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ended up dead after two days of being without the guys stuffed in an insanely white sanatorium

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Chapter 30
The whole tour and World know about Alice now. Most people just ignored her and other threw pity looks at her.
Come on, it's not as if any of you have eer got high before!" she wanted to scream at them. Perhaps it was not the fact of drugging herself that they pitied, only the fact that she had got caught big time and published in all the music news over the world. She hated it.
The next day they did the shows that were scheduled and then went to the press conference Mike had arranged. They all sat on high white chairs with millions of reporters in front of them.
Alice had tried to dress and groom herself as she usually did. Only she didn't feel comfortable. She finally chose a grey band t-shirt she had made into a dress, with black leggings underneath and her white Mary Jane's. She had her hair down and applied black eyeliner and mascara.
She breathed in deeply and took the mic, looking at no one in particular.
"Look, we've come here to this press conference so we or...I can clarify some things out"
"About the drugs, right junkie?" A reporter from the back yelled. The three guys stood up instantly, all full of anger. Alice looked at them apprehensively, telling them with her now greyish eyes all of the things she couldn't with words. That it was okay, that she already thought some of this would appear...that she was prepared for it and all of that kind of shit.
"Look, think whatever the hell you want. I really couldn't care less. The only people I care about are my friends, family and fans. And that's why I'm here. I'm not about to start babbling about how I'm innocent and to start explaining why I did the things I did.
I just want to say that I'm really sorry I did it and, mostly, that the people I care about ended up finding it out this way. I don't want to make people feel different towards me, or hate me for it but I could understand if they did. I'm not about to start telling everyone drugs are good and that they're the way.
Sure, they give you quite a good time-but only for some seconds. Then you're so messed up you can't even distinguish an elephant from a mouse. It's horrible and I don't want anyone to do that ever.
The point is, I'm heading for rehab. The band will find a new guitarist and I'll step out from the music industry for a while. It'll kill me, and I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up dead after two days of being without the guys stuffed in an insanely white sanatorium but what else can I do? Its wait they order me to do and in some level it's the right thing.
So that's it. All of the drama's over. Now all of you can have years to talk about it. Good bye now" Alice said, lifting her thin body from her chair and leaving the reporters totally blown away. There was a bit of cheers from the background and LWU returned to their bus. Alice was quiet all the way to their next show.

They left the stage and Alice quickly made her way back to the bus. Before she could reach it someone took her arm briskly and turned her around, colliding his lips with hers.
She felt a mat of straight hair and looked at his face as he pulled away. It was Gerard, and for the first time ever he didn't look at her with disgust. He actually looked like he care about her. She leaned forward and kissed him passionately, receiving a groan of pleasure in return. His hands lowered to her hips and he pushed her forward, pressing her body against his.
His kisses lowered to her neck and he found the perfect spot for biting and then sucking. She could feel him leaving a mark, and not a painful one this time. After some time they collided unto the floor and they sat there in the darkness, not speaking a word. Then it hit Alice.
"You feel pity for me, don't you?"
He was taken back. "No, are you kidding me?"
She stood up, "You found out about the drugs and that I'd be going away and that's why you're here. Shit, you're awful" She walked back into the bus and he went behind her. Putting a hand to stop the door she was about to close on his face.
"Just go away, Gerard"
"What drugs? Where are you going?"
She looked around and stared at his imploring eyes. He really didn't know.
She sighed and looked down apologetically, "I'm sorry...I'm just no tin the mood to talk about it."
Gerard slammed his fist on the door in anger, "Why do you always do that? Why do you always shut up and not tell me a thing? HUH? WHY?"
He yelled.
"Hey, buddy back off." Jess told him and pushed him out. Gerard stumbled and fell to the ground. He wasn't trying to stop Jess from kicking him out. He looked one last time at Alice's hurt eyes as Jess shut the door closed with a slam. Gerard just sat there, in the cold dirt. Alice cried her eyes out in her bunk.

Author's Note
Keep on reading, the romance hasn't even started yet.
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