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Please, You Promised

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The waiting it terrible, the police have news

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The doctor let Gerard and the girls slip in to see Monica before they took her for the MRI. She tried to smile when she saw them. Gerard tried not to loose control when he saw her lying in the hospital bed. "Hi" she said weakly.
Kelly moved to the bed and took her mothers hand, "Mama, I was so scared, I thought you were gonna die." Her tears began again.
Kara moved to the other side of the bed and looked down at her mother's bandaged hand. She took at deep breath and held back her tears.
Gerard moved to stand behind Kelly and put his hands on her shoulders.
Monica smiled at her loved ones, "Didn't sign papers for house." She said in a raspy voice, it was hard for her to speak.
Gerard knew what she was doing, she wouldn't let them stand and cry over her. He gave her a shaky smile of his own, "Honey nothing will keep us from getting that house, it's gonna be our home."
Kelly smiled through her tears, "You're gonna be OK, aren't you mama? We're all gonna live in that house as a family, right?"
Monica felt a tremendous pain in her head but tried not to let it show, "Gonna be OK. Love you and Kara so much." She tried to take a breath, "Need to talk to Gee" she was breathless when she finished speaking.
Kara knew she waned to talk to Gerard alone, "Come on, let's go tell Donna we talked to mom, she will want to know."
Monica gave her eldest daughter and smile. "Thanks, I'm proud of you," She said closing her eyes, the pain was blinding.
Kara nodded, "It's gonna be alright mom." She leaned down and kissed her lightly on the forehead before taking Kelly's hand and walking out into the hall.
Gerard moved to the bed and took her hand, "God, Monica I was so scared."
She closed her eyes, "Ray?" One word, one question she feared to ask.
It killed him to tell her to tell her the truth but he knew she would recognize a lie, "He's pretty messed up." he gave her hand a squeeze, "They're not sure how bad cause he's in a coma."
Monica began to cry, "My fault."
"Honey, don't. We don't even know if it was Jenn."
"It was" she just knew. She sobbed as Gerard stroked her hand, he felt so helpless.
The nurse came in and explained they were going to take her for the MRI. When she was done they would admit her officially and she would be put into a room where he and the girls could see her. In a kind voice she explained it would take quite a while. Gerard thanked the nurse and asked if he could have just one more minute with Monica. She nodded and went out.
"Monica I love you. It's all gonna be OK. You're gonna be OK and so is Ray." He told her leaning down to kiss her lips.
She looked into his eyes, "Promise take care of the girls, don't have anyone else." Her voice was fading.
He flinched, "Stop talking like that. You're gonna be fine."
The tears on her cheeks glistened, "Need to know they're OK" The pain in her head worsened.
He pulled the chair as close to the bed as he could and took her hand in his, "I promise you I will always take care of Kara and Kelly" He kissed her fingers, "And you, baby."
The nurse poked her head into the room, "Sorry but we need to take her upstairs now. If you want to take a seat in the waiting room as soon as we get her into a room after the MRI I'll let you know."
Gerard nodded his thanks to the nurse. He gave Monica one last kiss and slipped out into the hall. He was wiping his eyes when Mikey found him. "Gee?"
He looked up at his brother, "Just don't need for the girls to see me fucking crying. They are scared enough already."
"And so are you." Mikey said softly.
"Yea, and so I'm I. Mikey if something happens to her I would want to die." He hugged his brother.
"Nothing is gonna happen to her bro. Monica has been through so much shit in her life, fate wouldn't be that cruel."
They walked back into the waiting room. He went to Ray's mother and tried to find the words comfort her. Instead she comforted him. She was a strong woman with a strong religious belief. She told Gerard that her Raymond would make it and so would Monica.
Ray was moved into a private room and his family went up to be with him. Gerard convinced Kelly and Kara to let his mom and dad take them home. There was nothing they could do right now and they were both so upset. He promised that later tonight they could come back to the hospital and see their mother once she was in her own room.
Donna hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear, "Honey, be strong for her. Be strong for the girls."
His dad hugged him after Donna stepped back, "Son, call us as soon as you talk to the doctor." He nodded to his dad and tried to smile. He knew Kelly and Kara were watching.
