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Chapter 28
So yeah, I just realizad I love Gerard o fucking Way.
No biggie there.
Although my head pounds like shit.
I opened my eyes to see the ceiling, someone had thrown me on the upper bunk. I said 'thrown' me because every single part of my body hurt. Or maybe I had fallen or something, the joint I had yesterday had been pretty strong for some unknown reason.
I was just happy no one had seen me like that. Except some obviously had cause I was in my bunk. Or was it another person's bunk? It wasn't mine cuase mine is the one below. I slid of the upper bunk and stumbled unto the floor. I looked at the sheets, there was someone covered in Pucca sheets.
Yes, I was in my bunk. I smiled and looked at the clock.
Oh shit, it's six in the afternoon, I said checking the windows.
I've passed out for a day and a half?!
I went to the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee with a bit of milk. My cell phone rang somewhere in the couch. I jumped to get it and landed on Ben's skinny legs. I laughed as he passed me the phone and I answered, still chuckling.
"Someone's in a good mood" Kamz's voice erupted from the other line.
"Oh, yeah. I just woke up. What's up?"
"You had me worried sick that's what's up?"
"Alice, you were knocked out for a day and a half. The guys had to cancel shows."
"Come on, I mean...I know it sucks about the show but it's not like this is a first Kamz..."
"Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. It's not a first. What am I supposed to do if you get yourself killed, huh? Pete's there for me, I know that for sure, but I can't spend my day having girl talks with Barrios. Stop laughing, this is not funny!"
"I'm sorry, it's just so darn cute when you're worried"
"I'm serious"
I sighed.
"Ok, ok...I just had a bad day yesterday. Or well, it was rad but then he showed up..." I told her everything about yesterday. The good and the bad. Even the 'I love Gerard' conclusion. I had completely forgotten I was still on Ben's lap.
"Err..Kamz, I'll call you later."
"Huh? Why?"
"Cause I've been sitting on lead singer's lap this whole time"
She snorted on the other end," Good luck with that"
He looked at me with an eyebrow raised in a questioning look.
"Yeah, 'err" He smirked. I lifted myself from his lap and walked towards the bathroom.
"That's really all you're going to say? 'Err'?" He said, trailing me. I was about to close the door shut but he stopped me with his feet.
"yeah" I told him and shut the door as he removed his feet. He sighed and mumbled something.
I think it was 'girls are such a pain in the ass' or 'I'd like a girl to caress my ass'. Something of the sort...I think the effect of that shit wasn't gone. Damn. I looked at my eyes. They're jaded..."now, whatever that means. By telling these things I rip my heart out. It's worth my time. Whatever that means...soo" I sang softly, making fun of my way of choosing words that were part of The Used's lyrics.

"Hello Frankie" Alice cheered unto the phone.
"That's odd" He smirked..
"Oh if you want I won't call you back then" She said, preparing to hang up on him.
"No, it's okay. I guess I can give you a bit of my precious time."
"Keep it up and I'll give you one of my especial kicks in the-"
"okay, okay I get it. Stop the foul language young lady. Now, what do I owe this pleasure?"
"Hmph. Well, you see I wanted to ask you about.."
"Gerard" He finished for her.
"Yeah...Are you filled in on what has happened so far?"
"Not really"
She explained him and he grunted to let her know he was following.
"...and then I went outside and got high" Alice finished.
"Erm. Well, he's been more grumpy than usual and that's about it. Actually, he's being a real pain in the ass. He's only cool on shows and even then he sometimes just...looses it and shit. I think he's into you."
"Who, Gerard?"
"No, genius, The pope. Of course, Gerard!"
Gerard had been listening the whole conversation from the couch. He jumped and snatched the phone from Frank's hand.
"Weren't you the one that told me yesterday that didn't mean anything she had said?" He spat on the phone, waiting for an answer.
"Alice" He said softly, almost menacingly.
"You should learn to be more polite, hasn't anyone told you that?"
"Yeah, but I've ignored them. Just like you ignored my question. Answer me."
"You should stop ignoring people...what they say it's important"
"You're ignoring my question. And it is important"
"I gotta go" She said as he heard her name being called on the background. "Say hi to the guys and goodbye to Frankie. Bye to you too"
She said and hung up.
Gerard smashed Frank's sidekick on the floor and left to his bunk.
"Motherfucker!" Frankie wined, bending to his once perfect cell phone.

"What's up?" Alice said, entering the bunk's area where Brian had called her name.
"This is going. I'm throwing it out" She looked at what he was holding. It was all of the drugs she had hidden all over the bus. It was her whole stash. Everything from altoids to weed. And he was throwing it out. Alice panicked,
"Yeah? If you throw it out then people'll think its yours. Police will arrest you. And you can't burn it cause then you'll drug everyone of us. What do you plan to do?"
"At least I'm taking away from your reach" Brian said, throwing all of her drugs into his empty suitcase. Alice jumped to grab his arm and was snatched by Ben and Jess.
"What the fuck? Three to one?! THAT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR!" she screamed.
"Neither is you dying, you idiot" Jess retorted, taking her hand softly before she would slap him.
Brian had locked the suitcase up with two key locks and a super combination one. There was no way in hell she could open that shit. Alice wept for days in a row, being upsettingly quiet on their shows.
She didn't apply too much makeup and had her hair short hair up on a diminutive bun.

Gerard stared at her, went to her shows and noticed just how depressed she was. What the hell was wrong with her? Surely all of that wasn't his doing. She turned around and at last he spot what was tattoeed at the back of her neck.
Love...and hate.
Those two powerful words bound to each other.
That was a sign.
He needed to get going.
Where the hell was Alice now?
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