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The photo that leaked out

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Chapter 29
"Wait...You literally mean a whole suitcase?" Kamz asked Ben through the phone.
"Yeah, literally. It's a fucking loaded suitcase. Look, I'll send a picture so you know I'm not kidding." He shot a picture from his Sidekick and she received it on hers.
As the photo downloaded Kamz's mouth fell open. "Shit..."she mumbled. "You really weren't kidding..."

Okay, so everyone's making my life hell. Yeah, I know that's a lot of drugs but it's not as if I used them all at the same time. I don't drug myself completely; I don't even do it everyday. Everyone's being a complete paranoid, really.
As if the band wasn't enough, Ben just had to call Kamz. Which lead Juliana and Barrios to call too.
I didn't even talk to Juliana that much anymore, but she still called and had the nerve to lecture me about it. Several weeks had gone by and I was growing desperate. Desperation was seeping from my pores.

The band was watching FUSE together, checking out some new videos. Then a last-minute news came up. The hostess beamed at them, obviously happy as hell she got to deliver a last-minute news,
"We just got this extraordinary picture from a cell phone that will answer all of the questions that all of the Alice from Lat Word Uttered fans might have been having. As you all know, a couple of weeks from now the guitarist has been oddly.../different/ to say the least. In both shows and interviews. She hasn't been spotted outside the buses as before, and when she is she doesn't look like herself. Small amounts of makeup, pyjamas or big shirts and high buns is all we see from her now."
Alice's mouth fell open as the hostess continued talking and pictures of her filled the tv screen. Then an awful picture appeared, it was a picture of the drug-filled suitcase. Alice's eyes watered instantly.
The rest of the guys just stared at the screen, absorbed.
"This is why. The guitarist has been using excessive amount of drugs. We don't exactly know what's wrong: if she's being doing more than enough or the contrary. We'll keep you posted. Now, on with Gwen Stefani's new single..."
They were all in shock. Ben quickly stood up and called Mike.
"Mike, did you see the news at FUSE?"
"Yeah, my Sidekick was hacked."
"Yeah, I didn't think they could do that. It's just that Kamz wouldn't believe me" His tone was angry.
"Shit, that's not the point, Mike!"
"She's not gonna like that one bit. Isn't there another way around?"
"That's not fair! She's not our puppet, you know! We can't use her to make us look good."
There was a long silence Ben tried to interrupt several times but he couldn't get more that a few syllables out. Finally he sighed and passed the phone to Alice, obviously irritated.
She and Mike talked for hours, and he explained her what needed to be done. It was hard, but she knew that was right. He said he would sue FUSE for displaying that picture and for going international with it. He also talked about notifying her parents for her. She only asked him something,
"Mike, don't let my sister and little brother look at that. Call my dad ASAP! Oh, and Daniel too! Bert's boy!"
She then hung up and stared at the ceiling. She wouldn't be seeing it for long now.

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