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On His Way Back - APRIL 22

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Kelly takes Christa to see Ray.

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"She went to wake him up?" he repeated the words slowly still not believing he had heard correctly.
Kara answered, "Kelly told Christa that she was sure that when she talked to him he would wake up." She looked at Bob, "My sister confuses me."
Gerard was letting Kelly's words sink in. He couldn't help but have hope she might just be right. She had certainly been right before when she had known something bad was going to happen. Could she really be right about this?
Bob cleared his throat, "I just hope she didn't get Christa's hopes up for nothing. I mean we all have been talking to Ray and there's been no change. We should really fill her in on what the doctor told us last night."
"She seems really nice." Kara added, "This has got to be so hard for her. I really wish Kelly hadn't said what she did."
Gerard looked at Monica, "Maybe she's right. I mean she knew something bad was going to happen before it did. What if she can really feel that something good is going to happen before it does?"
"What do you mean she knew something bad was going to happen before it did?" Bob asked. He followed Kara who had moved closer to the bed and put his arm around her.
"Kelly told you something bad was going to happen to mom?" Kara was surprised. She wondered why her sister hadn't told her.
"The night before the accident she told me she had a really bad feeling that something was going to happen. Then that morning she called me because the feeling still hadn't gone away. So why can't this be the same thing except in a positive way?" Gerard wondered.
Up on the Intensive Care floor Kelly showed Christa where Ray's room was located. They stopped in front of the door. "That was Ray's mom coming out as we got off the elevator. I will go and talk to her, you go ahead in and see Ray." she gave Christa an encouraging smile.
"Thanks Kelly" Christa said. She took a deep breath and pushed open the door. The sight of Ray in the hospital bed with all the monitors and IV tubes caused her to stop. She blinked back her tears and walked to the side of his bed. Slowly she reached out and touched his hand.
"Ray, honey it's me." She was at a loss for words. What do you say to the man you love when your not sure he can even hear you? She took a deep breath, "I love you Raymond Ortiz-Toro and you better wake the hell up. I'm meeting your friend and family without you and it sucks. You promised me that when I met them they would like me. Well what if they don't? What if they don't think I should be here? I have to be here Ray, I have to be with you. I can't even think of my life without you so damn it this is where I will stay until you wake up." She was crying as she leaned across the bed to kiss his lips.
Ray could hear a voice; he could feel something pressed against his lips. With every fiber of his being he forced open his eyes. "Christa" the word was forced out but was barely a whisper.
Christa blinked, "Oh my God, Ray," she cried. "Ray your awake."
He blinked several times. "Where?" She had to lean foreword to hear him.
"You are in the hospital, Ray I've got to get a doctor. They need to know you are awake." she turned and ran for the door. She pulled it open and crashed into Gerard.
"He's awake, he spoke to me." she cried.
Gerard pushed past her. He looked at Ray whose eyes were closed again. "Ray?"
Slowly Ray's eyes opened, "Gee" He wanted to say more but it took too much effort.
Gerard turned to Christa, "Stay with him, I'll go get the doctor and his mom. He rushed out into the hall.
Christa returned to Ray's bedside. His eyes were closed again and it frightened her, "Ray?"
This time his eyes remained shut. "Ray?" she said again but got no response. She started sobbing.
Ray's mom was suddenly beside her. "Tell me, please."
Christa looked at her, "He opened his eyes and said my name, he asked where he was." she tried to slow down, "He said Gerard's name too."
"Thank you God." His mother uttered.
Christa looked at her, "But he's won't answer now." She was confused and scared.
The doctor came in "I understand we've had some good news" he smiled.
Christa looked at them both, "I don't understand," she finally said. The doctor explained to her that she had witnessed a very hopeful moment in Ray's recovery.
After Gerard talked to the doctor he went to tell everyone the good news. Ray's mom and Christa sat by his bed waiting for the next time he would open his eyes. It gave them time to get to know each other.
Gerard had everyone meet in Monica's room. Telling them all at once seemed the easiest thing. He had already called Brian and had given him an update. Brian had been speechless when Gerard gave him the news.
Now they were all gathered in Monica's room wondering why Gerard had wanted them all together. Bob, Kara and Monica had a feeling that what they were about to hear was something very good.
Gerard walked in with his arm around Kelly. He looked at all his friends and his parents and smiled.
"What the hell is going on?" Frank asked. He and Jamia had just arrived at the hospital and were talking to Don and Donna in the waiting room when Kelly had asked them all to come to her mom's room.
Gerard noticed that Mikey and Alicia weren't in the room. "Where's Mikey?" he asked.
"He and Alicia went for a walk." Donna said, "Gerard what is this all about?"
Mikey and Alicia walked in, it was obvious Mikey was upset, "What's happening? I told mom I would be right back but when we got back everyone was gone."
Gerard hugged him, "Bro, I've got news." He stepped back and looked around the room. "Ray came out of the coma."
The room exploded with questions. He held up his hand, "Hold on let me explain. Monica remembered she had Ray's cell. It was one of the things she went back to the car for right before the accident. She called Ray's girlfriend, Christa."
"How did you know his girlfriend?" Frank asked.
Monica smiled, "Almost every call on the log was to her."
Mikey couldn't contain his happiness, "Can we see him?"
"Let me tell you the whole story and what the doctor said." Gerard knew he had to make them all understand this was just a small victory.
"So when Christa got here she came to see Monica first. It was hard for her not knowing Ray's family or us. While she and Monica were talking Kelly here." He paused and put his arm around her once again, "Kelly told Christa what when she talked to Ray he would wake up."
"Holy..." Frank censored himself. "Kelly how could you know that?"
She blushed knowing they were all looking at her, "I can't explain, it was just a feeling I had."
"My sister the psychic" Kara said, "I can't believe you were right."
"Kelly, why don't you explain what happened next?" Gerard said giving her a look of encouragement.
Kelly nodded, "Well I took Christa to Ray's room and she went in while I stayed in the waiting room with his mom. I explained to her who Christa was and that I thought it was all going to be all right. We were talking when Gerard came running out of Ray's room and told us that Ray had come out to the coma. I just wish that his mom could have heard him talk."
"What do you mean?" Mikey said, "I thought Ray was out of the coma." He was trying to remain calm.
"Mikey remember what the doctor said, that when a coma patient first comes out of the coma it is usually just for a short period of time."
"You mean he's back in the coma?" Mikey was growing more and more agitated.
"He just went back to sleep, not like before. The doctor said that the next time he wakes up it should be for a longer amount of time. Look this is great news, Ray knew Christa and he knew me. That was important. Christa and his mom are sitting with him now. They will let us know when he wakes up again."
Mikey sank into the chair by the bed, "Toro is gonna be OK" he said more to himself than anyone else.
Gerard nodded, "Yea, Ray is on his way back to us."
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