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Chapter 42

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It was now a week later (Friday) and I had one day left to get everything moved from my house before it got sold. My mom was now officially living with Steve and I hadn't seen anything of them since the day I agreed to meet stave, which didn't bother me. I had been staying over at the Madden's because Robin was concerned about me being alone in the house; she really does worry too much. I hadn't even started to move and pack everything, I hated packing and moving so as you can tell I've been putting it off using 'good' excuses like going shopping with Sarah, lunch with Josh, Coffee with Joel, hanging out with Tony, Matt, Paul, Billy etc, spending time with Benji and also helping Wes pick out an engagement ring because he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Ryane.

We had just finished having breakfast and me and Benji where lazing on the sofa, Josh had gone out with Amy the girl he had gone on a date with a few weeks ago and had been seeing a lot of her lately, Sarah was on the phone with one of her friends and Joel was on the laptop checking his e-mails.

"Ok I'm going out in a minute and will be back at around six." Robin informed us "Sophie isn't it the last day for you to get what ever you want out of your house out before they sell it?" she asked.

"Yeah." I said lazily.

"Have you even started packing and moving your stuff?"

"No." I said not really bothered.

"You need to do it today." Robin said getting worried.

"Its fine I'll do it later." I said not really being bothered.

"I think you need to get a move on get Benji to help you and who ever else you can too." she said with a light laugh at how laid back I was being.

"Yeah will do, you have a nice time today." I smiled.

"OK see you all later and Sophie please don't leave it to any more of the last minute start packing soon." She pleaded.

"I will." I smiled.

She left, Sarah stayed on the phone I heard her making arrangements for her to meet up with who ever she was talking to later that day and Joel was also getting ready to go out. Me and Benji stayed lazing on the sofa not being assed to do anything.

"Are you two actually going to bother moving anytime today?" Joel laughed on his way passed us. Benji who was nearly half asleep didn't even move I just shrugged.

"Well I'm going out now too so I'll see you later." He said.

"Bye Joel."

"Bye Bro." we both said lazily.

We sat for a little longer before I decide we should actually probably get up and do something. I unwrapped Benji's arms from around me and sat up on the edge of the sofa. I turned to Benji who was half asleep half awake with his eyes closed.

"Benj, get up." I said tapping him on the belly, still feeling drowsy myself.

"Mmm, what?" he groaned shifting slightly.

"We need to actually do something other wise I'm never going to get all my shit moved." I whined.

"Can't we do it later?" He groaned rubbing his eyes.

"No that's what we've been saying all week we need to do it today because it's the last day."

"Fine just five more minutes." He said stretching.

"No because you know five will turn to ten and ten will turn to half an hour and then that will turn to and hour and then we'll never do it."

"Alright I'm up now." He sighed and sat up.

"Come on lets just get it over and done with." I sighed getting up then he held a hand out for me to help him up too.

"Oh so you two are actually going to do something today then." Sarah joked as she walked past laughing.

"Watch it you." I laughed.

"What are you talking about we're always busy." Benji said not really thinking how it sounded.

"Oh really? I don't even want to know doing what." She laughed with raised eyebrows. "I'm going out now too." she said then left.

Me and Benji got ready for tackling all my shit. We where just on our way out of the door when Tony and Wes knocked at the door.

"Hey we where just on our way to see if you wanted to go out somewhere, do something or whatever?" Tony said quite obviously bored.

"Can't got to go move all my shit from next door." I sighed unenthusiacally.

"Benji too?" Wes whined.

"Yes Benji too he doesn't get out of it if I don't."

"Can we help?" Tony asked sounding really enthusiastic.

"Yeah if you want too." I said looking at him strangely.

"Wes wanna come too?" I asked.

"Yeah might as well." He sighed.

We walked over to mine and found some boxes and my suitcases that I'd brought with me. I shown them what I needed from downstairs and we packed them and then we moved to upstairs. Surprisingly Benji and Wes where actually good and folding clothes so me and Tony brought the stuff to them and they folded and packed it. We had most of my things packed away all there was left was some more of my clothes.

"Soph Where are you going to put all this and how are you going to get it all back to Miami?" Wes asked.

"Haven't got a clue." I answered simply. "I don't even know if I'll be going to Miami I might be transferred to another shop in another state it all depends on what kind of mood Liam's in." I said.

"So as you where engaged to him but then dumped him for Benji I'm guessing your not going to be going somewhere nice." Wes said.

"Nah me and Liam are cool, I wouldn't expect him to be best friend's level but where ok, I hope anyway he's still my boss after all and he was the one that ended with me."

"Look what I found, I found the underwear drawer." Tony said sounding like a kid in a candy shop.

"Hey get out of there. I'll do that drawer." I laughed chasing him away.

"Aw but I wanted..." he pouted before I cut him off.

"I don't care what you wanted you're not going through my underwear." I warned making Wes and Benji laugh.

In all it took us three hours to pack everything when we where done and moved all the boxes over to the Madden's we collapsed in the living room for a well earned rest.

"Thanks guys for all you help I'd have been there for ever if you weren't helping." I said.

"No probs it gave us something to do anyway." Wes said.

"And at least I managed to have a little look through the underwear." Tony added with a cheeky grin. Benji and Wes laughed and I rolled my eyes but couldn't help but smile. Joel walked in and noticed us still in the spot we where in from when he left.

"Have you two not moved all day?" he said sitting down joining us.

"Yeah look there's the proof." I said pointing to all the boxes.

"Wow you actually managed to do something." He joked.

"Hey watch it Madden we worked hard." Wes added.

"Yeah and I got a peak at the good stuff." Tony said excitedly.

"Which would be?" Joel asked with raised eyebrows.

"Sophie's underwear drawer." He grinned.

"Will you shut up with that already?" I laughed.

So are you guys coming to mine and Ryane's engagement party?" Wes said out of the blue.

"Wait, what? You asked her? Did she say yes?" I said excitedly only just fully registering what he had said. He nodded and grin spreading across his face. "Aw Wes congratulations that's great." I smiled getting up and giving him a hug.

"Thanks Soph." he smiled and the other guys congratulated him.

"Yeah course we're coming who turns down a party." Tony said.
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