand on his shoulder, the waiter turned to her with a questioning look. Before he could ask anything Alice mumbled, "He was having a bad day, please forgive him." She sauntered back to her table, thinking about Gerard's speech.
He had tried to make it up for her, to be with her.
But she had politely denied.
Because she didn't want to be broken again, and she wasn't convinced Gerard really wanted to be with her.
Did she regret it?
Yes. Hell yes.
Who wouldn't after seeing the loath return to those otherwise beautiful eyes?
Hell, they were even beautiful when they showed her just how much he hated her.
Even then.
God, she was falling for him.
Falling right down as a Newton's apple to the ground.
She needed a freaking joint. As she reached their table she grabbed a lighter and her duffle bag from her purse and started looking for a smoking area, completely ignoring her friend's dumbfounded expressions.
That's what she needed.
A little distraction.
No Gerard.
No Gerard.
/Distractions/. She took a drag from her joint.
Apples are red.
Apples are purple.
Apples are black.
Gerard's hair is black.
Apples are green.
Gerard's eyes are green.
Apples are brown.
Gerard's eyes have brown, too.
I love apples
Gerard is an apple
I love Gerard.
Author's Note
I think this is the is the first Ficwad chapter in history to have used so many times the word 'apple'. Apples are pretty. They taste ok, but they're pretty. Lol. Anyway rate and review and I'll give you a...I'll give you an apple. =D
P.S. I was bored so I counted how many times I typed the word 'apple'. Including the last one it was 27 times. I might've gotten it wrong since I got distracted, but who gives a shit, anyway? Apples. Lol
28 times now.
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