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chapter 37

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As I stormed of down the drive way towards my car tears clouding me vision Benji came running out after me closely followed by Robin, Joel, Josh and Sarah.

"Soph, Soph Wait stop what's wrong." Benji said running to catch up to me and stopping me before I opened to car door.

"She lied to me Benji, they all did. All my life it's just one big lie." I said crying hysterically.

"Who did? What are you talking about? Come one come inside and we'll talk." He begged hurt in his eyes at seeing me so hurt.

"No, I don't want to talk. I need to go. get away start a new life. I don't know who I
am any more." I screamed through me tears. He put his hands on my shoulder.

"Sophie ear come on lets talk you need to calm down." Robin said rubbing me back soothingly.

"No I can't I can't do this any more. How could she do this to me! How could they all do this to me!" I said still crying hysterically and fighting to get out of Benji's grip.

"Sophie you can't go anywhere like this." Benji said trying his best to hold on to me and to stop me from getting into the car.

"No they all lied to me. My whole life's just one big lie. I don't even know who I am anymore!"

"I know who you are your Sophie the amazing, beautiful, smart girl I'm in love with. Please just come inside and talk." Benji said softly,.

"And you..." I said my angry turning to Robin. She looked a little shocked but understood at the same time. "You knew too and you never thought to tell me you lied to me too! I thought you where better than her, I thought you actually cared about me but no your no better than the rest f them. LIARS!" I screamed. Finally getting free from Benji as he stood stunned at how I was speaking about his mother. Io took my chance and got in my car and left. Benji, Joel, Josh and Sarah where just standing there shocked looking at there mom in shock too.

Benji's POV

"Mom what is she talking about?" I asked worriedly looking at her in horror.

"Nothing honey she's just been told some very hard news to deal with and I don't blame her for being angry at me too for knowing in turn being a part in it all." Mom said unusually calm. I couldn't believe that Sophie would even dream of talking to my mother like that. it must be something really bad which worried me all the more especially as Sophie had left along in her car in the state she was in.

"Part in what all! What's going on!" I demanded.

"I...I can't say. It's all I can say it's going to take time for her to learn to understand what she's just been told and it's going to be hard for her."

"I need top go after her." I said looking frantically for my keys.

"No Benji said needs to be left alone." Mom said.

"Left alone did you see the state she was in. driving in that state she'll end up killing herself!" I said panicking.

"Benji calm down Sophie's a smart girl she'll be fine she just needs time." Mom said.

"No come in the house and we need to talk." Mom said ushering us all into the house. Lisa joined us.

I, Joel, Josh and Sarah where sat down in the living room mom and Lisa stood infornt of us.

"So I guess I need to do some explaining to you all too." Lisa sighed.

"Ya think." I said sarcastically.

"Benjamin Lisa doesn't have to explain anything to us this is all between her self and Sophie." Mom scolded.

"Anyway I'm going to tell you something that I have just told Sophie, something really big and important about her life. It's been a huge shock to her but hopefully she'll come to terms with it eventually. Besides you'll all probably find out sooner or later anyway." Lisa stared. She explained the whole thing. I couldn't believe it. I understood now why Sophie was so made and also why she was mad at my mom too.

"So you actually plan on marrying this guy?" Joel spoke up.

"yes." she smiled.

"Are you nuts?" Sarah blurted out only to be hushed by mom.

"Sarah its Lisa's decision and you need to be respectful of that." mom said even
Though I could tell she didn't agree with it either.

"And you expect Sophie to come and play happy families with you! No wonder she left." I said not caring about the glares I was getting form my mom.

"Well I hoped Sophie would be glad to finally meet her real father." Lisa said snottily.

"In her heart Sophie only has one father and that's the one she grew up with come to
think of it you never where such a good mother to he anyway."

"I was the best mother to her I could be considering I didn't even want her. if it wasn't for her I would have married Steve a long time ago now she's just pulling this drama queen stunt to keep me away from Steve again well it's not happening this time. I've scarified my whole life for her and not once has she been thankful well for once I'm putting what I want first."

"You've always put what you want before her." Josh blurted out.

"You'd better hope that Sophie's fine and not crashed in some ditch somewhere." I said threateningly to her before getting up and going to my room I'd heard enough.

I went up to my room and lay on my bed trying to clam myself down I attempted calling Sophie but there was no answer.

"Hey, how are you?" I heard Joel say quietly and coming over sitting on the side of the bed.

"It's not me that we should be bothered about." I said quietly still stirring up at the ceiling.

"Benj come on this is Soph where talking about she'll be fine, she's not stupid and she can look after herself. She just needs time to think, alone. It's a lot to take in all in one night. It's hard for us so I can't even begin to try and understand how hard it is for Soph." he said.

"I know but did you see her, I've never seen her that... out of control. She screamed at our mom, who else do you know who has ever had the guts to talk to our mom like that." I said with a slight laugh.

"I know but can you blame her mom knew about this the whole time she must have felt betrayed by her." Joel said with a smile. Sophie defiantly was one of a kind. We sat in silence for a while.

"Do you really think she'll be ok?" I asked unsure.

"Yeah of course she will she's just needs time." He reassured.

"Her mom's done some low things to her but that was an all time low. I can't believe the way she was talking about her, after all Sophie's done for her over the years after all the hell she's put Sophie through and she still has the guts to talk about her like that to us." I said in disbelief.

"I know I think she got everyone's back up with what she said but we're all here for Sophie if she needs us."

When he left I stayed in my room for the rest of the night trying to call Sophie but not getting any answer. I feel asleep that night with Sophie on my mind. I had a restless night sleep worrying about Sophie.
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