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Jess' revenge

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Chapter 34

Gerard and Alice were on the airport. Gerard needed to go home, but he promised he would come back some time soon.
"I promise. I will call every night. You sure you don't want to come with me?"
"Positive. Not right now, at least." Alice responded, resting her head on his shoulder as they waited for his flight to come.
"Okay" Gerard said, shoving a piece of gum unto his mouth and offering one to Alice.
"So then what are you planning to do now? I mean, you are coming back to the band, right?" Gerard asked, trying to start a conversation.
"Yeah...Our manager thought it would be awesome if we did an international tour on our own. So we're deciding on where to go...Think it's a good idea?"
"For sure. It would be awesome, Alice! I'll miss you a lot, though" Gerard shrugged, slightly blushing.
"Awwww! Isn't that cute!" She shrieked like a school girl while stretching Gerard's cheeks. He groaned and put a hand over her mouth. They were going incognito, so her shrieking wouldn't help much. Some people eyed them suspiciously.
"Be careful" Gerard spat. Alice pouted and kissed his forehead while standing up.
"I'm going to the bathroom for a sec, 'kay?" She said and went off without waiting for a response. Gerard groaned and slipped into the uncomfortable airport chair.
Alice entered the bathroom and splashed some water on her face. She shrieked as she noticed the smudged makeup.
"SHIT!" she yelped and quickly fixed her makeup once more. Someone laughed behind her and she turned to see Alicia. Alice lowered her gaze, embarrassed.
"It happens all the time, don't worry" Alicia said, fixing her own makeup over the mirror. "Don't I know you from somewhere?" She inquired as her electric blue rested on Alice's.
"Yeah, I'm Alice. From Last Word met me a year and some months ago" She replied, taking her purse from the floor.
"Oh, yeah! I remember! So whatcha doin' here toddler?"
"I live here, I'm accompanying Gerard,"
"Oh...wait, as in Way?"
"You guys dating?"
"sort of...What are you doing here?"
"Some business"
Alice's phone vibrated against her thigh and she read Gerard's text:
They called my plane. Hurry
"Shit, Gerard's plane was called. Bye Alicia, nice to see you!" Alice said as she opened the bathroom door.
"SHIT! It's probably my flight too!"
They met Gerard and sure enough it was Alicia's flight too. She said goodbye to Alice and entered. Gerard hugged Alice tight and pressed his lips against hers before taking his backpack.
"Remember to call" Alice said for the hundredth time.
"I will. Don't worry"
They kissed once more and Gerard went inside, waving and smiling.
She was alone again.

After an hour or so the plane finally went and Alice returned to the parking lot to fetch her car. She walked in a steady pace looking for it. She hated parking lots, always forgot just where the hell her car was parked. She finally spotted it and turned the keys to open it. She found it was already unlocked.
She shrugged it off and entered the car anyway. She closed the door and was startled by cold metal against her back.
"Don't turn around" A rough voice hissed, "Go downtown". Were the man's orders. Alice turned the engine to live and tried very hard to act casual. I was extremely difficult.
'God, I'm so dead' She kept telling herself. As they were nearing the exit she needed to give her parking ticket to the officer. She searched for it on her purse after explaining and before she lowered the window that same rough voice spoke again, "play it cool"
She gave the man the ticket and drove downtown carefully, not rushing but not extremely slow. She was too afraid to look in the mirror for his kidnapper or whatever the hell he was.
Shit, this was going to be the end of her, she was so sure of that. She just did what she was told. He ordered her to stop at a Starbucks.
"Excuse me, /where/?" Alice asked, shocked.
"You heard me. Starbucks" The man stated. Halfway down the word Starbucks he coughed and his voice sounded different. Alice was too afraid to say any other remark. She just kept on driving.
There some noises from the back seat. By now she was pretty sure there were at least two people on her backseat; one pressing the metal against her skin and the other one looking for something. Alice stopped outside Starbucks and parked while the man ordered, "Buy me a Vanilla Bean" This time Alice couldn't help it but turn around.
Shit, it was probably a mistake.
That guy was so shooting her ass now.
Maybe he'd rape her first.
Shit, she was so dead.
She found Jess laughing his head off with Barrios on the back seat instead of creepy kidnappers.
"YOU GOTTA BE FREAKING KIDDING ME!" Alice yelled as tears splashed down her face.
"THAT'S NOT FUNNY YOU GUYS!!!" Alice sobbed, cradling her head on her hands trying to reduce the headache she had from stress.
"I'mmm...ssoooorrrryyy!!!" Barrios and Jess laughed. They were obviously not sorry. Jess' hand landed on Alice's shoulder.
"Don't touch me you sick bastard!" Alice screamed, taking her keys and purse while stumbling out of the car. She sat on the sidewalk trembling. She had been so scared.
Those bastards.
Sick, sick, sick bastards.
The worst part is, it didn't even surprise her.
"What the hell did I do to you guys?!" Alice asked, extremely upset as they jumped out of the car laughing.
"You ditched us on New Year's"
"I did /what/?!" Alice asked, genuinely shocked by their vengeance on such stupid thing.
Jess stopped laughing.
"Yeah, you did. And for that greasy-haired fuck face!" Jess spat.
"huh?" Barrios asked
"Mentally and physically" Jess explained before glaring at Alice. Barrios started laughing once more.
"THAT'S NOT YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM! YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO PLAY SUCH A FILTHY TRICK ON ME, JESS! WHAT ARE YOU, FIVE? GROW THE HELL UP AND TAKE BARRIOS WITH YOU!" And with that she entered Starbucks leaving a fuming Jess and hysterically laughing Barrios outside.
People seemed to make a conspiracy against her. They all wanted her to fucking commit suicide.
They really did.

Author's Note
So yeah, I just wanted to give you guys something....peculiar to say the least. Hope you enjoyed it. This one was better than the last one, wasn't it? THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! CONTINUE TO RATE AND REVIEW PLEASE!
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