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pictures and new friends.

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the academy is joins fall out boy on tour. sparks flyyy.

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I was excited that Patrick and I had an actual conversation, but that didn't change the way he was towards me during the day and around the rest of the guys.

He still was very standoffish and kept to himself, even still. I sat at the table across from him and shook my head while he was wrapped up in his laptop... it was useless, I gave up.

Pete sat down next to me with a piece of paper. "What's this?"

He smiled "This is the itinerary for today. We're finally hooking up with The Acadamy Is and they're starting on the main tour."

I smiled at Pete. "Well that's exciting... I'm excited to meet new people! I've heard so much about them. Not to mention, William Beckett is fucking hot."

Pete nudged me. "That, my dear, is not professional."

I giggled. "I know I know... look don't touch."

At least Pete and I were getting along great. No awkwardness around eachother, but I guess 5 years is enough of a time to get over somebody.

Pete giggled his signature giggle. "No Rach I'm kidding... feel free to touch. Touch away!"

Patrick finally picked his head up "I think it would be unprofessional to get mixed up with someone who is beneath you like that -- since you're co-running the label he's under and all."

Pete giggled once again. "Whoa Patrick, what is the issue? That's like the most words you spoke to either of us since the tour started."

He shrugged his shoulders. "I'm just saying... she should be professional."

I flipped Patrick the bird while he wasn't looking and rolled my eyes. Who is he to have any input on anything? Especially recently.

The bus stopped and we were instructed to stay put while we waited for the The Academy Is to arrive. In the middle of mine and Andy's game of WAR the door opened and a slender, tall boy better known as William Beckett bounced up the steps doing a little dance. "Hey fuckheads!!"

Unfortunately for him, I was the only person actually in view, making him stop dead and blush. "Oh sorry."

Andy turned around and laughed. William nodded his head toward me "I thought you guys were against girlfriends on tour."

Andy reached across the table and grabbed my hand. "Yeah but she's so irrisistable... plus the sex is sooo much better in a compact bunk."

William shook his head, skeptical. Everyone knew Andy was the only virgin in the band... even I knew that.

I shook his hand off of mine and said sternly. "Andy I want to break up."

Andy put his hand to his heart. "What?! But Rachel... you're my everything." He stood up dramatically and started walking to the back of the bus. "GREAT... now I'm gonna go slit my wrists!!!"

I giggled and William took a seat across from me. "You're not really his girlfriend, right?"

I laughed, suddenly feeling shy. "Oh no... I actually work with Pete."

William shook his head. "Oh right! I totally forgot... the coma girl, right?"

I laughed. "Coma girl? Yeah something like that. Uhm... Pete and Joe went to a store around the corner to get food and Patrick's in his bunk."

"And Andy's slitting his wrists because some beautiful girl just broke his heart." William smiled.

I giggled nervously and blushed. "Oh uh yeah."

William and I talked for a while until the rest of the boys came in. He was nice... really nice surprisingly. I liked him. He was gorgeous too and had that same type of 'hippie' quality about him that reminded me of myself.

All of us; Patrick, Pete, Joe, Andy, William, Sisky, Mike, The Butcher, and I were all sitting in the Fall Out Boy tour bus, catching up on old times before they had to go to soundcheck. The TAI guys were asking me questions about myself, and did a very nice job of including me in the conversation. Even Patrick was talking and engaging in conversation.

Sisky pointed to me with his beer "So Rachel - what's the first thing you did after being in a coma for 4 years?"

I laughed. "Got a haircut... my hair was disgusting."

Pete laughed along with the boys and spoke up "Yeah I was wondering about that. You see guys, Rachel had dreadlocks when I met her. Here I was, preppy soccer star, completely intimidated by this girl who did Peace walks and had dreadlocks with pink and blue streaks."

I stroked my hair remembering my old locks. "Yeah. After the accident, my mother cut my dreads off while I was a vegetable and then it grew really long cause nobody cut it again. It felt so gross when I woke up."

William looked in my eyes. "I think you'd look really hot with dreads."

Patrick rolled his eyes and Pete laughed. "Oh she did... I loved them. Here - I have pictures somewhere."

Pete got up and walked to the back of the bus. I looked up into my memory and tried to remember what pictures he would have and why he still had them.

He returned with an envelope. "After you came to our show, I went back to my house and got these."

I laughed as I looked at pictures of when Pete and I dated. I was wearing a long flowy skirt with patches on it... my hair in multi-colored dreads and a bikini-like top. Yes okay, I was a grunge hippie chick. That's probably the best way to describe my look back then.

Joe laughed. "You look so different!"

I smiled. "Yeah - I havn't had the time or energy to do anything with myself now." I looked down. I still wore colors and fun materials, but not like I used to. My hair was medium length and brown... very boring actually. I still had my piercings though... the side of my nose, my septum, and my lip line.

Patrick looked at a picture of me... just me, without Pete. I was sitting on the grass playing with a flower, with my acoustic guitar next to me and I flashed the camera a big, cheesy smile. I looked happy. Patrick continued to stare and a smile came across his lips. He looked up and caught my eyes and I sighed... wishing I could go back to that time.

The Academy Is manager came into the bus and yelled at them for being 5 minutes late for sound check, and reminded Fall Out Boy that it's their turn in an hour.

I went off with Pete to the sound check to listen to The Academy Is, and maybe to swoon over Beckett, who spent most of his time singing to me and making cute little faces that made me giggle like a little girl.

When they were finished, Fall Out Boy took the stage for soundcheck and Patrick's voice boomed through the speakers.

I stood near the wall and Beckett approached me. "Wanna pretend you're my girlfriend?"

I laughed and looked at him. "Why?"

He took my hand. "I wanna go to that store around the corner, and there are fans outside already. Not to sound vain or anything, but they'll be a little less tame if they think I have a girlfriend."

I smiled "I will pretend I'm your girlfriend if you buy me a bag of salt and vinegar chips."

He cupped my face and kissed me on the mouth. "Deal."

I closed my eyes and smiled. "What was that for?"

He slid his hand down my arm and intertwined our fingers. "Just getting in character."
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