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Chapter 44 Part 1

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The night of the engagement party, this is the first of the two parts to this chatper i need reviews if you want the second part.

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It was the night of Wes and Ryane's engagement party which also meant it was the night before GC and Mest went on tour. I had been in the bath room for half an hour and in Benji's room, which I had chucked him out of, for an hour getting dressed and doing my hair and make-up. I wanted to look really good for the party it was going to be really big and really good no doubt about it. Everyone was going because it was for the engagement and a leaving party before they went on tour.

I had my now long blonde hair in loose angel curls. My make-up was fairly natural with dark Smokey eyes. I wore a denim skirt that finished about five inches above my knee revealing a large portion of my tone legs. My top was a J.Lo style drape top in black that tied at the back of my neck and at the front in fell right down to my belly button revealing a good portion of my cleavage. I also wore my knee high black silver stiletto healed boots.

"Come on Soph we've been waiting for... an hour and a half now." Matt called knocking on the door. He and Tony where getting ready at the Madden's house too.

"Almost done." I called back doing the final checks on my outfit making sure nothing was going to 'fall out.'

"That's what you said forty minutes ago." Joel added.

"Well I just need one more ok." I called back.

"Jesus and I thought that Amy took ages to get ready even Sarah's ready." Josh said.

"Shut it Josh or I'm going to kick your ass.

"Come on Soph we have been waiting a while." Benji tired to reason.

"Look I'm done now." I said opening the door. They turned to look at me and the minute they seen me their jaws dropped.

"Fucking hell." Josh said.

"You can say that again." Matt said.

"Fucking hell." Josh repeated.

"Do I look ok?" I asked.

"Fucking sexy as hell." Tony sated. None of them taking their eyes off me.

"You can take all the time in the world to get ready if you're going to look that good when you've finished." Joel said.

"Hey Hands off she's mine." Benji grinned stepping up to me giving me a kiss and slapping both his hand on my butt. When he pulled away and stood next to me he kept his hand closest to me on my ass.

"Oh really." I smirked with a raised eyebrow.

"Really." He smirked back squeezing my ass.

"I'm begging you to share Benj." Tony joked.

"Hey I'm not property I decide who gets what." I said grinning.

"So does that mean we have a chance?" Matt laughed raising his eyebrows.

"You guys are obsessed with sex." I laughed.

"If I was a guy I'd wanna do you too looking that good." Sarah laughed.

"Come on lets go before you all jump me." I laughed grabbing Benji's hand and walking leading them out the door. As I was walking I felt them watching me I turned to notice them checking out my ass.

"Benj their checking out your girls ass." I said stopping and turning to him he was still focusing on my ass and bumped into me.

"Yeah but who wouldn't want to check you out looking so fucking gorgeous." he said leaning down kissing my neck.

"Ok, ok what ever lets go." I said smiling pushing him off me.

When we got to the party it was bigger than expected everyone and I mean everyone was there all the bands all our new and old friends everyone was there.

"Damn girl look at you looking so damn hot, you Anna marry me instead." Wes joked putting an arm around me.

"Wes, you've been drinking." I laughed at his now half drunkenness.

"I have but that doesn't mean you're looking any the less fucking hot." He said.

"Wes I knew it I can't leave you alone for five seconds." Ryane came up laughing. "Fucking hell Soph you wanna marry me instead?" Ryane laughed looking me up and down.

"Exactly what I just asked her." Wes said.

"So you don't want to marry me." Ryane continued joking pretending to be hurt and mad.

"No... wanna marry both of you so we can have hot erotic sex."

"Ok well I agree to the hot erotic sex with Ryane but not you Wes." I joked.

"Why?" he pouted.

"Cos Ryane's hotter."

"Yeah and Soph's hotter too." Ryane said putting and arm around my shoulders and I pushed Wes's arm off my shoulder and put an arm around Ryane's.

"Ok well if you two are going to be having the hot erotic sex I wanna watch." He said.

"Whatever." Me and Ryane said together. Then Wes went off talking to some other guys.

"Shit girl you really are looking good looks like Miami suits your or is it something or should I say someone that's making you look so happy and amazing." She said looking over to Benji talking with some guys.

"You heard about me and Benji?"

"Soph the whole world heard about you and Benji and said about fucking time." She laughed.

"Well it's still early days."

"Don't speak like that you know you don't mean it you and Benji are the real deal you've loved each other all your lives."

"Well anyway where not hear to talk about me and Benji it's about you and Wes, congrats on the engagement."

"Thanks and it's so great seeing you again you should come see us more often."
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