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Chapter 44 Part 2

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sorry it's took so long guys but i've not been home in a few days. here's the second part of this chapter please review.

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Later on into the party me and Ryane had spent most of our time together catching up and mingling with old friends it was great I got to see loads of my old friends and catch up with them. Ryane decide to go off to find Wes so I decided to find Benji, I'd been having so much fun at the party I'd almost forgot that Benji would be leaving tomorrow on tour for six months. I found Benji sat on then huge sofas with Joel, Tony, Pete from Fall Out Boy and Matt and Zacky from Avenged Sevenfold.

"Hey was wondering where you disappeared to." Benji smiled as he pulled me into his lap wrapping his arms loosely round my waist.

"I was hanging out with Ryane." I said.

"Fucking hell Soph, I didn't think it was possible but you've got even hotter since I seen you last." Matt said.

"You looking good too." I smiled back.

"What about me?" Pete pouted.

"You look good too Pete." I laughed. Making him smile.

"You ok?" I asked turning to Benji giving him a soft kiss.

"Yeah." He sighed not really convincingly.

"What's wrong?" I said knowing him better.

"Nothing just I'll miss you." he pouted.

"I know I'll miss you too babe but I have some good news for you." I said excitedly at giving him my news.

"You're coming on tour with us?" he asked excitedly.

"No." I said a little confused we'd never talked about me coming on tour with him I thought he knew it would be out of the question because of my work.

"Oh well what?" he said sounding disappointed.

"I'm getting a transfer to LA which means I'll me moving out there from Miami and I'll be closer to you when you get home." I said excitedly thinking he'd be excited too but he didn't really sound that enthusiastic. I looked at him confused. "What's wrong I thought you'd like that idea?" I said feeling a little disappointed at his reaction or lack of it should I say.

"No it's not that I don't like it, it's great that you'll be near to me when I'm home but I won't be home for the next three months and then that'll only be for a few days and then it'll be another three months till I'm home again then I don't know how long I'll be home until I have to leave again." He said.

"Well Benji that's your job it's what you do it's what you love and I accept that." I said still confused at where this was coming from. The other guys must have noticed the tension rising between me and Benji and have moved away slightly starting a conversation between themselves.

"Yes but I love you and I don't want to be away from you for that long."

"Benji that's just the way it is, what do you want me to do about it? I'm fine about it, I don't particularly like it either but I accept it because it's your job and what you love."

"Can't you just think about coming on tour with us?" he asked.

"Benj where's this coming from I thought you knew that that wasn't an option." I said.

"Why's it not an option?" he asked hurt and confused.

"Because it just isn't with my job next week I have to go to LA they've got an apartment from me and I have to work."

"Why do you have to work why can't you move in with me and come on tour with me it's not like you need the money." he said selfishly sounding like a 2 year old spoiled brat.

"Benj I do need to money." I said getting slightly angry at him thinking that I was just going to drop everything to be his 'bitch'.

"No you don't I have enough money for both of us what ever you need just ask."

"Benj it's nice of you to offer but I'm not going to drop everything and loose my independence to be your 'bitch'. You know how much my independence means to me and I love my job."

"I'm sorry I just want you to be with Me." he said sadly.

"Benji I'm sorry to but I'm not giving up everything just to live of you. Please understand that. I'm not like that." I said.

"Ok I'm sorry but still at least think about joining us on tour for a bit." He said.

"Benj lets just forget this for now and enjoy our last night together. I don't want you to leave with us arguing. Ok?"

"Ok." He nodded.

"Wanna dance?" I asked knowing he hated it; no one could ever get him up to dance apart from me. He'd never turn me down. He nodded, I stood up and then held a hand out to help him up then he lead me onto the dance floor.

We dance for a while forgetting about our little discussion. As we where dancing we got closer and closer our dancing getting dirtier and dirtier. Our bodies pushed up close together rubbing and grinding, hands all over each other.

"I'm sorry about before I just love you and will miss you." he said into my ear lust present in his voice as we where dancing, I had my back against his chest with my head on his shoulder and my arms around his neck and he had his arms around my waist pulling me close to him leaning down kissing my neck. We where getting curious looks from everyone around us and smirks, grins and comments from the guys but we where to lost in each other to really be bothered.

