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*You can't take all the pain away from me

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I awoke with a major hangover feeling. I barley remember what caused me to have a "fall out," as frank puts it. All I remember is sneaking away to cut. Is my problem so bad that it leads me to this? I have to get out of here; I am losing my mind, sitting in this colorful room on a cheap plastic cot.

I woke to the rude sound of the bell. My head snapped up instantly, cringing at the pain in my neck. I laid back down, pulling down my sleeves. I worried that someone found my scars. The nurse was sitting at the computer, typing incredibly slow.
"Um," I started. What is her name? Why don't I know the school nurse's name?
"Why am I in here?" I asked. She brought her attention up to me.
"Because you fainted, dear. But I guess you are all better, should I call your parents?" she asked like she was talking to a five year old.
"No," I rushed. That is the last thing I want, to bring my parents into this.
"Okay, then you are all set to go," she said unsurely. I jumped up from my seat, feeling slightly dizzy. I walked out of the room, and then I started running towards the door. I felt free when I yanked it open, the cold fresh air rushing to my face.
I looked left and right, looking for someone. The place was slowly clearing, there were still a few people standing around. Wind blew my hair out of my face, pushing it back with pressure. I slowly brought my arm up to my view and pushed back my sleeve.
There were more scars than I thought there were, each one going in different ways. You could tell what I used for each one by the skin mark around it. Some were deep, long and bloody. What I have I done to myself?
I gasped, quickly pulling my sleeve down when I saw Frank approaching.
"Dude, what's up with the fall out?" He asked.
"Is that what happened?" I asked, dumbfounded. He nodded.
"Knocked out cold," He described.
My response got erased from my mind as I saw Helena and Alicia walking over. Her hair flew in the wind, pushing it out of her face. She had her hands in her pockets, and her pace quickened.
"Gerard, are you ok?" She asked, hugging me. We broke away when cold rain started landing on us. Everyone laughed at the feeling of rain landing hard on your head.
"Alicia lets go over Ray's. Mikey and Bob will be there," Frank suggested.
"Okay." Alicia agreed. She followed Frank to his car.
"We'll catch up later," I yelled over.
Shortly after Helena and I were alone. Her expression changed.
"Gerard, don't play games. Tell me what you were doing in order to pass out," she demanded.
I sighed. "I go cut," I said slowly.
"Gerard, you promised me you wouldn't," she reminded me.
"Helena, there is no possible way to take the pain away from me. Even if I try to stop myself, it just doesn't work." I said.
She looked at the ground. "Come on, let's go to Ray's and take our minds off of this," she suggested and started walking over to her car. I followed her and got into the passenger's seat.
"So, what did the nurse say?" she asked casually as she put the key in the ignition.
"Well," I paused, looking at the key. "She said she wanted to call my parents, but I said not to."
"She probably is anyway. They never listen to students," Helena said. I felt my stomach drop.
"Really? Do you think she will?" I asked worriedly.
"I really don't know," she said quietly. We sat there in the silence for a couple of minutes, and then Helena spoke again.
"You remember what Saturday is?" she asked with excitement in her voice. I stared at the roof of the car, trying to think. Saturday...Saturday...Isn't that tomorrow??
"I probably do, but I can't remember right now," I said. She smiled softly.
"If you didn't pass out today I would probably be mad." She laughed. "It's our anniversary!" she announced happily.
I smiled. "Right, what am I going to get you?" I asked.
"You come up with something," she flirted, kissing me on my cheek. We pulled up at Ray's. Frank and Mikey's cars were already there.
What am I going to get for her?

sorry if it sucks, i didnt really have much ideas for this one..
Ok everyone asking why he cuts, be assured that YOU WILL FIND OUT lol i will make sure of that.. thanks for asking about it though... :D
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