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Chapter 37

Author's note
In this chapter they're on the capital of my country, Colombia. Perhaps you'll find it sort of weird when Alice's in the cab and asks the driver how his day's going and all but that's just normal here. Especially in Bogotá. People there are regularly extremely serious and polite. Quite contrary from my hometown, Barrranquilla. Anywayyy back to the story.

Alice walked down from the plane in her adorable knee-high black converse, the cold stiffening her face in a satisfactory instant. She wrapped her piano scarf around her neck and stretched her arms to the side, breathing in the chilly air that seemed to crash into her nostrils. Her dark blue hair slapped her face gently and she took it away with a swift swish of her hand.
Brian shivered and zipped his coat all the way, "Where are we again?"
"Bogotá" Alice said simply. They were on the 'El Dorado' international airport so they jumped into the small bus that drove them to the the 'Puente Nacional'.
"So we're going to the other airport and from that we're-" Jess asked and was interrupted by Ben,
"Taking a cab to the hotel. Let Alice and me do the talking, if any of you talk we'd be charged double"
"Huh? Why?" Brian asked, trying to make some body heat.
"'Cause they'd know right away that you come from the states so they'll take advantage on you guys 'cause you don't know the currency and all that shit"
Alice went to the taxi window and asked the lady for a ticket. She gave it to her and Alice walked back to the guys where they were still discussing. A cab parked in front of them and they all jumped in. Alice sat in the passenger's seat and smiled at the thin, bearded guy on the wheel.
"Buenas tardes, señor, ¿como le va?(
/Good afternoon, how are you doing today?/)" She asked sweetly.
The man returned the smile, "Muy bien señorita.¿A donde nos dirigimos? (/ Quite well, m'am. ¿Where are we heading?/)"
"Al hotel Hilton, porfavor(/Hilton hotel, please/)"
They passed extremely nice parks and avenues. There was this one street that caught everyone's attention. It was extremely long and on one side had this graffiti wall. There weren't those stupid graffiti that are the simple letters that said stupid things such as "Kill Bush" or some other shit. They were art. Literally.
Alice stared at them, there was one that caught her attention above all.
It was a sort of a Buda, yeah, a Buda's head. It was all in shades of blue and was quite gigantic. The Buda was crying.
There was another one of this bunny with a gigantic rifle. They were all awesome. Apart from the perfect drawings they all held a meaning, which made them even more appealing.
Anyone could get obsessed over those.
The guys started taking pictures. The driver smiled at them.
"¿No son de acá, cierto?(/They're not from around, are they?/)" He asked, as they stopped because of the traffic.
"No...Ben si a venido acá también, los demás no. Vinimos de tour (/No, Ben has come here too but the rest haven't. We're here on tour./)" She explained.
"Somos una banda. Bogotá es una de las paradas de nuestro tour por América Latina.(
/ We're a band. Bogotá is one of our stops of our tour around Latin America/)"
"Ah...ya veo. Como se llaman? (/Oh...I see. What's the name of the band?/)"
"Last Word Uttered. Significa 'La ultima palabra dicha'. (Alice explains what the name means, she's translating the words of the band's name to Spanish)" She explained.
Her cell vibrated once more against her butt. She looked at the screen just for the hell of it and noticed all the late calls were not from Gerard as she had suspected. They were all from Bert. She heard her thousands of voice messages and wasn't even over when they got to the hotel.
They took luggage out with the help pf the polite driver and Alice and Ben bid goodbye to him. They walked to the fancy lobby and talked to the thin lady behind the counter.
She had thin straight, black hair that was glued to her scalp in a high pony tail. She had exaggerated makeup (the kind that doesn't look cool). Her dark eyes were fixated on them, taking in all of their appearance. She pursed her red lips and had a polite conversation in which she explained everything they'd need to know in her serious, sing-songy accent.
They agreed to meet on the lobby in an hour so they could go get something to eat. Each entered their separate rooms. Alice walked in into hers, not noticing anything about her just looking frantically for the bed. When she spotted it she quickly collapsed in it, clutching her cellphone in hand. Not knowing what to do.
Guys were asses.
Right now she didn't want to talk to anyone.
She wanted to kick Gerard where the sun doesn't shine* and smash Bert's phone to pieces.
That gave her an idea.
Ha Ha.

Author's Note
Filler. Sorry.
*= Kamz said that once and it just stuck. LOL.
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