"I love you and will miss you too." I said turning in his arms and kissing him. When I pulled away he pulled me back in kissing me again both of us getting really turned on.
"Benj stop we can't... I can't... we're..." I said not being able to really think straight. He just gave me a cheeky grin and carried on kissing me down my neck knowing it was my weakness. "Fuck." I breathed then decide to do something about it. I pulled away from him and grabbed his hand leading him off the dance floor and out of the hall to find somewhere we could be alone. We walked down the corridors, me still pulling Benji along, not really finding anywhere where we wouldn't be seen or interrupted. Then Benji stopped abruptly pulling me back. I almost fell but he steadied me. He opened the door to a small storage room and looked at me questioningly.

"Nice, ...romantic." I said sarcastically with a laugh.

"Do you really care it's the best we've got." He said with a smirk. I answered him by lunching at him pushing him backwards into the storage room. Both my hand son his chest and kissing him. He managed to steady him self against a wall and close the door behind us. We continued kissing feverishly he then took charge and spun me round lifting me up and pushing me up against the wall as I wrapped my legs around his waist. His kissed down my neck as I pulled his shirt off and undid his pants letting them and his boxers fall to the floor. He kissed down my chest easily as the top I was wearing didn't really cover much. He lifted my skirt up more and pushed my thong aside.

"You really do look fucking gorgeous tonight." He breathed. "I can't believe how little you wore." He laughed with a smirk.

"Had to make this easier." I grinned then in one quick motion he pushed into me. He trusted in and out of me roughly and pushing me harder up against the wall, just how we liked it, until we both climaxed. He let me down and I stood up leaning against the wall trying to get my breath back he leaned forwards on my trying to get his own breath back to, resting his head on my shoulder.

"Fucking hell." He breathed into my neck.

"You can say that again." I laughed.

"Fucking hell."

"Damn right." I laughed. He lifted his head up and I kissed him before we got dressed a made our selves look decent again then went back into the party. We went back over to the sofas where the guys where still sitting and where joined by Wes and Ryane.

"Where did you two disappear too?" Tony smirked.

"Oh just having a look round." I said pretending to act innocent but so they knew I was lying.

"Sure a look around in the storage room." Wes laughed.

"Yeah there actually some interesting stuff in there." Benji joked. Sitting down and pulling me into his lap again.

"I bet there is." Ryane smirked rolling her eyes.

"I'm going getting a drink." I said hopping of Benji's lap heading towards the bar.

"You having a good time?" Joel smirked at me.

"Yeah I am actually." I laughed moving up to Joel guessing it everyone at the party must know about me and Benji 'exploring' the storage room by now.

"What was all that about before?" Joel said motioning to the sofa area.

"Oh just Benj being selfish and wanting me to drop everything and come on tour with him and live of him." I said.

"What he wants you to quit your job and come on tour with us?" he said slightly shocked.

"Yeah wants me to move in with him quit my job and basically be his bitch."

"What did you say?"

"Told him I'm not doing it my independence is important to me and I wouldn't feel right living of him. In fact I'd hate it."

"How did he take it?"

"Not too well but he hasn't rally got an option anyway I told him to drop it because I didn't want to spend our last night arguing."

"So you made up for it." he smirked referring to the storage room.

"Yeah." I laughed. "But seriously I've got a transfer to the LA store and their giving me an apartment so I'll be nearer to you guys when your home anyway."

"Really that's great." he smiled. "Just ignore Benji he just gets lonely on tour sometimes, I suppose this time he thinks it'll be hard because he'll actually have someone he really loves and misses back here."

"I know but still there's no way I'm giving up my life to follow him round."

"And he shouldn't expect you too." he said. We got our drinks and went back over tot the guys.

"What where you and Joel talking about?" Benji asked me curiously when we got back and I took my seat on his lap.

"Oh nothing just random stuff about you guys going on tour." I shrugged.

"I mean it about before please at least think about coming with us on tour."

"Benj I don't want to argue with you about this but it's not an option with my job." I said he didn't reply but was a bit standoffish towards me the rest of the night.
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