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Make Her Go - APRIL 24

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Mikey has an unsettling conversation with Ray. Gerard returns to the hospital.

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The press was having a field day with the fact that Gerard Way's fiancée and his band mate were almost killed by her sister-in-law. The evening paper ran the story complete with photos of Monica and her husband. Gerard had never seen a photo of the man and the hatred he felt looking at the paper was overwhelming. The press was quoting unidentified sources that said Jenn had been acting on God's orders to kill Monica. The story of her husband's death was brought up with one source even mentioning the police had thought his death was suspicious.
Gerard threw the paper down in disgust. He didn't want Monica to see or hear about it. He didn't want the girls to see it either. With a sinking feeling he realized that was all wishful thinking on his part. He just wanted to be at her side when she saw the paper so he grabbed a few items he was taking back to the hospital and headed for his car. It was almost 7:00 pm and he felt bad he had slept so long. His mom and the girls had already left for the hospital.
Mikey sat with Ray and hoped he would wake up soon. He had sent Alicia and Christa down to the cafeteria for dinner. His suggestion that they go out to dinner had been vetoed by Christa, didn't want to leave Ray for that long. He leaned back and closed his eyes.
"Mikey" Ray's voice was slowly getting stronger.
Mikey sat up and smiled, "Ray, dude, How you feeling?" He scooted the chair closer to the bed.
"Like shit" Ray answered. "What day?"
"It's Sunday evening."
Ray tried to sit up so Mikey helped him pulling his pillows up. "That better?"
"Yea, drink?" Ray's mouth was dry, his lips parched.
Mikey grabbed the glass of the table and poured some water from the pitcher. He held it to Ray's lips. Ray drank slowly, he never thought water could taste so good. When he was done Mikey put the glass on the table and sat back down.
Ray looked at him, "You look bad"
Mikey laughed, "Thanks dude. It's your fault I look bad." He continued, "Fuck man I was so worried about you."
"Worry too much" Ray told him. He closed his eyes briefly then forced them back open. "Christa?"
"Down with Alicia getting dinner. Man, she's cool, we all like her. She's been here all day. Monica called her you know. She had your cell phone and found her number. Christa had just heard about the accident and was afraid cause we didn't know her. Guess she thought we wouldn't believe she was your girlfriend of something."
Ray just looked at him.
"She really loves you. She's already talking about taking time off from her job so she can nurse you back to health." Mikey told him with a grin.
"No" Ray said. His tone surprised Mikey. "Don't want her to."
"What? Why not." Mikey was confused by Ray's statement.
"Don't want her here. Tell her to go" Ray said, "Promise."
Mikey didn't know what to say. He started to ask why again but Ray had closed his eyes and didn't respond when Mikey tried to talk to him.
Gerard stopped at the floral department of the local grocery story and picked up a bouquet of mixed flowers on the way to the hospital. The flowers were a bit wilted but since it was Sunday night and the florist was closed they would have to do. It's the thought that counts he told himself. Once he arrived at the hospital he gathered up all the items he had brought and made his way up to Monica's room.
Kara and Bob were just walking out, "Hey Gerard" Bob said when he saw him, "How's it going?"
"Well I slept too fucking long" Gerard answered, "But I guess Monica has had plenty of company."
"Yea, there is a room full of people." Kara smiled. "We're on our way up to see Ray. He's been in and out all day. Mikey got to talk to him last." She had a strange look on her face, "I'm not sure but I think maybe Ray said or did something that upset Mikey. He just left a few minutes ago with Alicia. They were going up to talk to Ray's mom."
"Well shit," Gerard moaned, "Mikey can't catch a break. Is my mom here?"
Kara shook her head, "Nope she and your dad were here earlier but they went out to eat. They are gonna pick up Kelly around nine. Bob and I are going out to eat after we see Ray."
"Have a good time and don't do anything I wouldn't do" Gerard teased.
"Cute, Gerard" Kara told him.
Gerard walked into Monica's room and was surprised to see so many people. Frank and Jamia were standing by the window along with Kelly and Christa. What really surprised him was seeing Bert sitting in the chair next to Monica's bed.
"Hey Gee-Man" Bert said standing up. "Where the hell you been?" As if he didn't feel bad enough he has slept so long Bert had to point it out.
