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Chapter 39

All of this time Alice had been with MJ. Her band mates hadn't even noticed. It was quite hilarious to Alice. She wasn't even being careful with her sweet MJ, she left it lying around everywhere. Nobody noticed. Perhaps they were just too absorbed on their own lives to perceive this slight curve into the past.
Alice didn't want to be rude or anything, or blame them for not know, attentive. She just pointed out the obvious.
On their last day of tour, as they were tiredly sitting backstage after a pretty thrilling show Alice felt the urging need to comment on this, "you know...This is pretty weird. All of us being here at the same time, but not really being here?" She said crossed leg on the sofa trying to omit all of the sweat surrounding her, her graceful pale hands resting on her knees with her long, equally pale fingers taping a beat carelessly.
They all gaped at her for a minute, as if doubtful of how to respond. There was a communal sigh and all of them knew they felt the same way.
"Somehow the tension's building up on me...I just can't really talk anymore" Ben said frankly, staring at the wonderful graffiti-covered floor and shifting his converse uncomfortably. He moved his hands from his lap and put his elbow just before his knee, supporting his chin on it and lifting his eyelids slightly from time to time.
"Yeah, I'm just out of breath all the time. When I'm not breathless I feel like I am. So I can't even mouth a word, let alone voice my inconformity. It so fucking strange" Jess said, absently taking a box of cigarettes out of his hoodie's pockets and sliding one out with his fingers. His other hand was ready with the lighter, which already showed a tiny, blue flame.
"Perhaps that's the reason why" Alice pointed out, signalling the cigarettes with one slow move of her hand. Jess shrugged and continued to light the one on his hand.
"Well, you've got a point there," Brian began and was instantly interrupted by Jess' growl, "You shameless douche bag! You smoke too!"
"I do. But you've gone from one pack a day to...that's your tenth pack today" Brian replied calmly. Jess' mouth was open for a second then he closed it shut and threw his cigarette to the ground, twisting his shoe on top of it, imagining it was Brian's head. Jess despised being mistaken, especially when Brian attested him wrong.
"Whatever, I can survive without 'em" Jess said and starting to stand up.
"The hell you do!" Alice shot, quickly taking a hand and pushing Jess back unto his chair, "You're staying here. We're all gonna talk now. Even if I have to keep pushing you guys back into your seats. What the hell is going on? And cut the bullshit."

So the talk had been pretty...amusing. They had concluded that maybe it was because they were all facing shit in their lives and instead of taking responsibility over them they had just pushed them away, not facing their real problems. They were sort of taking it out on each other.
So that lead Alice to the situation in which she was right now. Which was lying on her bed, her shirt had lifted a bit allowing her tummy to feel the smooth hotel sheets. She had her short hair in a high ponytail and her bangs were pinned to one side. Her head was slightly bowed, causing her glasses to slip to the point of her nose. She listened to the phone ring.
One ring.
Thank God MJ was with her.
Second ring.
"Hello?" Ray answered in a monotonous voice.
"Ray?" Alice asked, confused. Why the hell did Ray had Gerard's phone?
"Who's this?" He asked, running a hand through his afro in uncertainty.
"Umm...Alice" She said almost in a whisper, trying to think over what was happening"
"Oh, hey Wonderland! Long time no see" Ray said, this time more confident and slightly...sick? Yeah, it was sort of happy but at the same time disgusted.
"Yeah. Is something wrong, Ray?" She asked quickly, his tone was mortifying her.
"uh, no. Why would you say that?" Ray enquired, his unconformity growing twice its size.
"Well, first of all you're answering Gerard's tone and second, you sound kind of...sick. And I'm not meaning in an 'unhealthy' sort of way. You're tone is sick. Disgusted. What's up?"
Shit. She had gone directly to the point. That scared Ray shitless. You know, that someone you barely know can know so much about you with just the sound of your voice.
"Uh, I answered 'cause he busy. And I'm not...sick or anything. Thanks for asking, though" He lied hastily
"You're a horrible liar, Ray ma' boy. But I'm going to let it pass as long as you pass the phone to the ass you call your lead singer." Alice voiced swiftly. Ray laughed heartily and walked towards Gerard's voice.
"Gerard" Ray said, knocking the door. He got a groan in response. Ray decided to open the door and looked at Gerard, straddled by a skinny and tall pale woman, her hair long and electric blue. She turned to look at Ray, her eyes were electric blue contacts and were carefully lined in a cat eye sort of way. It couldn't have been more obvious that she was one of those chicks that imitated famous ones. This one was a very fake and unpleasant wanna-be Alice. Ray noticed that at once.
"Alice. Pick up"
The bitch's eyes lit up instantly as she removed her body from Gerard's and asked as Ray placed the Sidekick into Gerard's outstretched hand.
"Like Alice /Alice/? Can I talk to her? Oh my Gosh! Please let me!! I loooooovvveeee her! OH MY GOOODDD!!! Alice's Last Word Uttered?" She shrieked as Gerard placed the phone on his ear, obviously ignoring the bitch's annoying shrieks.
"What up?"
"We're over"
"We're over. End of discussion. Maybe sometime we'll be friends. Bye-"
He heard her roughly disconnect the phone.
The bitch pouted. Gerard kicked her out and kept staring at his bunk's ceiling.

