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What happened when the ball dropped

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New Year's. Gerard went to Vegas.

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Chapter 32

Alice drove around some more, she wasn't really in the mood of going home. It was pretty early, and she wanted to do something to take her thoughts away. To sort of 'disconnect from the world'. Pretty darn difficult if you ask me. Anyway, she drove without really noticing where she was going and ended up near a mall. Not her exact definition of fun but ok, she'll give it a try. She went to the parking lot and parked her car as near to the exit as she could, making sure there was no way any car could make it difficult for her to exit. She slipped out of the car with her purse, and gigantic pink glasses on hand and quickly looked herself in the mirror. She was ok, not as pretty as she'd like to, but ok.
She walked towards the entrance calmly, unlike the other teenagers that were rushing into the glass doors.
/It's just a freaking mall, people! Relax!/,She thought to herself. She passed the security guard and walked around, deciding to get something containing coffee. She walked to the coffee stand and asked for a coffee frappuchino.
"Bailey's, right?" The lady asked. Alice went there so much that she already recognized her.
"No," Alice stated, getting a confused look from the lady, "I quitted drinking" She explained. The lady smiled hugely at her and nodded. "Would you like a brownie with it, sweetie?"

Bert sat on the plane, looking out the window. He felt a tugging from his shirt and turned around to see Daniel looking at him.
"What up?" Bert asked, removing his earplugs.
"I want food. I'm hungry." He stated.
"I'm hungry too, but we'll have to wait for the food lady" Bert replied, lifting his head to see if the damn lady was anywhere in sight.
"No," Daniel said in a breath, "Alice made us food. She put it in your backpack"
"No she didn't"
"Yes she did. I watched her do it. She told me it was a secret."
Bert furrowed his brow and took his backpack from under his chair. He undid the zipper and looked inside. Sure enough there was one of those mini fridge thingies that hold heat and cold better. Bert opened it up and found several sandwiches inside Ziploc bags and a container full of muffins. There was a small thermos that had chocolate milk and another one containing black coffee. Bert smiled at Alice's scribble on a small paper,

"I lv u 2 jst nt n tht wy.

"I love you too, just not in that way.

It was already seven o clock and Alice was heading home. Of course, there was quite a lot of traffic, which helped her a lot. After half and hour she got home and parked. She walked up the stairs, passing by the elevator and up to where the porter was. She talked to him a bit and handed him a plastic bag with some goodies for him to have on New Year's. She felt sorry for him, the poor bastard had to work on New Year's. She glanced to the surveillance screens and noticed there was someone sitting in the building's entrance. Black from head to toe.
"who's that?" She asked the porter.
"No idea. He's been there for about four hours. All alone. He's been smoking but apart from that he's done nothing. That's why I haven't called the police. The guy sort of shifted his head to the side for a fraction of a second, but that's all Alice needed. She walked to the door and opened it and nervously walked to the guy and tapped his shoulder.
He turned around to look at her, and she was almost sure his eyes had gleamed at the sight of her. For the first time Gerard gave Alice a sincere, huge smile. That kind of smile that tears you to pieces. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her from the floor, just smelling her, feeling her. He was happy and so was she.
"What are you doing here?" Alice asked when she got her breath back.
"I'm here for you. Frank told me on Christmas that you were home. Shit, I didn't know anything about anything, Alice. I'm such an ass. I'm sorry"
Alice's mouth dropped open, "Wait, you're what?" Gerard smiled sheepishly at her, "I said I'm sorry".
His perfect hazel eyes were staring straight at her and his hands were un top of hers. She lunge herself to him and kissed him passionately, even more than the first time they kissed. They stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity, just was amazing.
"Guess I'll have to say that more often" Gerard said when he got his breath back.
"You know, you could've stayed there forever and I wouldn't see you"
"What do you mean?"
"I park my car in the building's parking lot so there was no way I'd ever see you here"
"Shit, I didn't think about that. Then how did you see me?"
She explained as she walked him to the building's entrance and up the stairs to the elevator.
"Oh, I see. Where are we going?"
"We're going upstairs since I'm sure you don't have anywhere to go"
"I don't. But don't you have New Year's plans?"
"I have new ones now"

Alice had called everyone and told them she wasn't feeling that well, that she had eaten something that had her vomiting. She strictly said that anyone who tried to come near her will be kicked out, that she was pissed and that she didn't want to have anyone around.
Gerard and her were watching the Times Square thing. It was less than a minute for it to drop. They had been sitting there, not talking, just watching and eating some popcorn. Then it was seconds for it to drop, and they started making out. The ball dropped and Alice's hand rested on Gerard's buckle.
"Happy New Year" He wished her.
"Oh, it is going to be a happy new year for you, mister" She said, kissing him and biting his lip while undoing his pants. She had been longing to do this a long, long time ago. And now she had the perfect occasion.

Gerard slipped on top of her and removed her skirt, leggings and panties after stepping out of his jeans and boxers quickly. He didn't need to wait more, he was already hard and he trusted inside her, getting a satisfying moan in return.

He wanted her.

His pace quickened and it wasn't long till he felt her harden around the length of him. He was caressing her thin, smooth body. She arched her back when he trusted harder, faster.

Not only in a sexual kind of way.

She moaned his name, receiving a smile from him. She arched her back to meet his trust and bit his neck in that soft spot.
Biting and sucking.
Biting and sucking.

/He wanted her to be his/.

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