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Chapter 38

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I woke up the next morning not really feeling rested at all. I was still worried sick about Sophie and really pissed of at the way her mom was acting towards her, I was also a little angry at my mom for knowing and not telling anyone especially Sophie even though I knew it wasn't her place to say anything. I went down stairs for something to eat. Mom, Joel and Sarah where sat in the kitchen eating breakfast too.

"You look terrible honey did you get any sleep at all last night." My mom said sympathetically.

"Not much." I mumbled pouring myself a cup of coffee.

"Benji don't blame me for this." She said feeling sorry.

"I don't blame you. It's just hard knowing you knew all this time but never said anything either."

"And you've got to understand it wasn't my place or business to say anything."

"I know I'm sorry mom."

"Have you managed to get into touch with Sophie?" she asked sounding worried.

"No." I sighed.

"I'm sure she's fine, she just needs time." the rest of the day mom went shopping, Sarah went out with some of her friends and Joel went out with Billy, Paul and Tony; they invited me to go too but I didn't want to. I sat moping around the house worried about Sophie. I kept calling her phone but there was still no answer which wasn't helping my nerves. I just wanted her back here with me.

The next three days went by the same I stayed home hardly sleeping, eating or anything really. I didn't go out I spent all day ringing Sophie trying desperately to get in touch with her. After a while her phone started going straight to the answering machine. Once or twice someone had answered but never said anything then put the phone down. Even though I didn't actually get to talk to her it put my mind at rest a little.

By the fourth day I was starting to call less but it was still at least twenty times a day.
It was late that night everyone else was in bed asleep but like usual I couldn't sleep and went downstairs for a drink I don't know what made me do it but I decided to call Sophie one more time. I couldn't believe it when she actually answered.

"Hi Benji." I heard her weak voice say on the other end of the phone.

"Sophie, please don't put the phone down." I begged desperately.

"Benji I only answered to ask you to stop calling me, it's nothing you've done I'm not mad at you. I just want to to understand this is all really hard for me I don't know who I am any more I need some time alone to figure everything out and get my head around things." She said I could hear the tears in her voice.

"Sophie I love you so much I just want you back here with me." I said tears starting to fall.

"I know but please Benji I need my space at the moment it's nothing you've done I just... I time ok Benji, can you at least give me that?" she said I could hear her crying on the other side.

"Yes I just... I was really worried about you. Please come back soon." I begged.

"I will just give me time ok?"

"Ok, I love you." he said.

"I love you too Benji." She said then put the phone down.

I felt better having talked to her knowing that she was ok and not lying in a ditch somewhere but in a way I felt worse because it made me want her and miss her all the more. Hearing all the pain in her voice killed me.

I must have fell asleep on the sofa that night as the next thing I knew I was being shock awake by Joel.

"Benj are you ok?" he asked looking a little confused.

"What? Yeah I'm fine." I said sitting up remembering all what had happened last night I didn't remember falling asleep down here it was the best nights sleep I'd had since Sophie had gone, granted it wasn't a really good night sleep but it was better than what I've been having.

"What are you doing down here?" he asked.

"I must have fallen asleep down here last night; I couldn't sleep so I came down here for a drink. I decided to call Sophie again..."

"Benj seriously she obviously..."

"No Joel this time she actually answered." I said almost excitedly.

"She did? What did she say? Is she ok?"

"Yeah, she didn't say much in fact she only answered to tell me to stop calling her because she needed time to herself to figure things out but at least we know she's ok now though. Well ok as in not lying in a ditch somewhere, emotionally I don't think she's doing so good she sounded so drained."

"She probably sounded as bad as you've looked over the past few days, in case you haven't noticed you've been a little depressive lately." He pointed out.

"I know but Joel, I'm worried about her." I said.

"We're all worried about her." he said.

"I know but it's different I love her."

"We all love her." he said with a smile.

"Yeah but I'm in love with her." I said not catching on to what he was doing.
"God I don't know how long I've wanted top her you admit that about our Sophie." He grinned.

"But it's true I do love her and always have we just had a bit of a bumpy start." I shrugged.

"Bumpy it was more than bumpy." He laughed earning a slap up the side of the head from me.

"Ow that hurt." He whined.

"What you going to go tell mommy on me." I teased.

"yeah I am she's going to ground you're ass." he said,.

"Joel madden what did you just say!" mom scolded. Making me laugh at him.

"Sorry mom but Benji hit me." he whined.

"How old are you Joel Madden." She said rolling her eyes making me laugh again.

"Don't be so childish Benjamin." She scolded me making Joel laugh at me.

"You both find this funny do you, well your still not too told for grounding." She said.

"Yeah sure whatever mom." We both said sarcastically. She laughed and walked back
into the kitchen.

"Mom I called Sophie last night." I said walking into the kitchen to her.

"Not again Benjamin leave the poor girl alone she needs..."

"Space yeah I know but she actually answered me last night." I butted in.

"You spoke you Soph?" josh said walking into the room.

"Yeah but she only answered to tell him to stop calling." Joel said walking into the kitchen behind me.

"No that's not the point though she also wanted to let me know she's ok and that she's just working things out and most importantly that she loves me." I grinned at the last bit.

"You're such a girl Benji." Sarah teased walking in.

"Can I just remind you all this isn't a joking situation here, Sophie's going through a lot, am I still the only one worried and concerned about her." I said getting a little annoyed now at how lightly there taking all this now.

"No we're just glad to see you smile since you talked to her last night, you've been in a depressive bubble since she left and now you seem more like our Benji again now. We're all still worried and concerned about her but we where also getting worried and concerned about you too." Sarah pointed out everyone nodded in agreement.

"Well I'm fine let's just still be thinking for Soph." I settled.
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