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Chapter 35

LWU sat on a comfortable red couch on the meeting office waiting for Mike to arrive. Alice was still pissed as hell with Jess, and the rest of the guys, disappointed at her to say the least. They tried not to show it much, though. Finally, Mike's slim figure approached through the glass doors. He motioned them to join him in the circular table in the middle of the room, and so they did.
"So..."Mike started as he organized some of his paperwork. "Here's the list of the places you're going this month" He handed a copy to each of them and they started reading. Alice put on her thick rimmed glasses and stared at the places that were printed beside the dates:

Mexico City, Mexico
Panamá City, Panama
Bogotá, Colombia
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Montevideo, Uruguay
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mar del Plata, Argentina
Santiago de Chile, Chile

She smiled, "Latin America, huh?" Alice smirked.
"So that's were all of those places are!" Jess smirked. Brian hit him in the back of the head.
"ANYWAY-" Mike continued.
Alice's mind was already racing. Shit, they were going to this tour, which she was sure was going to be awesome, but she would be so far away from Gerard and Bert and her family...maybe it was just what she needed, though. Gerard would need to go touring some time soon.
And Bert, well...she needed to get away from him anyway.
Her family....
Oh, what the hell. It's not like they couldn't live without her...
The tour would be perfect.
Yes, Perfect.

"See, I told you I'd call" Gerard's laughter flooded Alice's ear. She smiled broadly at no one in particular as she slouched on her sofa, flipping over the channels.
"I was starting to doubt you" She groaned as she didn't find anything on the tv and flipped it off.
They started talking about what had happened the last hours. Alice filled him in on the tour thing as she went to the kitchen instead, looking for something to eat. Gerard seemed to think it was a cool tour. She had to agree.
"So why don't, come over?" Gerard asked
"huh?" Alice chocked on the blue berry muffin she was having.
"You know, come to Jersey."
She coughed a few times trying to get the chunk down. No results. She reached for some water. There were no clean glasses. She took the jar and gulped some down, splashing water all over her shirt. She was soaking wet.
"Alice? Is everything ok?"
"Yeah, yeah...I just chocked on my muffin. Sorry. I don't know, Gerard. Your mom's place? That's just plain dirty from your part"
He laughed, "Come on, it's gonna be fun" She took the mop and started to clean the mess she had done. Of course, being soaked to her bone and her shirt and hair dripping what she had managed to clean wasn't helping.
"Fine, I'll go" She said, taking her top and pants off in the meantime.
"Your optimism is overwhelming" Gerard shot, holding back laughter.
"Your sarcasm is overpowering" Alice said in between laughs. They talk a bit longer and then she invented some lame excuse and hung up.
There was something wrong.
She could feel it.
And it wasn't being on her lace underwear soaked to the marrow.
It was something different.
Much more crushing, she should change. She could get pneumonia in this underwear. She made a mental note to buy more cotton underwear. Cute, but cotton.

Alice finished packing her suitcase. She would be leaving with her band a week and two days from now. She left the suitcase open on her bed and threw the big backpack around her shoulder. She put on her gigantic black glasses and walked out of her apartment, playing with her keys. She had already called the cab that would drive her to the airport from where she would be heading to Jersey.
After some time she arrived the airport and went through all of the mandatory procedures. In the waiting room she bought one of those music magazines and started flipping through the pages. She couldn't use her ipod since she needed to be alert to the speakers that would tell her when she needed to aboard the plane. She had a metallic sharpie and was circling anything that she thought was cute so she could buy it some time later.
As she circled a dress with a girl painted upon it she heard her plane called and advanced to where the line had already formed. She gave the ticket to the lady dressed in navy blue and boarded the plane. She looked for her seat which was on the middle, window. She hated being on first class so she had decided to go incognito. She sat and slouched to slide her backpack below her seat and her baseball cap fell off, people started staring at her blue hair that the cap had been hiding until then. As she sat straight on the chair with her ipod on one hand, magazine on the other and metal sharpie on her mouth her sunglasses slid to the tip of her nose. She snorted, making the shades fall with a soft clunk on the floor.
A tanned hand reached out and took the shades and the cap from the floor and placed it on Alice's lap safely. Alice neatly put the other things she had been holding on the small table in front of her and looked up to thank a slim, orangy, blonde guy. He gave her a toothy smile and sat right at her side.
"Thank you" Alice said, smiling at him politely.
"You're welcome Alice" The guy responded. He wasn't older than twenty one.
"Shhhh" Alice said, placing a slim and pale finger on her lush lips, "I'm incognito"
"Not a very good job" The guy casually added, giving the rest of the people apprehensive glances. Alice sighed, uselessly placing the ragged baseball cap over her shady blue hair and glasses covering her intense blue eyes as well.
"You're right" She told her.
The rest of the flight she had a polite conversation with him, mostly answering his questions and the other eager fans, which the stewardesses continuously shooed. She had quite a lot of pictures taken and was made to give thousands of millions of autographs. Well, maybe the amount was a bit smaller, considering it wasn't that big of a plane, but for Alice it seemed like that. She loved her fans but she loved naps too. And she was tired.
The only thing she wanted right now is getting to Jersey and being with Gerard.
Not anything more.

Author's Note
Okay, so I've got a HUGE idea. I'm not sure wether you guys are going to like it or not, but I think I already now how I'm going to end this story. Yeah, I've had a lot of fun writing it but it's gonna end sometime, right? Okay, RATE AND REVIEW PLEASE!
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