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Counting Your Face Among the Living ----- APRIL 17

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Frank and Jamia learn of the accident

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Frank and Jamia walked into their apartment holding hands and feeling as giddy about their love as they had when they first met. It had been Frank's idea for them to spend time alone so he had convinced Jamia to go on a romantic afternoon drive. They had left their cell phones home so they could be truly alone, with no distractions. It was a time for them to reaffirm their love for each other and the love they had for their babies. It was now early evening and they planned on having a light dinner in bed. Frank smiled not thinking at all about he dinner part of the plan.
"Honey, I'll go start your bath water so you can soak your beautiful body while I make our dinner." Frank told her then turned to move towards the bathroom. Jamia smiled at him. God, she didn't think it was possible but she loved him more and more each day. He was her first love he would be her last. She knew she would never love anyone but her Frank.
She started to sit down to remove her shoes when she saw the light blinking on the answering machine. Her brow furrowed when she saw there were forty-two messages. She pushed the play button.
He heard Jamia scream his name and his heart froze. He ran to see her standing by the answering machine with tears in her eyes.
"he's in a coma man, Ray's in a fucking coma." The voice on the tape belonged to Brian.
Jamia snapped off the machine. "There are forty-two calls. Oh God Frank, Ray and Monica." Her voice broke, "A car hit them."
Franks stared at her not believing what he had just heard. "What hospital?" the words finally left his mouth.
"St. Michael's. We gotta get over there. Oh, God they have been trying to call us since it happened."
"Fuck" he whispered, "Come on, grab your cell and lets go." They were almost to their car when Jamia asked him if he was going to call Brian.
He shook his head, "I can't. I'm afraid he will tell me something I can't face." He whispered. Beside him Jamia cried softly.
At St.Michaels Gerard still sat holding Monica's hand. His finger was gently pushing on her wrist. Feeling her pulse gave him a small amount of hope. He closed his eyes and tried to remember the last time he talked to her before the accident. She had been so happy, talking about the house. Worrying about fucking money, didn't she understand he didn't give a shit about money? Everything he had was hers. He had to believe everything was going to be OK. He needed to believe. Letting her hand drop he took out his cell and called Carla's home number. He gave her an update on Monica and Ray. She told him she had been praying for them.
"Carla, I don't care how much money it takes, get that house for Monica. She's gonna be fine, Carla, I gotta believe she's gonna be fine. I can't even think any other way. Please do whatever it takes to make that house ours."
Carla heard the fear and desperation in his voice, "Gerard, I'll do everything in my power to do this. Give her my love, honey." She hung up blinking back tears.
Gerard put his phone back in his pocket and lifted her hand again. He heard the door open and felt a hand on his shoulder. "Gee, how is she?" Mikey asked in a whisper.
Gerard sighed, "The doctor still hasn't been in to talk to me. I've just been watching her sleep. The nurse said the drugs are making her sleep. She's so beautiful when she sleeps but I fucking want her to open her eyes."
Mikey squeezed his shoulder, "She will, Gee and so will Ray." He moved across the room and sat down in the chair by the window. "Brian is canceling our first ten tour dates." He said looking down at his shoes.
"He should cancel the whole fucking tour" Gerard said, "We can't go without Ray and I'm not gonna leave Monica until she's better."
Mikey nodded, "Yea, I understand." He looked up, "Gee, is Ray gonna wake up?" His voice cracked.
Gerard glanced over at his brother, "Of course he's fucking gonna wake up. Toro wouldn't leave us like this." He looked at Monica willing her to open her eyes. "He risked his own life to push her out of the way." His voice shook.
"Of course he did, that's how Ray is. He loves Monica but more than that he love's you. He knew you would disappear from us if anything happened to her. Fucking Ray always doing shit for others." Mikey started crying.
Gerard couldn't take watching his brother cry. He closed his eyes tightly and lowered his head.
