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He Needs You - APRIL 20

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Mikey has trouble coping and Monica makes an important call.

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Gerard spent a restless night sleeping in the reclining chair the orderly had brought into Monica's room. It wasn't that the chair was all that uncomfortable; it was that his mind that wouldn't let him sleep. When he closed his eyes he would see Monica laying on the gurney at the accident scene. His heart had stopped at the sight; he had truly believed she was dead. It was that horrible image that kept him awake. Around 4:00 am he finally fell into a fitful sleep.
Monica opened her eyes and tried to focus. Things were blurry but finally her eyesight cleared. She smiled when she saw Gerard sleeping next to her bed in the chair. He had spent the night next to her and she couldn't even remember falling asleep. The last thing she could remember was talking to him and the girls.
Slowly she tried to pull herself up. It was a painful process but soon she was sitting upright. It felt like a major victory. Feeling pain she looked down and saw that her hand was bandaged. She wondered if it was broken but more importantly she wondered if anyone had told her. She hoped not, because she didn't want to believe something was wrong with her memory.
A nurse walked in and smiled, "Good morning. How are you feeling?" She whispered noticing that Gerard was sleeping.
"My hand hurts." She said softly.
The nurse nodded, "It's broken, honey. I can get you something for the pain if you like." She worked at checking Monica's blood pressure and temperature as she talked. "My name is Paula and I'm your nurse until the day shift gets here at 8:00"
Monica looked at the older woman "Is it Sunday?" she asked slowly.
"It sure is, see you know what day it is and believe it or not you are actually speaking a bit better."
"It will get better?" she was afraid to ask.
"Every day it will get better." The nurse assured her. "Blood pressure and temp are good. The doctor is going to want you to get up and start to move around today. It won't be easy but I don't want you to get discouraged, OK?"
Monica just nodded. The nurse looked over at Gerard, "That's a fine looking man you've got there. My youngest granddaughter has such a crush on him.' She laughed, "Nothing for you to worry about, she's eleven."
Monica smiled, "I tell him he's beautiful he gets mad."
Paula laughed, "Yea, he's beautiful. He hardly slept last night. Every time I came in to check your vitals he was awake, looking at you or holding your hand. That man's got it bad for you."
"I love him so much" Monica said looking over at him. He was sleeping with his mouth open and looked so adorable.
"I'm going to go see if I can get your breakfast earlier than normal cause I bet you're hungry."
Monica smiled, " I am." She paused and tried to speak clearly, "Can I get up and go to the bathroom?"
"Do you think you are strong enough?" the nurse asked, "If not we will have to wait until I can get another one of the nurses on duty to help."
"I can help" Gerard's voice startled both of them.
"Did we wake you up, sugar?" Paula asked, "We were trying to be quiet as church mice."
"Nope, I just woke up on my own. Let's help her to the bathroom so she can get some breakfast." He stood and stretched. "I'll probably steal some of it off her plate."
Paula looked at him and laughed happily, "Sugar, for you, I'll steal you your very own plate."
Out in the parking lot, which was reserved for doctors, Mikey and Alicia were walking towards the hospital entrance. The band members had been told to use this entrance because the main one was swarming with fans and the press. Alicia yawned, took another sip of her Caffe Verona and sighed. Mikey had been in such a hurry to get back to the hospital that she had to beg him to stop at Starbucks. She had gotten an Italian Roast for him but he had yet to take a sip.
"You go check on Monica and Gee and I will head up to Ray's room" Mikey told her as they walked into the hospital.
"Mikey it's so early they both are probably still sleeping." She had to rush to keep up with him.
He wasn't listening to her. In his mind he was picturing himself walking into Ray's room and finding that he had come out of the coma. Maybe he thought, just maybe that's what I'll see.
At the Way house Donna sat the large stack of pancakes in the middle of the kitchen table and frowned at Kelly and Kara. "Now you two need to eat your breakfast. I know you are in a hurry to get to the hospital to see your mom but breakfast first."
"I just want to see her." Kelly said, "Last night she fell asleep and I didn't get to tell her goodbye before we left."
"I talked to Gerard a few minutes ago and you mom is doing just fine. She was eating her breakfast and feeling much better."
"Is she taking better?" Kara asked while leaning across the table and taking a pancake.
"Gerard didn't say but he did say she was enjoying her breakfast. Now eat up and as soon as you're done we will head over to see her." Donna told them.
"Well I for one plan to enjoy my breakfast" Don told them as he walked into the kitchen. He sat down at the table after giving Donna a wink.
Frank and Jamia's apartment was silent until Jamia screamed, "Frank, Frank, come quick"
He jumped out of bed and rushed to her side. She was sitting on the sofa hunched over holding her stomach. "What's wrong?"
She looked up at him with one of the most beautiful smiles he had ever seen, "Frankie, I felt them move. I just felt our babies move."
He placed his hand by hers. After several minutes of waiting there was a flutter under the palm of his hand. "Fucking awesome" he muttered.
Jamia placed her hand over his, "Yea, it is."
Back at Mikey and Alicia's apartment Bob rolled over and looked at the clock. Frank and Jamia were picking him up in an hour on their way to the hospital. He wondered if there had been any change in Ray. Would anyone think to tell him if there was? Probably not. He sighed and tired not to be bitter. The rest of the guys had known each other for years. He was like the new kid who joins the group but no matter how you look at it, is still the new kid. He closed his eyes, shit he just wanted Ray to wake up and be all right. He wanted to be with these guys for years to come so maybe, just maybe he wouldn't be the new kid anymore.
In Monica's hospital room Gerard smiled, "Paula that was the best stolen breakfast I've ever had."
"Oh you hush, pretty boy. You don't want me to get in trouble do you?" she teased. She checked Monica's plate and saw that most of the food was gone. "Now did you eat all this or was he stealing off your plate?"
"I ate most myself," she said slowly.
"Well that's just fine. In a little bit I want pretty boy to help you get up out of this bed and take a little stroll. Just down the hall and back. You can just lean on him which I'm sure he won't mind at all."
Monica nodded, "I will"
Paula passed Alicia as she pushed open the door and walked in. One look and they could see she had been crying. "Gee, it's Mikey"
He went to her, "What happened?"
"We got here and he wanted to go see Ray right away. I really think that he had convinced himself that Ray would be out of the coma. I was supposed to come and see you guys first but I followed him. When he saw that there wasn't any change in Ray he just sank to the floor and started crying. He's still there I can't make him stop." She was sobbing.
Gerard put his arm around her, "Come on lets go talk to him" He looked over a Monica sadly and her heart went out to him.
Monica felt her own tears wetting her cheeks. If only she hadn't gone to the car to get her purse and his phone. Suddenly she remembered Ray's cell phone. She had put it in her hoodie pocket. Was it still there? She looked at the closet across the room. Slowly she moved her feet and legs until she could dangle them off the side of the bed. When she felt ready she lowered them to the floor and stood. She was shaky at first but the feeling passed. One small step at a time she made her way across the room. It was a difficult and slow process. When she got to the closet door she rested a few minutes before opening it. She spotted her clothes in a bag. Lifting them out she saw they had dried blood on them and tried to ignore the bloodstains as she reached into the pocket. Her fingers closed around the phone. It took her several minutes to get back across the room and into the chair. It was easier sitting in the chair than trying to get back into the bed. Monica rested again then flipped open the phone hopping it hadn't been damaged. It appeared to be in working order. She had a bit of trouble with the small buttons but finally found the number she was looking for. Taking a deep breath she waited until the call was answered, "Christa, I'm a friend of Ray's. He needs you."
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