Alice lay in bed with MJ by her side. She picked up the phone as soon as her eyes were dry again. The ringing on the other end annoyed her; she just wanted Bert to pick the damn phone. Finally someone picked up.
"Bert, finally!" Alice shrieked, exasperated.
"ALICE!" Daniel yelled from the other end.
"DANIEL! OH MY GOD! I'M SORRY!!! How've you been, punk? How's school? How's your grandma? How's-"
"Chill. I've been good. Everything's good. I'm gonna go call daddy now. Call some more, Alice. Dad's been pretty sad. Love you."
"Love you too!" She yelled before he handed the phone to his dad.
"Hey..." Alice said awkwardly.
"It's been some time..." Bert commented, not saying hello or anything of the sort.
"Some weeks. I'm sorry" She said, twitching her fingers around the phone.
"Yeah...sure. I bet you are" Bert said sarcastically, sighing unto the receiver.
"Look, I'm not even with Gerard anymore..."
"Found out he cheated?"
"No. I mean, yes. But that's not why. I don't want to go into details. So...forgive me?" She spat quickly, thinking she should've waited some time before calling Bert. No, it had been the best timing. If she had done it afterwards then she might've backed out and not called at all.
"I'll think about it"
She groaned from the other end.
"When are you coming come?" Bert asked, his tone changing roughly.
"I was thinking of taking a swing 'round soon as tour's over?"
"Sure, Daniel misses you."
Alice laughed unto the receiver before replying a sweet," I miss him too."
"I miss you also you know..."
"I do too" She said, smiling. Then she added, "You're my bestiest friend"
Daniel smiled at his dad from the chair he was sitting on in front of him. Bert smiled at him in return, but in reality he wanted to take the pistol he saved under his mattress and shoot himself to death- he was starting to imagine the blood oozing from his head, his brains spilled on the floor, matching perfectly with the wine-coloured carpet...
Bert, stop. He scolded himself.
"Bert?" Alice's voice sounded patient from the other end, almost as if she knew what he was thinking.
"Uh, yeah?" He responded carelessly.
"You okay?"
"Bert?" She repeated, this time with more urgency in her voice.
"Yeah, I am. You're my bestiest friend too" He said.

His small hands opened the door to where Alice was staying. He stared at the scene in front of them. He didn't understand.
But he did.
He didn't want to.

He was silent some more, then added "But I'd like you to be more"
It was Alice's turn to remain quiet.
"You know...I wrote this new song. Want to hear it?" She randomly said, trying to change the subject in a not very unobvious way.
"Er...yeah, sure"
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