Alicia sat out in the waiting room, her legs tucked up under her. She looked younger than her twenty-two years especially now without makeup. She had cried it away. Monica was like a sister to her and she just wanted Gerard to come out and say the doctor had told him she was going to be fine. She felt so helpless, her husband was starting to break under the pressure and she didn't know what to do. She stood and went towards Monica's room. When she walked in she saw Mikey sitting by the window, his head in his hands. His body shook as he cried.
Fear gripped her, "Gee what did the doctor say?" she asked her brother-in-law.
He opened his eyes and turned to look at her, "He hasn't been in yet." He nodded towards Mikey, "Why don't you two go down to the cafeteria and grab something to eat, get out of here for a while."
Alicia nodded, and walked across to Mikey, "Babe, come on. We can stop by and check on Ray first.
He looked up at her. He loved her so much he couldn't begin to imagine losing her so he understood the pain Gerard was feeling. "Yea, OK" he stood and wiped his eyes, "yea, lets go check on Ray first." They each gave Gerard a quick hug before leaving.
When they were gone Gerard stood and walked across the room to the window. Outside in the fading sunlight he could see people going about their business as if nothing was wrong. For a brief moment he wondered how they could act like that. Didn't they understand the world had stopped? At least for him it had stopped. He sighed and went back to Monica's side. Softly he started to sing "Early Sunsets Over Monroeville". The song about vampires was one of her favorites. He chose it because he couldn't bring himself to sing the song he had written for her. He couldn't bear to think about the night he had given her that song. That was at a time she still wasn't sure about them. He had fought so hard to make her realize how much he loved her. Now when their love was perfect, when their lives had finally come together and they were planning for their future this had happened. "Then holding hands and life was prefect, just like up on the screen, and the whole time while always giving, counting your face among the living" he stopped singing as the words crashing into his brain, pierced his heart. He closed his eyes.
"Gee, I'm not a vampire" her voice was weak, but her grip was strong. His eyes snapped open.
"Oh my God, Monica honey." He leaned over the bed and looked into her eyes. "Hello, beautiful did you have a nice nap?" he kissed her lips preventing her from answering.
When he stood up she saw the tears, "Gee, why are you crying?" Her speech was still slow but improved.
"I'm just happy your OK" he told her. "How do you feel? Do you hurt anywhere?"
"I hurt everywhere," she told him honestly. She tried to sit up but found the movement too painful. "Gee, how long was I asleep?"
"A couple of hours, honey. Do you want me to get a nurse? Get you something for the pain?"
"No don't want to go to sleep, I wanna to look at you."
The door opened and a doctor Gerard hadn't seen before came in and introduced himself as Dr Rollins. He explained that head trauma was his specialty. Gerard grew impatient wanting to know about Monica's diagnosis.
"What were the results of the MRI?" He asked
The Rollins pulled up the chair Mikey had sat in earlier. "The MRI revealed Monica has a bit of swelling in her brain." He noticed the terrified look on Gerard's face. He raised his hand, "Calm down, that's not a bad thing, actually it's fairly normal in a case like this. There was no bleeding in her brain. She might have a bit of problem in her speech and movement for a short time but we expect a full recovery."
Gerard felt a weight lift off his chest, "She's gonna be fine? He needed to hear the words again."
Dr Rollins smiled, "I like to deliver good new, believe me. Now I want to examine Monica, check her reflexes and sight. Why don't you share the good news with your family."
Gerard leaned down and kissed Monica, "I'll be right back, honey. I gotta tell everybody, they've all been so worried."
Monica smiled up at him, "Love you."
He kissed her again before straightening up. "I love you, be back in a minute."
He nodded to the doctor and went out into the hall. Suddenly all the emotion he had been trying to hold in came tumbling out. He leaned against the wall, closed his eyes and shook.
"Oh, God" Frank said spying Gerard, "Oh my God, is it Monica?" he pulled Gerard away from the wall and threw his arms around him.
Gerard giggled in his ear, "She's gonna be Ok, Frankie. The doctor just told me she's gonna be OK"

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