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Chapter 43

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Tony and Wes stayed a little longer hanging out with us. When they went Sarah and Josh came in not long after each other. Benji, Joel and Josh moved my boxes and shit upstairs and put them away while I and Sarah cooked something for dinner. Everything was done and dinner was almost ready when Robin got back.

"Hi mom." Sarah greeted.

"Look I got all my stuff and we put it all away and cooked dinner." I said making her smile.

"Well done I thought by the way you looked this morning I'd come back and you two would still be in the same spot never moved." She laughed. "And you said you made dinner?" she asked surprised.

"Yeah me and Sarah did while Benj, Joel and Josh moved all my stuff upstairs out of the way." I smiled.

"I'm impressed you should come here more often you get them doing more than I do." She laughed. "I'm just going to get changed ready for dinner then." She said then disappeared upstairs. We all ate dinner chatting randomly.

"Oh mom Wes and Ryane are engaged." Joel informed.

"Aw that's lovely they're really good together." she smiled.

"Speaking of couples what's the deal with you and Amy, Josh?" Sarah smirked at Josh. Knowing full well that Robin didn't know about Amy yet.

"Amy who?" Robin asked turning to Josh.

" one just a girl I've been on one or two d...dates with." Josh stuttered.

"And why don't I know about this?" Robin asked with a grin appearing on her face.

"W...well it's not really that serious." He stuttered again giving Sarah a glare.

"Not that serious you've seen her practically every day this week." Joel laughed.

"I think I'd like to meet this Amy." Robin said.

"Yeah I think I would too." Benji said joining in making Josh now glare at him too.

"Why don't you invite her over for dinner Josh?" I added earning a glare too.

"That's a good idea invite her over Sunday night."

"B...but mom..."

"No buts I only want to meet her." she said closing the subject.

"I can't believe you guys I'm always on your side against mom and this is how you repay me." Josh complained as he finished off getting ready for dinner and me, Sarah, Benji and Joel where sat in his room while robin got dinner ready.

It was Sunday night and time for Amy to come over for dinner. Josh had been in a mood with us for not backing him up against Robin and in more of a mood with Sarah for bringing it up.

"Come on Josh it won't be that bad she's alright isn't she?" I asked just making sure.

"Yeah Amy's fine I just don't want mom interrogating her."

"That's what mom's are there for they always embarrass you, they think it's there job seen as they give birth to us." I informed him.

"Josh you'd better go and pick Amy up or this dinner will be ready before she gets here." Robin called from the kitchen.

"Alright I'm going now." He said less than enthusiastically.

Dinner went well; Robin didn't embarrass Amy or Josh ...much. Amy was actually a nice girl. She was quite quiet and not what Josh usually goes for but I think she will be good for him they make a cute couple. Later that night there was only me and Sarah up having a girly chat and watching some movies.

"You have no idea how long it's been since I've had a good girly chat and gossip with a girl." I sighed.


"Well when I was in Miami I was mainly with Liam and his friends which where mainly guys and the girls where all bitches they where really snotty so as you'll probably have guessed I didn't get along with them."

"So did you not like it out there?" she asked slightly worried.

"Yeah I liked it and everything I just missed my really close friends."

"So what do you plan on doing next, are you going back there?"

"I don't know it depends on where Liam decides to put me really I was thinking about seeing if I could get top the LA store so that I can be nearer to Benji but you can't tell him I don't want to get his hopes up or anything."

"That would be so cool if you could go to LA and I could come to you for holidays." She said excitedly.

"So what do you think of Amy?"

"She's nice but really quiet and not what Josh usually goes for."

"Yeah but I think she'll be good for him, they make a cute couple."

"Yeah they do but speaking of cute couple you and Benji would win that hands downs." She laughed.

"Shut up you all have me and Benji over rated."

"No we don't seriously you two should see you two together."

"We don't need to see each other where living it remember."

"I know but..."

"...but nothing ok." I laughed hoping to close the discussion.

"Anyway talking of cute couples are you going to Wes and Ryane's engagement party?" I asked.

"Yeah, wouldn't miss it for the world." She smiled.

"So you not got a fella yet?"

"No." she sighed

"We'll find you one at Wes and Ryane's party." I declared.

"What about Joel, he's not dating anyone at the moment."

"Honey he's your brother you can't date him." I laughed.

"No I didn't mean it like that I meant we need to find him someone too."

"Yeah we will do there's a stripper coming right?" I joked making her laugh.

The next night Robin was out and said she wouldn't be back till lunch the next day and Josh was staying over at Amy's. Benji, Joel, Sarah and Me where having a type of sleep over, I know big kids right. Billy, Paul, Matt, Tony and Wes where staying over and we where all hanging out in the living room with a load of Pillows and blankest scattered everywhere and us all dotted around. Me and Benji had claimed the sofa he was lay against the back of it with his arms wrapped around me and I was on the end, Joel was in a chair and Paul was in the other chair, Wes had the other sofa after fighting Tony for it which meant that Tony, Billy and Matt where on the floor. We where all just chatting and hanging out.

"So you all still coming my engagement party?" Wes asked.

"Yeah when is it?" I asked remembering that he hadn't actually told us a date yet.

"24th February." He said.

"The day before we go on tour?" Joel said.

"Yeah." He nodded. "We can have it as like a leaving party thing too." he said.

"So you're going back on tour on the 3rd and your going too?" I asked confused. Looking from Benji to matt and Tony. Benji nodded.

"Yeah where coming with them it's a long one this time too. GC and Mest for six months."

"And you where planning on telling me this when?" I turned to Benji slightly annoyed but not wanting to make too much of a scene.

"I'm sorry but I only found out last week and well I don't know." Benji said looking down.

"Never mind." I sighed not wanting to get into it with everyone else around.

We talked and got along fine for the rest of the night none of us doing much sleeping at all.
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