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So Getting Raped Makes Me A Slut?

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Jeremy is an asshole, no doubt about it. Audrey's tiny slip up really set him off and there's a large chance she's going to hate him forever.

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Jeremy's Point of View

Stupid emo. He better not touch her. I'm the one who loves her. He's just looking for a one night stand....

I walked around the venue for another half hour and soon grew bored with the bands that were playing. None of them compared to Evident Fury.

I walked out of the venue after saying goodbye to Danny, Alicia and Luke. I searched the outside for Audrey knowing I was going to take her home. I searched everywhere but couldn't find the blonde haired girl.

The one place I didn't look was the bands' van. I walked through the parking lot and finally reached the white van. The lights were on inside so she must have been in there. I opened the door.

"Aud, lets go-" I stopped in mid sentence. She saw me and looked quite embarrassed. So did the blonde boy that lay on top of her. Her jeans were unbuttoned and his shirt was off.

"Shit. Privacy much?" She looked irritated but I was heart broken. I slammed the door and began walking away to my own car.

Audrey's Point of View

Idiot. Dumb idiot! Ugh. Why wont these jeans zipper? I though as I jumped out of the van.

"I'll see you around!" I called to my current hook-up. I ran towards Jeremy and pulled him back.

"Well that was awkward." I laughed a little. He turned to me with a disgusted face. This took my by surprise.

"What the hell Audrey?"


"You didn't even know that guy! You met him like 20 minutes ago and you were about to screw him?!"

"Is there a law that says I cant!?"

"No! but you should know that's a stupid move."

"What? Why is it stupid? I hook-up with people all the time, Jeremy. Why are you pissed about /this/? So what if I would have fucked him?"

"Are you serious? Were you really about to have sex with him? Wouldn't you want to wait for someone SPECIAL!?"

"Why wait? Its not like I'm a virgin! You can thank Owen for that."

"Don't bring Owen into this."

"He raped me!" Tears were starting to blur my vision as the memories of my past began to haunt me. The night's events replayed in my mind.

"It was an accident." He said that part so calmly I almost threw up. how could anyone be calm about a situation as delicate as this?

"Yeah right. I was drunk and he wasn't! that's rape and rape is fucking intentional!" I turned to walk away.

"That's a totally different story anyway, Audrey! You're going around being a slut!"

I stopped dead in my tracks.

"What did you just say to me?"

"You're being a slut. Fuck it, you ARE a slut! You're a whore and you always have been! I bet you wanted Owen that night, hooker!"

I whipped back around and stomped up to him. My fist quickly collided with his jaw. I stood over him triumphantly after he fell to the floor clutching his face. I didn't leave my spot until I saw the blood running from his mouth.

"Taste good?" I asked as he dabbed the blood with the back of his hand. I walked away overtaken by rage. What I didn't know was one of the worst events of my life could have possibly led up to the best event.

ATTN: Sorry guys! I know, I know this is a Gerard Way story! He will come into the picture in a few chapters. Don't sweat it!
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