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I Just Know - APRIL 21

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Mikey is losing his faith. A welcome visitor arrives and Kelly isn't worried anymore.

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Mikey sat on the floor by Ray's bed with his head down. By the time Alicia returned with Gerard in tow, he had dried his face. Gerard walked over to him and squatted down, "Mikey, come on let's talk."
"There's nothing to talk about, Gee. Ray's gone, he's gone from us. It's over, everything is over." His voice was dead and it sent a shot of fear through Gerard. He couldn't lose Mikey again to the darkness.
"Mikey, it's not over. Fuck, think how pissed Ray is to hear you talk like that."
Mikey stood, "Gerard he's right there but he fucking can't hear us."
Alicia stood by the door crying softly. Her husband was letting go again and she didn't know how to help him. "Mikey" she sobbed, "Please Mikey." She couldn't say anymore.
Her voice, her sobbing caused him to close his eyes. 'What am I doing?' He wondered.' I have a wife I have to take care of her, I promised.' He turned to her. "Alicia, I'm sorry.," he whispered.
She looked up at him, "Mikey, I need you. Please don't go away again."
He knew what she meant, please don't let go of reality. "I need you too," he said walking towards her. She met him halfway and they fell into each other's arms. He kissed her passionately.
Gerard watched them a moment, took one more look at Ray then slipped out into the hall. Ray's mom touched his arm. "Mikey is hurting" she said it as a statement. "He needs to have more faith. Raymond will wake up."
"How can you be so sure?" he asked. He knew it was wrong to question her conviction but he was close to losing his control.
Her smile was patient, "Raymond has so much more in life to accomplish, I have always known this." She placed her hand on her chest, "My heart tells me."
Gerard had no idea what to say. The door to Ray's room opened and Mikey and Alicia walked out. Gerard noticed his brother still looked upset and lost.
"We are going to talk to your mom and dad," Alicia said. She had he arm around Mikey and led him down the hall.
"You go, too." Ray's mother told Gerard, "I'm going to talk to Raymond, come and talk to him later." She all but excused Gerard.
He was almost back to Monica's room when he spotted Brian walking towards him. "Gerard, we need to talk."
"There's a lounge at the end of the hall" Gerard told him leading the way. Once they were seated he asked, "About the tour?"
Brian sighed, "The tour, Ray, the Press, Monica, shit what don't we need to talk about." Gerard couldn't ever remember seeing Brian this upset.
"We'll have to cancel the European tour, shit maybe the whole fucking thing." He looked around wondering if anyone would catch him if he tried to light a cigarette.
"Gerard, I know that seems like the best answer, but is it? Would Ray want you to do that and what about your brother? I just saw Mikey, man he's gonna loose it. He needs to get away from all this shit. Have him take Alicia on the tour, so she can stay close to him."
Gerard sat back in his seat and closed his eyes. "Fuck, Brian I don't know what to say. I know Mikey is on the edge but how can we leave Ray? And how can I leave Monica? Have you fucking talked to her? It's hard for her to speak, I'm scared shitless about it."
Brian was surprised, "I thought the doctor said it wasn't that unusual?"
"Yea, he said that but that doesn't keep me from being upset. I just want her back the way she was. I want Ray back the way he was. I want Mikey back the way he was. I just want my life to be like it fucking was before the bitch took it from me."
Brian knew he had to tell Gerard about the call from the police. "Jenn is being held without bail. Gerard she may never stand trial for this," he said quietly.
Gerard sat up and glared, "What the fuck?"
"They are going to run tests to see if she is competent to stand trial. The district attorney I spoke with doubts it. She's been telling the detective that God told her to kill Monica." He waited for Gerard to speak but he just sat there shaking his head. "What are we gonna do?" Brian finally asked.
"Wait for Ray" Gerard said, "Wait for Toro to wake up."
Monica was wondering where Gerard was when her door was slowly pushed open. An attractive auburn headed woman with glasses peered in, "Monica?"
"Christa" She guessed. Monica could tell she had been crying.
"Thank you for calling me. I didn't know what to do; I've been so scared. I heard about the accident early this morning and wanted to come to the hospital but I wasn't sure if I should. I mean I've never met any of Ray's family or friends."
"He was ready for us to meet." Monica told her slowly. She had told Christa on the phone about her head injury and speech problems. She had told her about Ray, how he had saved her life. She had told her about the coma. Christa sat down in the chair by Monica's bed and blinked back tears, " I want to see him but his family won't even know who I am."
The door opened and Bob, Kara and Kelly walked in. "Mama" Kelly said happily, "you look much better."
Bob glanced over at Christa. Monica smiled, "Bob this is Ray's girlfriend Christa."
Bob was shocked, "Oh hello" he said not knowing what else to say.
Kara introduced herself and Kelly. "The guys have been wondering about you.," she told Christa.
Christa smiled sadly, "I wish we could have met under better circumstances." She turned to Monica "I want to see him."
Kelly was looking at Christa closely, "He will be happy to see you."
Monica looked at her youngest daughter. Kelly smiled brightly, "He will, really. I just know that when she talks to him everything will be all right."
Kara whispered, "You shouldn't say stuff like that. You know Ray's in a coma."
"I know that, Kara" Kelly gave her sister an evil look, "I also know that when Christa talks to Ray he will hear her, he'll wake up."
Christa looked at Monica for guidance. Monica was as shocked as she was. Christa looked at Kelly and wondered what it was about this young girl that gave her hope. She took a leap of faith, "I'm going to talk to Ray now." she stood, "Kelly will you come with me? You can show me where Ray's room is."
Kelly who had been perched at the foot of Monica's bed jumped up, "Sure, I'll explain to Ray's mom who you are. That was you don't have to waste time getting to Ray."
Gerard walked into the room just as Kelly and Christa were walking out. "Hey Gerard" Kelly said giving him a hug, "This is Christa, Ray's girlfriend. I'm taking her to his room."
"Oh OK, hi Christa" Gerard looked as confused as everyone else. That is everyone but Kelly. They walked out and Gerard sat down by the bed. "Where's Mikey and Alicia?" he asked.
Bob answered, "I saw them with Frank and Jamia in the lobby."
Gerard wondered what was going on, "So Christa just showed up?"
Monica shook her head, "No, I called her. I still had Ray's cell. I went to the car to get it that's when Jenn tried to kill me." She wished she could explain in more detail but she was tired of speaking so slowly.
He nodded and took her hand in his, "You really are speaking better, honey."
She half smiled not knowing if she should believe him.
"It's good she went to see Ray" Gerard said.
Monica looked over at Bob and Kara who were still shocked by Kelly's prediction. "She went to wake him up" Monica said. Gerard wondered if he had heard her correctly.
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