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back to Vegas

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Chapter 36

Alice fell into Gerard's embrace contentedly. The tanned boy passed right beside her and fortunately didn't notice who Gerard was. He just smiled and made his way to a pale-looking chick on the back. Alice thanked 'God' for that and kissed Gerard's lips fervently. He noticed she only had a big backpack with her, no gigantic suitcases and thousands of bags.
"Why did you bring such small luggage?" He asked already fretful.
"I'm only staying a week. Remember I've got the tour going on?"
"Oh yeah," he said dispassionately as he took the backpack from her thin arms. They unhurriedly walked hand in hand towards the parking lot, talking about unimportant things.
"I've got to warn you" Gerard started as they settled on his rented car, "Frankie's with us, so I can guarantee you lots of awkward moments. Oh, and Alicia is in town, Mikey and her are in their apartment, though."
Alice laughed wholeheartedly, "It's ok. I can live with that"
They talked until they finally arrived to the Way household. Alice jumped into the sidewalk and took it all in, as if she was seeing it for the first time. She sniffed the air, it smelled different: fresher.
Perhaps because she didn't have any remainders of drugs on her nostrils. She shooed the thought away and followed Gerard to the door. He was about to take out his key and open up when the door was unfastened from the inside. Mikey's skinny figure was behind the door and he grinned at Alice as he stepped aside to let them in.
"Hey Mikey..."Gerard said eagerly extending his open hand towards Alice, "Do you remember-?"
"Alice" Mikey finished gleefully before Gerard could continue, "Yeah, I do. How's it going? Alicia told me she ran into you at the airport."
"Everything's ok. Yeah, I did" Alice replied as they entered the house.
"I'm just gonna show her around" Gerard explained to Mikey as he intertwined fingers with Alice.
"Yeah, don't worry. I was heading for Starbucks, anyway. You guys want something?"
Gerard turned to Alice. She politely declined; Gerard said he didn't want anything right now. He showed her around the house and ended the tour on his lightless bedroom. "If you want we can do something about the...mmm, lighting?"
"It's okay"
Gerard smiled slyly and closed the door. Alice dropped her backpack which landed with one loud thump on the floor and curled up on the warm and cuddly bed, "You tired?" Gerard asked. In his tone it was obvious that he wasn't tired at all.
"Yeah. Tanned guy wouldn't let me sleep...kept babbling" She moaned, as she kicked out her converse to gain more comfort. Gerard slipped beside her warily and encircled her skinny little body with his arms, pushing her towards him and earning a purr of delight from her in return.
He caressed her inner thigh with his hold fingers with no obscure intention of going further in. Alice gave in to his desire not after long and pleased him until he was fully satisfied of her body, which left her even more tired than what she was at the beginning. Now she really wanted to sleep.
Her naked milky body was covered by Gerard's pale one. She shivered under his embrace and he sheltered them with thick black blankets.

A few days after Gerard and Alice were walking out of a Starbucks in a frenzied discussion as they headed to the forsaken parking lot.
"I can't believe you just said that!" Gerard roared to Alice.
"I'm sorry but I wasn't about to let that creepy guy continue to stare at me like he was! The goddam punk almost lifted my whole skirt up when he passed by an you didn't even flinch!!" She retorted heatedly.
"Well, it doesn't take much to lift that skirt up, Alice" He replied, his hands on his temples in annoyance.
"JESUS!" Alice cried as she entered the rented car and threw the door closed.
"Ummm, hey Alice-?" Frankie started to ask from the back seat.
"Not now Iero" Alice cut him of, rubbing her fingers against her temples as she hid her head on her knees. Gerard circled the car and roughly sat on the driver's seat. With one infuriated and swift swish of his hand he turned the key on the ignition and the car instantly roared into life.
"Gerard...-?" Frank started to ask as Gerard drove back home.
"This better be important Iero" He stated, looking harshly at him from the rear-view mirror.
Frank paused a moment before continuing, "Did you guys bring my latté?" He asked in barely a whisper. "Yes, sorry Frankie" Alice, said handing him a cup.
"That's mine" Gerard growled.
"No it isn't, its Frank's. You left yours on the counter before almost knocking the wind out of me."
Gerard smirked at this and continued driving, "That was so worth it" He assured plainly, his eyes rigid on the homogenous road.
"I bet it was" She replied sarcastically and jumped to the backseat with Frank.
"What the fuck Alice?! You could've gotten us a ticket or worse, you could've kicked the wheel or my hand and make us hit a tree or something!!!" Gerard snarled, completely panicked.
"That would've been so worth it" She stated, crossing her arms above her chest and lying back on the seat, looking out the window.
Frank stared at her. Perhaps he had made a tiny mistake by trying to set them up.
Gerard glared at her from the rear view mirror and made their way once more to the house.
/Yup, that's a mistake Frankie/, Frank told himself as he took a drag from his cigarette.

Most of the week passed that way. The only thing that Gerard and Alice didn't argue about was sex. They had gigantic fights and then just fucked whenever they got to bed. The first two days had been a blast, but then the novelty sort of wore off. Gerard was back to growling responses and Alice was too fed up to even care. It was true what old divorcées said. You know, about how actually living with a man was entirely different, that the guy made a complete 180 degrees change? That saying that it was extremely difficult was an understatement? Alice agreed with all of that, and she wasn't even really living with him...She shuddered by just thinking how dreadful it would've been.
The morning Alice was leaving she and Gerard had a pointlessly long and dull argument over coffee. Gerard insisted that Alice should have it with no cream because the cream ruined the flavour of the coffee while Alice ferociously argued she didn't give a shit and wanted it creamed anyway.
Gerard wouldn't let go so Alice finally drank the black coffee and of course ended up puking on the bathroom. He was so stubborn.
Alice was livid. How could he make such a big fuss about something as stupid as cup of coffee? Her rage was such that she decided to take off, unaccompanied in a cab towards the airport. She was still feeling dizzy about the coffee, and her stomach hurt like hell, too. She clutched it hard with one arm and dragged her backpack with the other.
She counted the seconds until her plane was called and then winced all the way to her seat, cursing Gerard every time. She finally found her seat and accommodated herself. Her phone vibrated against her butt and she ignored it.
Gerard was still soundly asleep on his bed, still naked from his last failed attempt to get Alice on it.
Bert sighed heavily at the other end of the line,
"I'm the one who's mad as hell with you and you still don't have the nerve to pick the goddam phone, Alice? This is un-fucking-believable. Call me back. I, unlike you apparently, want to make things right" and with that he hung up. He was pissed, but he still cared a lot about her. He had been calling her house a lot of times, hell, more than twenty times a day and she still didn't pick up.
Alice plugged her earplugs on her ears and pressed Play. She started to sing the words of Fall Out Boy's "Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash (wish you were here)" with Patrick and tapped her fingers to the beat.
The same tanned boy from last flight sat beside her and they smiled to each other. Only this time Alice quickly turned her head to the window and continued to hum under her breath, ignoring the guy's constant gazing until he finally gave in and started reading a random magazine.
Author's Note
I'm not ending the story like RIGHT NOW, just in a couple of weeks or so. I've had a blast so far and I might reconsider doing some sequel some time after I finish this one if I get like thousands of Reviews asking me to.
Once more, thanks for all of the support, love, reviews and rates.
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