He decided to ignore the question and instead walked over to Monica and leaned down to kiss her. "Sorry I didn't get back sooner" he whispered against her lips.
"I missed you," she told him.
He sat his bag on the bed along with the cane he had brought for her to use. "Sorry looking flowers but these were all they had." He handed her the bouquet.
Bert looked over his shoulder. "Man, those look half dead." He gave Gerard an evil grin, "You can but them over there by the roses I brought."
Gerard looked over at the beautiful large bouquet of roses and sighed. His flowers looked like shit next to Bert's.
Monica didn't want to hurt his feelings. "Thank you honey, I love these." She looked down at the pitiful bunch of flowers. "Kelly can you add a bit of water to these and set them right here by my bed?"
Kelly took them from her mom. She didn't want to hurt Gerard's feeling either, "These are so pretty" she said sweetly.
Gerard knew what they were doing and he smiled. He picked up the cane and showed it to Monica. This is for your walk in the morning. I used this when Frank tried to cripple me for life while we were shooting the video for "Famous Last Words."
"Way you are such a cry baby" Frank said, "Shit all I did was tackle him and he still acts like I practically killed him."
Gerard glanced over at him, "Tore the ligaments in my ankle." He reminded all of them. "Very painful" he added for dramatic effect.
Frank laughed, "Get over it, Gerard" He took Jamia's hand. "Hey we're gonna head on home. Got to get mommy-to-be home and in bed."
"That's how she got to be Mommy-to-be." Bert giggled.
"Funny." Jamia said giving him a smile. "Actually that's not where but since we have a young pair of ears here I won't say anymore."
Kelly looked up from the flowers she was trying to rearrange to make them look better. "Pleeeease" she rolled her eyes.
Bert noticed that Monica was yawning, "Hey, I'm gonna take off. If it's OK I'll stop by tomorrow on my way to the airport to see you."
"Where are you going?" Gerard asked. He wondered by Bert was leaving as soon as he arrived.
"California, to shoot a video. I was actually supposed to be there today but when I heard about the accident I changed my flight until tomorrow." He leaned down and kissed Monica's cheek. "See you tomorrow"
Donna walked in as Frank, Jamia and Bert walked out. "Kelly you ready to head home? I know we said we would pick you up at nine but Don's tired and wants to get home."
Kelly shrugged, "Sure, mom's about to fall asleep anyway" she smiled at Monica and gave her a kiss. "Love you mama," she said. She gave Gerard a hug and followed Donna out.
"I'm going to head back up to Ray's room." Christa told them. "See you in the morning" Gerard waited until she was gone before he spoke to Monica. "How long was Bert here?"
"I had just fallen asleep after you left when he showed up." She yawned again and was growing so sleepy.
Gerard didn't say anything else. He settled himself in his reclining chair and prepared to try to get some sleep.
"Gee you really don't have to stay here tonight. I know that can't be too comfortable for you." Monica wondered why he had a strange look on his face.
"You don't want me to stay?"
She wondered why he has acting so strangely, "Of course I want you to stay but I'm worried about you not being comfortable."
He nodded, "This is just fine." He reached over and switched off her light. The room was only partly in darkness. Hospitals have a sneaky way of having a small amount of light in each room.
Monica looked over at Gerard and once more wondered what was wrong. She was about to ask when he spoke in a soft whisper. "Sorry my flowers sucked."
"Gerard Way, are you jealous cause Bert was here?" She could hardly believe it.
"I just feel like a shit cause I slept so long and didn't get back up here until late." He told her honestly.
"Honey, I'm glad you got some sleep. I have a feeling you aren't going to sleep much tonight so that was good. I wish I wasn't so tired so I could talk to you all night." She sighed and added, "And I love your flowers. Now one more thing, you didn't give me a goodnight kiss so you better get over here and fix that."
Gerard smiled to himself. He was more than happy to fix that.
Christa got off the elevator and walked to Ray's room. There was a nurse taking his vitals so she decided to head towards the waiting room to see if Ray's mom was still at the hospital. Christa had told her earlier that she wanted to spend the night watching over Ray. His mom had smiled and told her that was fine. As she got closer she heard her name and stopped just outside the door. It was Mikey speaking.
"I don't know what to do. Ray made me promise to make Christa leave. He said he didn't want her here."
Out in the hall Christa backed slowly away from the waiting room. She blinked back tears as she turned to walk away.
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