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Chapter 38

Author's Note
Okay, so the chapters to come are going to be sort of...weird.
I don't want to end up telling you what's happening right now.
I mean, it's all going to sound pretty damn weird on some places, but your only task is to read attentively. And I mean attentively.
If not, you're not going to truly understand what's going on.
Well, you would but at the end.
And maybe you won't get it even there.
Be sure to Review with any questions you might have, any comments, pieces you liked, predictions, etc. and if you reviewed, be sure to go back and read my response I reply nine out of ten reviews.
I love you guys!!!
The end is coming =S
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Gerard was weary. He was sitting on his bunk, feeling the wheels against the gravel, his breath ragged and his heartbeat anything but slow. His hair was al around his face, drenched in sweat, just as his naked pale body and the sheets beneath him. She was on the rim of the bunk, putting the rest of her clothes on. She was just as sweaty as he was, he could see the drops of sweat running down her brunette back and stopping at the bra strip she had recently adjusted. She finished dressing up and went out of the bunk area, closing the door behind her without looking back.
Gerard put on his black boxers and slowly dragged himself out of the bunk area and into the bathroom. As he hauled himself there he didn't even receive the normal raise of eyebrows of his band mates, he just felt the cold, disapproving, even resentful stares on his back.
He was almost used to them.

Frank flipped through a magazine, spotting a shot of Alice from their current tour. It was destiny who was painfully crashing a gigantic hammer against his already beaten scalp, urging him to call her immediately and tell her just what Gerard was doing while she was gone, even if they had had a colossal fight right before she left.
But he didn't have the balls to call her. It was too much for him to pick his phone and dial her number. But it wasn't normal tiredness, and it wasn't like he was being mean or anything. Sure, he and Alice had lost touch and it was basically his fault too but that didn't mean he didn't care about her. He did. It was just...
Yes, Guilt.
Guilt was breaking apart every cell that conformed his heart's coat with its nine inch nails. Why had he pushed her to what he knew was Gerard's vicious fangs? How could he do such a cruel and perverse thing to him? Frank couldn't just hear her desperate and confused voice from the other line, even if they were millions of thousands miles away. He just couldn't.
He was being a pansy, but he didn't care.
He couldn't care.
That was the one true thing Gerard had taught him, that sometimes you just couldn't care if you wanted to stay alive. Gerard had managed to survive, throughout the media and all of that stuff. Fans loved him and he was a hell of a writer and singer. He had survived by not caring, even though he pretended otherwise.
/Okay, do not care, Frank, you just don't care/, Frank told himself reassuringly as he rocked himself on the couch.
"What the fuck, man? You're scaring me shitless" Ray uttered from the magazine he was flipping, fearful look plastered to his face.
"Nothing's up. I just...need to make a phone call". Frank took his cell phone, doing exactly the opposite of what he had intended to do.
The phone rang
And rang
And rang
And then...voicemail hit and Frank hung up.
"Oh well, at least I tried..." He said aloud.
"Seriously, man! You're demented" Mikey murmured as he walked past him towards his own cell phone.
"Sure..." Frank said and went back to his seat, opening his magazine to the page he had been reading, trying to forget all the drama as he read a Paris Hilton Q & A.

There was this party.
This vast, fierce, and expensive electronic party.
It was thrown by one of the people they had met after the show on Buenos Aires. It was somewhere downtown, right pass the "Barrio Chino" (sort of a "Chinese" neighbourhood) on the penthouse of a very nice-looking building; an expensive-looking building. There were decorations that were about the price of an entrance to the Playboy Mansion.../that/ expensive.
There Alice gleefully walked towards the bar in search of a bottle of water. They were giving free ones, which she took enthusiastically since she wasn't sure how they were going to ask her to pay for it, if in American dollars or pesos Argentinos. She took the bottle that was handed to her and then she saw MJ.
It had been a year or so since she had seen her last. Oh God, did she miss her.
MJ had been one of Alice's best friends; they had been through so many things together throughout the years... MJ had helped Alice so much and after a year or so Alice had been forced to push her away. She felt guilty; she didn't want any hurt feelings to be between them. She accepted MJ once more, taking her in fully.
She was instantly happy, MJ made her feel that way. She decided she wouldn't return to the rest of the guys, they abhorred MJ and Alice, although resentful, understood why. MJ had a way of sort of...hurting Alice sometimes, especially when they hung out a lot together. But Alice thought it was time for them to be together again, for old time's sake.
Plus, Gerard had been a dick, and Bert...
Oh, well...who cares?
It was all about MJ right now.
Alice wasn't about to ruin their long-postponed reconciliation night on something as stupid as guys.
Nope, she wouldn't. Alice genuinely smiled as she walked to the dance floor in her high-heeled, to the knee, black, leather boots. She swung her hips and her inch wide denim skirt flipped, revealing a fraction of her ass for just a second, but it was enough.
In no time there where guys surrounding her, wanting to at least pass a hand below her white wife beater or look at the skirt flip.
Alice pushed them all away. Today was going to be MJ's and her night out. Only them best friends, no horny guys after her.
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