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Reno tries harder to get to Yuffie

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Red XIII, Reno, Rude, Yuffie Kisaragi - Published: 2007-04-20 - Updated: 2007-04-20 - 723 words


A few days later I'm sitting at Rude's house. Rude is my work partner and probably the closest thing I have to a proper friend. He accepts and understands the new Reno, he knows why I do things, and doesn't ask questions. Basically he understands me.

"She's just so ANNOYING" I burst out.

"The ninja?" he asks

"Yea" I sigh. "It's like, I give her all I've got but it's not enough"

"Maybe she wants more then sex?" offers Rude

"She doesn't seem like the kind of girl who would."

"Well maybe you read her wrong. Maybe she wants the romance, you know, flowers, dinner, all that shit."

"Well, maybe" I usually save that kind of treatment for someone really hot who didn't quite fall for the charming man-whore approach. But what the hell, if it will move us on from drunken scuffles then it's worth a try. I would actually like to get to know her, see what goes on inside that whacked out head of hers, what makes her tick, something other then sex. I guess Rude understood that. This is why he's my best friend.

So, I spend the next two days trying to procure some flowers. No mean feat I can tell you. True, the planet is beginning to heal, but that doesn't mean flowers are just popping up anywhere. I finally get my hand on some, and head off to the bar, its chucking it down, but I'm worried if I hang around the flowers will wilt. Seriously, this bitch had better be grateful.


I'm in the bar chatting to Red XIII who's come over for the day. I like him; he's really wise, good to talk to. Not quite what you'd expect from a big red dog, but then first impressions can be deceiving. Then someone else who could be described as a big red dog walks into the bar. He's carrying a bunch of flowers. This sends my head into overdrive. Thought one: Are those for me? Thought 2: Of course they are, you see anyone else as good looking as you in this bar? Thought 3: OMG HE ACTALLY CARES! Thought 4: No he doesn't, he's just trying to win you over so he can satisfy his ego as "The great love god Reno" and ditch you. Well he's not getting to me that easily.

"Hey Reno-tard, who are the flowers for? You better not be after Tifa again, you want your ass kicked like last time?" He rolls his eyes.

"Actually Yuffie, they're for you. I thought maybe we could go grab a bite to eat somewhere"

I'm tempted, but I don't know what to say.

"And you know, we could always go back to my place after..." he adds suggestively.

Dammit Yuffie you almost let him in. You should trust your intuition, you're a ninja, you're always right. I raise one eyebrow, mimicking his trademark smirk.

"Nice try asshole, no I don't want to become one of your little groupies, so you can go recycle those (I point to the flowers) on one of them."

I see the shock and hurt in his eyes, and instead of triumph I just feel evil. Then he recovers his composure, or tries to.

"Fine, maybe I'll go do that" he says quietly.

Then he turns, and walks out into the rain. I stay frozen to my seat a second, and then run to the door. Lying on the road outside the bar where he dropped them, are the flowers, they're red, almost the colour of his hair, and suddenly I realise they're real. It's been so long since I've seen real flowers (apart from Mako flowers but they're kind of ugly I've always thought) I just assumed they were fake. Those can't have been easy to find. I look down the road; I just catch a glimpse of him as he turns the corner, head down, shoulders hunched, a picture of misery. I want to run after him, tell him sorry, that I'll go for a meal, that I'll go anywhere with him if he'll just laugh and be all full of himself and be Reno again. But then a little voice pops up in my head.

"Is he really miserable? Or just pissed he didn't get to fuck you this time"

I turn, and go back inside.
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