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Shitty pancakes + surprise

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Chapter 31
Alice was sitting with her friends around her living room. They all had exchanged gifts already (of course, they also had pulled up the whole Santa thing for Daniel, it was hilarious when the kid went to his dad and told him "Dad, please tell Brian to take that ridiculous 10-dollar Santa costume off. It was nice of you guys for trying to make me believe it but you failed. I already figured that one out". You should've seen Bert's face. It was priceless) and were talking among themselves as they watched the seasonally appropriate Nightmare before Christmas. They had eaten a lot, and good old Daniel was already asleep on Alice's lap.
Bert and Daniel were staying over. The rest of LWU were sleeping on Ben's apartment. Oh, and Barrios too. Kamz hadn't been able to come, she was spending her first Christmas completely alone with Pete, and Alice had some dirty ideas of just what they were doing for celebration. They had called, though, and talked to rest of the people.
Alice took Daniel's head carefully from her lap and put a cushion underneath. Bert asked her with his eyes where she was going.
"I'm gonna just clean the kitchen up a bit. You know how I hate it when it's unclean"
"Yeah, sure. Want me to help?"
"Oh,'s okay. You just watch the movie. Anyone wants something? Popcorn? Beer? Coke? Hmm?"
"Some butter popcorn would be good" Jess said, tilting his head back to look at Alice, "You should eat some yourself. I can't believe you're this thin."
"Oh weren't there" Alice said quietly, mostly to herself. Bert looked at her sadly; it bummed him out thinking of just how alone Alice must've felt there.
She went to the kitchen and put the popcorn on the microwave while she cleaned up. She had prepared pasta for the guys, so there was a hell of a mess. The microwave beeped and she carefully poured the popcorn unto a flower bowl. She put in another sachet on the microwave and gave Jess the first lot. She cleaned up and made two more lots.
She noticed she was missing stuff for breakfast. Not much, though. So she made a list, slipped into her shoes and walked down to the nearest shop, about four blocks away. She felt like walking, and it was freezing outside. It was two am after all. She wished she just had carried Daniel to bed.

It was about eleven. Morning. A beam of sun hit Alice straight in the face. It was so weird waking up so late. She smelled the air. It smelled of ...hmmm...wait. She couldn't place it. It smelled of... GAS?! Alice ran to the kitchen and sure enough, the gas had been left open on the stove. She quickly turned it off and turned around to see a confused Bert.
"You could've gotten us killed, BERT!" She shrieked, still pretty freaked out.
"Huh? How come?"
"You left the freaking gas on! That's how!"
"I did? What's wrong with that, though?"
"Shit, either we burn up if any small fire starts of we suffocate. Thank god neither of us smoked! Oh my God! We could've gotten killed. DANIEL!"
"Hey, chill" Bert said, wrapping his arms around Alice. "We could've. But we didn't. Just...chill"
Alice's breath came back to normal as she listened to Bert's heartbeat. She just loved been between a man's arms. It made her feel so small and secure. Bert started caressing her hair with his long and bony fingers. He smelled of cigarettes and Daniel's cologne. Perfect blend.
They stayed like that longer than necessary. Then Alice separated. She opened the fridge looking for milk.
"I did pancakes. Want some?" Bert asked. Alice looked up, raising her eyebrows.
/cook/?" She said, obviously surprised.
Bert laughed, "No. I just know how to do pancakes and scrambled eggs. Pretty good, though"
"Yeah, I'd like some."
Alice chewed on Bert's eggy pancake. It tasted like shit. But she was nice all the same, complementing him for trying so hard. Daniel had half of one of his dad's pancakes for breakfast and then said he just wasn't in the mood for pancakes and wasn't really hungry. Alice glanced at him: the poor boy seemed as if he was starving but didn't dare to look at the floppy pancakes that seemed to have a life of their own.
Alice convinced Bert of letting her make something else for Daniel. After some insisting he gave in and Alice served Daniel two delicious P & J sandwiches with hot chocolate. She even put a peppermint stick on the hot chocolate's mug so it would taste just like Christmas should.

Bert and Alice stood on the balcony while Daniel was playing on Alice's computer. They stood there staring at the horizon, lost in their own complicated thoughts.
"You know, Daniel asked me the most painful and weirdest thing ever last night"
"Yeah, what?" Alice asked, intrigued.
"He said he was glad his mother had died in the sense that he had been able to find you. That after me, you were his more precious gift" Bert stammered, closing his eyes so Alice wouldn't see them water. Alice choked on her breath, if that's even possible. She sat down on the balcony's floor and breathed in deeply.
"He...He said that?"
Bert sat down next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, she let her head tilt to the side and rest on his shoulder. She was crying and couldn't help it. How could a little boy make her so goddam happy and strange at the same time?
"I love that boy" She stated simply.
After some time, Bert replied in a rough voice, clearly trying to push away tears.
"So does he..."he sighed in deeply "And so do I"
Alice was silent. She hadn't really realized what Bert had said, she just nodded. Then it hit her. She turned around briskly and stared deep into his eyes. He was not lying. Shit.

Alice was silent the following days. Sadly, it was already the day in which Bert and Daniel were returning home. Today was New Year's and Bert had promised Daniel's grandma that Daniel would be spending it with her. Hence, he'll return home and spend it with the guys. It's not like he could send Daniel alone in a plane. Okay, he could. But he wouldn't.
As they said their goodbyes Bert muttered in her ear,
"It's okay, you don't have to say anything, Alice. I know you don't. Well...not in that way. But I can't stop loving you. You take care of Daniel as if it was your own...sometimes it just messes up with my mind-"
He was interrupted by the lady that was asking for his ticket. He and Daniel waved goodbye to Alice and she just stood there, feeling depressed.
That was just great.
Bert loved her.
And she would give anything to love him back.
She really did care a lot about Daniel and him.
But she couldn't.
Her heart was already someone else's.
Someone who didn't give a shit about her.
But it was still his.
Although he didn't quite know it.

Author's note
So, it started out as a filler but I just really hate 'em myself so I threw in a little something for you guys. I was planning on postponing that little piece of info, but what the hell.
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