Kelly broke down in tears again. Gerard pulled her into his arms, "Kell, I promise your mom will be fine and before you know it we'll all be living in our new house."
Kelly moved out of his arms and looked into his eyes, "I love you Gerard." She whispered.
He thought that his heart would break, "Love you too," he told her. He looked over at Kara who was standing with Bob.
"She will be fine, I just know it, Gerard. " Kara said trying to convince herself as much as him. He nodded and watched as the girls left with his parents.
"Come on Gee, grab a seat in the waiting room with Alicia and I will find us some coffee." Mikey told him. He led a shaky Gerard into the waiting room. Bob followed them.
Forty-five minutes later they still hadn't heard any news. Alicia rubbed her forehead, "I hate this why can't they just come and tell us she's OK."
Mikey took her hand in his, "Don't loose it, Alicia."
She turned to him with tears in her eyes. "But if I had never told her we were bring followed she wouldn't have gotten pissed at Gerard and made him get rid of the guys who were guarding her."
Gerard looked at his sister-in-law, "Alicia, it's not your fault. It's not anybody's fault except the fucking driver that hit them."
"Yea, but we all know who it was, don't we?" she cried, "This is so fucked up." She lowered her head and cried softly.
Bob stood, "I'm gonna go check on Ray. See if there's any change."
Gerard nodded to him then looked at his brother, "Why don't you go up and see how he's doing too?" He knew how hard this was for Mikey, their brother Ray was lying unconscious and they weren't there. Mikey was being strong for him.
"I want to stay with you bro. Ray would understand." He closed his eyes, "Ray does understand, he's not fucking dead." He was ready to crack under the pressure, they all were.
Brian came off the elevators looking worse than any of them could remember. "It's a fucking zoo out there. The press is camped out waiting for a story."
Gerard stared at the tile floor. His mind was so weary he hadn't even thought about he press and the fans. Fuck, they love Ray too he thought.
"So have we heard anymore on Monica and Ray?" Bob had called and given him the information they had so far.
"They took Monica up for an MRI and we are just waiting." He looked at Brian; "Ray is in a private room now."
"Have the doctors said anything else about his condition?" Brain asked.
"Nothing, I guess we are all just waiting for Torosaurus to wake up" Mikey said in a near whisper. Gerard sat up and put his arms around Mikey hugging him tightly.
"I still can't get a hold of Frank. He's not answering his cell and I've left messages with every family member he and Jamia have. No one knows where they are." Brian said lowering himself into a chair. "Man, this is so fucked up."
"When I dropped her off after we went shopping she said she was gonna take a nap. She didn't say that she and Frank were going anywhere." Alicia told them.
Gerard released Mikey and sat back in his chair. He held his breath when he saw a police office get off the elevator and go to the nurse's desk. The officer said something to the nurse and she pointed towards Gerard.
The officer walked towards him. "I understand you are the fiancé of Monica Knight?"
Gerard stood, "Yes, is this about the accident?"
"I'm Officer Kline. We wanted you to know we have the suspect in custody. There were several witnesses to the accident, kids playing in a yard next door. They gave us a great description of the car and it was spotted a few miles away from the scene. There was a police chase and the suspects car was finally forced off the road"
"What's her name?"
The officer looked surprised, "You know it's a woman?"
Gerard nodded, "Yea, the same woman who has been making threats against my fiancée, the same woman who we have made several fucking police reports against."
"I'm sorry sir, I just joined the force here a week ago." The officer looked truly upset.
"Fuck man, I'm sorry. I'm not really blaming anyone. It's just my fiancée is in bad shape and one of my best friends is in a coma. I just wish she could have been stopped before this happened."
Officer Kline understood, "I do to. Could you please answer a few questions for me? The suspect and you're fiancée share the same last name, I take it they are related?"
Gerard sat and answered questions until the nurse came and said he could go up to Monica's room. He took the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.
"She's sleeping but you can sit with her all night if you want, hun" the kindly older nurse said to Gerard as showed him into Monica's room. "The doctor will be in to talk to you."
"Thanks" he said and he crossed the room to look down at her. A large bandage now covered her head but even so she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He pulled the chair next to her bed and gently lifted her hand into his. "Baby, I love you please you promised never to leave me without saying goodbye." Tears filled his eyes, "And you didn't fucking say goodbye."
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