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Four Missed Calls & Seven Texts Later

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Reprise Records want an interview with Evident Fury. Alicia is bouncing off the walls. And Audrey has a few missed texts/calls from a certain someone. Like she'll actually call back! Pshh.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Gerard Way - Published: 2007-04-16 - Updated: 2007-04-17 - 265 words

"I cant believe he said that, Audrey."

"Whatever Alicia. I don't care." I sat on my suitcase attempting to get is closed. Who knew I had so much clothes?

"Good you shouldn't." she came over and sat on the other end of it. together we finally zipped it up.

"Well that was a work out."

"I'm so excited, babe! We're so going to have fun this summer."

"All summer. Non stop touring. /Warped Tour/! who would have guessed we'd get this far?"

"Not me."

"So did I tell you Reprise wants to interview us?"


"Got a call. They're going to have an A&R come out to the Texas show and talk to us."

"Holy shit.... I have to call the guys!" She got up and grabbed her stuff.

"See you at school tomorrow!" I yelled to her as she flew down my stairs. I listened for the sound of her engine running. Her car pulled out of the driveway. And that was my queue to start blasting Hawthorne Heights. After an hour of dancing, singing and screaming to their songs I was tired out. I turned the music off and slipped into my pajamas then my bed.

Right before I turned out the light I checked my cell phone. I had 4 missed calls and 7 texts. All from Jeremy. I deleted all the voicemail without even listening to it and then deleted all the texts without reading them. I threw my charging phone on the chair next to me and lay my head on the pillow into which I fell into a deep slumber.
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