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You're the one that I need

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ooohhh what happens to gerard??

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As I was walking back from Gym everyone was staring at me. Some people started whispering and biting their lip. Alicia and Jamina have been acting strange too. It is almost one, time for dismissal. I am going to ask them what the hell has been going on right now.

I closed my journal and spun around in my chair to face their desks. They stopped whispering and looked at me, then at each other.
"What the hell has been going on, and why have people been staring at me?" I asked impatiently.
They both opened their mouths, as if to speak at the same time.
"In art--" they started, and then they were cut off from the bell. People immediately picked up their books and walked out. Alicia grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the room."
"Gerardhadafallout," she said quickly. I repeated the words in my mind, slowly unconnecting them.
"What?!" I screamed, dropping my books. "You wait until now to tell me?!"
"Sorry, but we wanted to wait for the right moment," Jamina apologized.
I rushed to my locker, and started turning the dial. I shoved my books in it, and ran down the hall. Alicia followed me out to my car.
"Details, please," I ordered.
"Well, in art, he seemed really out of it. So he asked to get a drink, and he like, didn't come back. So Mrs.DeReamer sent Frank to go and look for him. He came back in the class and said Gerard fainted. So the class freaked out and Mrs.DeReamer called the nurse and, I don't know if he is still there or at the hospital." She told me. I sighed and started hitting my head against the steering wheel.
"What am I going to do?" I asked.
"Im sure he will be fine," she reassured.
No, he won't be fine! The freakin nurse is going to see his scars and tell his parents! I know it! The firkin school can never mind their own business, they always have to make everything worse! I wanted to say.
"Do you think we can call him?" she asked.
"The firkin nurse probably took away his phone," I mumbled. I reached in my purse and took out my notebook and a pen. When I was digging through, something caught my eye. It was the pen that Gerard cut himself with about a weak ago. The blood had dried, leaving a layer of dried brown blood. I put it back at the bottom and took out a fresh one and started writing.

Today I had the biggest scare of my life. It is amazing that if you leave somebody alone for half an hour, a tragedy can happen. I blame Alicia for not telling me sooner, yet I can't be mad at her because she stuck by my side the entire time. I have to talk to him, even though I know exactly why he fainted; losing too much blood.

Special thanks to peanutbuttercupp, who helped me out of writer's block!!
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