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Broken Doll

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Gerard reached the house and learns of the accident.

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Gerard gritted his teeth and tried to be as pleasant to the office as he could considering he was getting a speeding ticket. It wasn't that he felt the ticket was unjust he had been speeding. It was just this horrible feeling that wouldn't go away. While the officer returned to his squad car to run Gerard's information he punched in Ray's cell number. It rang and rang then went to voice mail.
The office walked back up to Gerard's window, "Just sign here please" he passed the clipboard to him. Gerard signed his name and handed it back. The officer gave him his copy of the ticket, "Please watch your speed." he said before returning to his car.
Gerard waited until the traffic passed and he could pull out. He knew he was only about two miles from the house. He took a deep breath and told himself to calm down. "Monica will laugh when I tell her I got a ticket.," he thought to himself.
He turned on the street he hoped would be in the address of his new home and saw the police cars and ambulances in the distance. The police were blocking off the road as he drove closer. He was flagged down by an office who came to his window. "Sorry sir but there has been an accident. You need to turn around and take an alternate route."
"What happened?" His voice shook.
"Hit and run," he answered turning away from he window.
Gerard did a quick u-turn and parked on the other side of the street. He jumped out of the car and ran towards the scene. His lungs felt like they would burst, his heart was aching because it already knew. As he got closer an office tired to stop him. "Sir you need to keep back.'"
Gerard threw the officer hand off his shoulder, "My fiancée, I think my fiancée is involved. Was it a woman who got hit?"
The officer looked at him sadly, "There were two people injured. The woman was pushed out of the way but her head hit the pavement pretty hard. She's unconscious and the EMT's are preparing to transport her. The man was hit by the car, he has already been transported, his injuries are serious."
"Please I have to see her." Gerard pushed past him, the officer didn't try to stop him.
His heart stopped when he saw it was Monica laying on the gurney. She was so still, a broken doll, Gerard thought, she looks like a broken doll. There was blood on her forehead and a gash on her cheek. He moved next to the gurney and reached out to touch her.
One of the EMT's looked up at him, "She's my fiancée," he said fighting back tears.
The man nodded, "We are getting ready to transport her. She's unconscious so we don't know the extent of her injuries yet. She's being taken to St Michaels"
"Can I go with her?" He asked, his eyes not leaving her face. God, he just wanted to see her move, she didn't even look like she was breathing.
"I'm sorry, we can't take you." They began to move the gurney into position to load it into the ambulance. "What about the man who was hit? Do you know how he is?"
The paramedic looked up at him, "He was injured badly. The car hit him and he rolled over the hood and hit the windshield. He was unconscious when they transported him."
Gerard went into sensory overload as the ambulance pulled away. He knew there were so many things he needed to do. Oh my God he thought I have to tell the girls, I have to call Ray's parents, I have to tell the guys and Brian. He took several breaths.
"Gerard honey, I'm so sorry." Carla crossed the street and hugged him. "Oh God, I heard the noise and I ran out here." She was crying. "They were both lying in the street."
Gerard put his arms around her. "I need your help, please. Call my mom and tell her what happened. She will start to call everyone. They are taking them to St, Michaels. Have her call me first."
Carla nodded, "Sure, sure. I'll say a prayer for them."
He nodded, "Say more than one." He took off at dead run for his car. He was four blocks from the hospital when Donna called, "Oh my God, Gee. How are they?"
"I don't know yet, I'm almost to the hospital. Mom, let me find out how Monica is before we tell the girls. They are with Bob right now."
"Right. Your dad and I will start to call everyone else. I'll call Ray's parents first. Then we're coming to the hospital."
"Thanks mom" he said then broke down, "Mom I can't loose her, and I can't loose Ray."
"Gerard please don't think like that." she spoke with conviction, "They are going to be alright."
He tried to regain his composure. The hospital entry was just ahead. "I'll call you as soon as I know anything." He threw the phone down, parked the car and wiped his eyes.
An hour later he still didn't know anymore than he had when he arrived at the hospital. Ray's family surrounded him and his own yet he had never felt so alone. The waiting room felt like it was closing in on him. "I need a cigarette," he told his mother. "I'll be right back, call me if a fucking doctor shows up to tell us anything."
He walked towards the elevators when the door slipped open and Bob, Kara and Kelly emerged. Kelly was crying. When she saw Gerard she ran to him. He hugged her tightly as she sobbed.
"I'm sorry, Gee. They found out when one of Kelly's friends called her. Seems her mom is a nurse here and she told her daughter a famous guitar player had been involved in a hit and run."
"Fuck" he whispered. Slowly he walked with Kelly to the waiting room.
"How is mama?" She looked at Gerard, all her trust put in him. "Is she gonna be OK?"
"What happened?" Kara asked, "Why was she with Ray?"
"How is Ray does anyone know anything?" Bob asked
Gerard shook his head, "They haven't told us anything yet. I know they were both unconscious when they arrived here."
"Gerard, please mama's got to be alright." Kelly shook as she hugged him. He put his chin on her head and rocked her back and forth slowly. "We need to be strong, Kell. It's what your mom would expect us to do."
Kara began to gently cry and Bob pulled her over to the seats against the wall. He put his arms around her and murmured reassuring words.
Don, who had been sitting with Donna and Ray's mother stood and went to Gerard, "Son can I speak to you for a moment?"
Gerard looked up at him and nodded. He pulled away from Kelly, "Honey I'm gonna talk to my dad for a minute. I'll be right back I promise." Donna called to Kelly and she went to where another pair of arms was waiting for her.
Don and Gerard walked towards the elevators where they could talk, "Gerard, what the hell is going on? Donna doesn't think this was an accident. Was it that Jenn, the one who has been threatening Monica?"
"I don't know dad but if it was I will fucking kill the bitch myself." He couldn't contain his anger any longer. "Why the fuck don't they come out here and tell us how they are?"
Don put his hand on Gerard's shoulder, "Son, it won't help if you loose control. You've got to be strong for those girls. They only have their mother."
"No dad they have me" He spun around when he saw a doctor walk into the waiting room.
"Gerard he came to tell us about Ray and Monica" Donna said as Gerard ran back into the room.
"I'm Dr Tropez. Let me start with Monica. She was unconscious when she was brought in but she regained consciousness a few minutes ago. She is having trouble talking, her speech is slow. This isn't unusual for head trauma. The EMT who brought her in remembered her from a car accident several days ago."
"She and I were in the accident" Gerard spoke up.
The doctor nodded, "It's my understanding she suffered a head injury at that time and now she has suffered another one. When her head hit the road it cracked her skull."
Kelly started sobbing loudly. Gerard walked over and pulled her into his arms. The doctor smiled. "Is this her daughter?"
"Yea and I'm her other daughter" Kara stood and walked towards the doctor. "Is my mother going to be alright?"
He nodded, "We are going to do everything we can to make sure she is." He smiled at Kelly then looked back at Gerard, "She doesn't seem to have any memory loss which is a good sign. We are going to do an MRI." Gerard knew the man wasn't telling them the reason for the MRI because Monica's daughters were there. The MRI could reveal something serious. The doctor continued to speak. "She has several cuts, one will require stitches on her face and she will have bruising. Her right hand is broken. As bad as this sounds she was very lucky. It is my understanding that the car barely clipped her because Mr. Toro pushed her out of the way."
Ray's mom looked up through tears, "How is my son?"
The doctor walked over and took her hands in his, "Your son has several lacerations on his face and arms. We aren't sure of the extent of his other injuries at this time." He paused hating this part of his job more than any other, "I'm sorry but your son is in a coma."
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