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Another Lost Soul - APRIL 26

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Christa stays with Ray and Mikey disappears

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Christa settled into the chair beside Ray's bed and covered with the light blanket the nurse had given her. She smiled thinking back to the conversation she and Ray's mom had just finished. Christa had admitted that she had overheard Mikey repeating Ray's words. When she had told his mom that she believe Ray was trying to push her away to keep her from being hurt his mom had agreed. "My son is always putting loved ones before himself," she had said.
It had been a long and emotional day but Christa was determined not to fall asleep. It was important to her to be alert in case Ray woke up and needed something. She closed her eyes and was surprised to hear someone walk into the room. Opening them she saw Gerard standing at the foot of the bed. He smiled, "I guess you talked to his mom?"
"She agrees with you, she said her Raymond is always putting his loved ones first." She smiled.
Gerard chuckled softly, "Man, I love how she calls him Raymond. I love his mom she is one strong lady. She never doubted he would come out of the coma."
She nodded, "I like her too. I've liked all his family members that I've met. They've been so nice to me."
"So have you told him how you feel yet?" he asked looking back over at Ray.
"No he hasn't been awake." She yawned, "So are you having trouble sleeping?"
"I took a nap this afternoon and slept too long I guess. I'm just so keyed up. I'm worried about Monica and Ray and I don't know what's gonna happen about the tour." He shrugged.
"Ray was really looking foreword to going to Europe" Christa said sadly, "God I still can't believe this happened." She reached out and touched Ray's hand gently.
"I know." He looked at her wondering what she was really thinking. He smiled, "I'm gonna get back down to Monica's room, sure you're OK?"
She looked as if she was going to say something but then shook her head, "Night, Gee"
He was walking towards the elevators when he heard her call his name. She had tears in her eyes, "Gee I'm afraid, what if there has been paralysis? What if Ray can never play the guitar again? It would kill him. How would I be able to help him with something like that?"
He put his arms around her, "Christa, you gotta try not to think negative thoughts. I know it's hard but just keep thinking he'll be OK. That's how I'm getting by. Ray not being able to play the guitar is unthinkable."
She nodded and stepped back, "I'm sorry to get so emotional. I'm just afraid." She whispered.
"We're all afraid," Gerard told her. "I'm fucking terrified, Ray just has to come out of this OK."
Frank shut off the lights and climbed into bed next to Jamia. "Hey little mama, how ya feeling?" He pulled her into his arms and they snuggled.
"I'm feeling pretty good, much better than yesterday." She answered. "Ray making progress made it a pretty damn good day."
"Toro will pull through I know he will. So what do you think of Christa?"
Jamia smiled, "I like her, I really do. She seems so perfect for Ray." Suddenly she felt his hands working their way under her gown, "Frank I thought we were going to sleep."
He laughed, "Thought wrong then didn't you?" His fingers moved up and he cupped her breast. As Jamia leaned over and kissed his neck he whispered," So do you really know where we were when we created the babies?" his voice was full of passion, "Tell me where, then show me how." His hot breath in her ear sent passion coursing through her veins.
Jamia inhaled sharply as his hands moved down her body and pushed her legs apart. His fingers moved to push the material of her panties to one side. He slowly began to message her..... The ringing of the phone shattered the mood. "Shit, who's calling this late?"
"I hope nothings wrong," Jamia said trying to slow down her heartbeat. With everything that was going on in their lives right now a late phone call was probably bad.
Frank answered the phone and listened for several minutes. Jamia wondered what was going on. Finally he spoke, "Alicia, are you sure he didn't leave a note?"
Jamia pounded on Frank's shoulder, "What's going on?"
He moved so she couldn't hit him, "OK, I'll call you if he shows up here. Call me back in about twenty minutes and we'll figure out what to do." He hung up and turned to face her, "Alicia woke up and Mikey is gone. He didn't leave a note or take anything with him. She's freaking out. They had an argument before they went to bed and she's blaming herself.
"Has she called Gee?" Jamia put her arms around Frank and pressed herself against his back.
"He's staying at the hospital with Monica so she doesn't want to worry him yet. Fuck, where would Mikey go?"
"Think we should call Donna?"
"Fuck I don't know. I hate to get her all upset if he just walked down the street to Starbucks. Alicia said that he couldn't have been gone more than an hour. She said she remembered hearing the phone ring right after she had gone to bed. She heard Mikey answer the call. When she woke up almost an hour later he was gone.
Mikey took another drink of his Italian Roast and look around the Starbucks. He glanced down at his watch once more. He was tired of waiting. "What the fuck was I thinking?" he said under his breath. Obviously she wasn't going to meet him, he had waited forty-five minutes and she was a no show. Wasn't there enough going on in his life? Why, he wondered, did I agree to meet her anyway? He replayed the conversation in his mind looking for the answer. Her voice, he decided, that was it. There was something in her voice that sounded so different. It sounded urgent, afraid, and alone. He took another sip of his coffee and decided to go home. He had to make things right with Alicia. She was the most important person in the world to him and she deserved more than he had been giving her. Standing he picked up his cup and decided to take the rest with him for the walk home. He went out to the sidewalk head down so he never saw her standing in the shadows across the street. She almost called out to him but something about the way he looked made the words freeze in her mouth. He looks lost, she thought. Mikey was another lost soul looking for his way through the darkness. As he walked down the street with his head bowed she hoped he would find his way.
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